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Nederlandstalig nieuws

1 miljoen euro extra voor jongeren in gesloten instellingen
Abnormale hersenverbindingen bij kleuters met autisme
Antarctica is in zeven jaar tijd 1463 km2 onderzees ijs kwijtgeraakt
Burenoverlast, brandstichting of agressie mensen met verwarde gedrag
Controle op geluidsoverlast Schiphol faalt, geen wettelijke basis
Corina heeft MS en wil graag als laatste redmiddel stamcel therapie
De stille moordenaar in de keuken -- In Malawi roken vrouwen zich dood
De zon hoeft niet te schijnen voor vitamine D
Door een gezond slaapritme werken antioestrogenen beter
Een voedselbox met producten uit de regio
Eén paasvuur is even schadelijk als een vrachtwagen op wereldreis
Flavonoïden supergezond
Greenpeace Nederland voert campagne met Pokémon Go app variant
Hartpatiënten NL keert zich fel tegen 'wurgcontracten'
Jodiumtekort - minder kans op zwangerschap
Kankermedicijnen interessant doelwit voor vervalsers
Kom met actieplan wintersterfte
Landdegradatie verandert akkers in woestijn
Milieuagentschap VS draait opnieuw milieuregels terug uit Obama-tijdperk
Minder gewasbeschermingsmiddelen van bloembollenteelt in Flevolands oppervlaktewater
Monsanto maakt het bont
Motie over verbinding Oostvaardersplassen en het Horsterwold verworpen
Méér wind, méér zon en méér biomassa
Nieuwe lantaarnpalen ’slecht voor je ogen’
Ophef in het noordelijke provincies over nieuwe gaswinning in Pieterzijl
Overheid komt met voorlichtingscampagne bij introductie legale wiet
Politie neemt verwarde personen niet meer zomaar mee
Privacywet drijft duizenden sportclubs in het nauw
Stefani Buenrosto overleefde een schimmelinfectie
Sterft religie uit of juist niet?
Tegenvallende aanvoer Spaanse bio-peen bij seizoensstart
Verband hersenontwikkelingsstoornissen kinderen en milieu-toxines
Verzuring gaat samen met slechtere cognitie
Voorkom dat vogels met ramen ‘vechten’
Vrees voor superbacterie door lozingen Indiase medicijnfabrieken
We geven steeds meer uit aan biovoeding
We worden gemanipuleerd met onze eigen data
Wie zorgt voor de mantelzorger
Zo is het om autisme te hebben in een relatie
Zorgwinsten Eindhovense bedrijven niet door fraude



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Detoxifying The Liver / Diverticulitis | Know The Caus
Eating Animals Impact On Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs and Pharmaceutical
Drugs in Drinking Wate
EVERYONE Should Know This About Diet and Health
Fasting Strategies For Cancer
Giant pandas spotted in Chinese nature reserve
Inside a clinic for victims of Agent Orange
Keto & Intermittent Fasting REDUCES the Need For Sleep
Keto Smoothie With Jillian Michaels
Lean Legs, Inner Thighs & Glutes - Beginners Yoga Class with Jess
Lightheaded on Keto & Intermittent Fasting?
NGOs must leave – Haitian human rights lawyer
Octopuses Mate With a Special “Sex Arm” | National Geographic
Practical Steps for Healing the Gut - with Michael Ruscio
Protecting the rights and well-being of indigenous peoples
Psychographically Exposed
Rescue of dog tangled in soccer net
Symptoms of Heart Failure
The Best Source of Resveratrol
The horrific legacy of Agent Orange
The Power of Mindful Sex | Diana Richardson
Toxic Skies, Blatant Geoengineering in Mesa, Arizona
We need to include children with autism in the real world
What Does Creatine Do | Which Form is Best
What Happens To Us If The Oceans And Forests Are Destroyed By 2048 As Predicted?
What to Do If You or Someone Starts Choking
Why is autism on the rise? | Inside Story
Why Were 40% Of All Depression Trials Never Published?
Will Eating Fungus (Mushrooms) Give You Fungus?

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Internationaal nieuws

10 Things I Learned in 5 Years Consulting With People Coming Off Psych Drugs
According to this probe, up to 80% of the olive oil on US supermarket shelves is fake
Acupuncture for constipation in patients with stroke
Alcohol gel that can fix your slipped disc
An insider saboteur could cripple Britain’s nuclear power stations with a simple USB stick
Antarctica retreating across the sea floor
Babies given antibiotics and antacids are up to 400% more likely to develop allergies
Back Pain - Acupuncture is the best thing you can do
Bandage made with protein found in baby skin speeds up wound healing and doesn't leave any scarring
Bay View Vitamin D Deficiency Spike Attributed To High Rise Developments
Better fitness in pre-pregnant women linked with less risk of gestational diabetes
Big Soda Is Freaking Out at the Rise of Local Soda Taxes
Breast cancer page scrubbed from women's health website
Brussel maakt openbaar vervoer gratis op dagen met hoge concentraties smog
Caffeic acid phenethyl ester guards against benign prostate hypertrophy in rats
Calgary scientists use MRIs to reduce use of rats and mice in medical research
Californian Bird Lovers Wonder If Climate Change Killed or Confused Their Missing Birds
Can nutritious eating improve mental health?
Can This Neuroscientist Solve the Autism Puzzle?
Car pollution causing quarter of all childhood asthma cases
Climate change could raise food insecurity risk
Connection of sea level and groundwater missing link in climate response
Consumer DNA Tests Are False 40 Percent of the Time
Could reversing aging in blood vessels hold the key to restoring youthful vitality?
Could Sensory Processing Disorder Be Causing Your Autistic Child's Meltdowns?
Could you be allergic to sex? Experts reveal the seven signs to look for
Crash Diets May Up The Risk Of Heart Diseases
Diabetes Wisdom Comes with Practice, Not Age
Diagnosis and treatment of autism
DNA reveals thousands of years of social inequality
Earth's stable temperature past suggests other planets could also sustain life
Eating more protein may not benefit older men
Effects on functional brain activity of four weeks’ supplementation with a multivitamin
and mineral supplement
Efficacy of cinnamon in patients with type II diabetes mellitus
Elevated blood pressure before pregnancy may increase chance of pregnancy loss
Environmental Causes of Autism - Traffic Pollution and Pesticide Case Studies
Europe Bans Two Cosmetic Ingredients You Didn’t Know Were Hazardous
Even DNA that doesn't encode genes can drive cancer
Fasting activated a pathway in the brain that inhibits the perception of and response to chronic pain
Genetically engineering forests is yet another ill-conceived human intervention that will likely worsen
, not solve, forest crises
Grandfather, 68, claims to have cured his type 2 diabetes with dark chocolate and grapes
Gut microbes could help better predict risk of hospitalization for patients with cirrhosis
Have Scientists Found the Diet That Cures Depression?
Have your allergies gotten worse each season? 'Botanical SEXISM' could be to blame
Heart defects in infant may predict heart problems in birth mother later in life
Helpful foods against PMS and Premenstrual Syndrome
Here's what sunbeds actually do to your skin
How gut bacteria impact cancer treatment
How parents' arguments really affect their children
How social jet lag may cause worse grades and poor work performance
How the Human Stress Response Explains Away “Bipolar Disorder”
HPV, Hype & Horror
Imbalance, not addiction - Young adults and social media
Impairment of learning and memory performances induced by BPA
In mice, long-lasting brain proteins offer clues to how memories last a lifetime
Infant death study reveals dangerous sleep practices among babysitters, relatives, others
Invisible killer heart condition - Angina is not picked up by normal tests and may affect 500,000
Is a High-Protein Diet Bad for Your Bones?
Is HPV a ‘Manufactured Crisis?’ A New Documentary Explores Just That.
Ketamine being considered as a potential new treatment for depression
Long-term caffeine worsens anxiety symptoms and fear of the new associated with Alzheimer’s disease
Madagascar's vanilla wars - prized spice drives death and deforestation
Major new study links IBD to increased heart attack risk
Many of us really are sheep - Experiments in social compliance show few people
argue with authority figures
Medical marijuana gets wary welcome from older adults, poll shows
Modern LED street lights 'damage people's eyesight and dazzle motorists'
New compound helps activate cancer-fighting T cells
New documents show how Coke set up phony institute to promote calorie-in-calorie-out model
New receptor genes turn T-cells into powerful liver cancer foes
Norway is buying our electric cars, slowing green conversion Sweden
Omega 3s and GLA found to help ease symptoms of autism in toddlers born pre-term
Opioid epidemic fuelled by doctors who 'forget' they've written a prescription
People use emotion to persuade, even when it could backfire
Potential of manipulating gut microbiome to boost efficacy of cancer immunotherapies
Researchers find new trigger for onset of colon cancer, which may lead to better therapies
Restless legs syndrome - New genetic risk variants found
Routine antibiotics for UTIs are killers
Row erupts between Italy's Parma ham makers and activists over pig welfare
Saudi Arabia to create world's largest solar plant
Scientists discover new method for measuring cellular age
Self-rating mental health as 'good' predicts positive future mental health
Should You Really Start Eating More Saturated Fat?
Smokers have higher fasting glucagon and a lower rise in blood glucose after eating
Study suggested the much-hyped technology CRISPR might actually be quite dangerous
Study suggests estuaries may experience accelerated impacts of human-caused CO2
Study suggests pasta can be part of a healthy diet without packing on the pounds
The Best Diet for an Underactive Thyroid
The Food That Helps Battle Depression
The simple jab helping women get over a wee problem
There’s an allergy epidemic in Africa, and not enough specialists to deal with it
These meds linked with higher allergy risk in kids
This is the environmental footprint of the egg industry
Top Lukewarmist Fred Singer Now Admits CO2 Cools Climate
We'll pay more for unhealthy foods we crave, neuroscience research finds
What food you should NEVER eat before or after a workout
When we sign, we build phrases with similar neural mechanisms as when we speak
Where you live, walk, and eat in New York City are important for controlling diabetes
Why a bit of cocoa every day really does boost your mind, heart and mood
Why good people turn bad online
Your wood stove affects the climate more than you might think






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