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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aantal gevallen van kanker is iets gestegen
Burger juridisch onvoldoende beschermd tegen ‘computerbesluiten’
Buurt in Brummen legt gezamenlijk Voedselbos aan
De dubbele moraal in dierproeven | Animal Rights
De gevaarlijke onzin van de mainstream media
De medische wetenschap faalt
De meeste weidevogellegsels in West-Overijssel worden door vossen opgegeten
Decentralisatie van de zorg heeft Almeloërs weinig gebracht
Deze smoothie voorkomt griep met Carnaval
Drie verpleegkundigen berispt na overlijden baby
Drugsverslaving overwinnen? Dat gaat beter met krachttraining
Een burn-out achtervolgt je ook tussen de lakens
Europees Parlement trakteert zichzelf op miljoenen voor verkiezingen
Frans Timmermans wil dat u meer gaat drinken
Geef gebruikte smartphones en pc's aan arme gezinnen
Geef klanten gratis kraantjeswater
Gezelschapsdieren met erfelijke gezondheidsproblemen
Gronings protest in Den Haag
Haren - een kopzorg?
Hoe je de ruimte tussen je oren herovert op propaganda en massamedia
Hoe word ik gelukkig op mijn werk?
Hoge kwikgehaltes bij mensen rondom megadam in Amazone
Jonge vrouwen staan op het tegen het systeem dat zijn vrouwen en grenzen niet beschermt
Kookboek voor mensen met een maagverkleining
Kunnen nabestaanden orgaandonatie straks nog tegenhouden?
Liesbeth van Tongeren hield in 2016 openbaarmaking geheime gasdeal tegen
Mantelzorg, oppassen - ook bij ouderen dreigt de burn-out
Massaal Facebook achter ons laten
Mexicaans dorp brengt vrijwel dood koraalrif tot leven
Nederlandse bedrijven betrokken bij N-Koreaanse slavenarbeid in EU
Net geboren baby´s in Zuid-Afrika als proefkonijn
Niet DDT, maar jagers en valkeniers roei(d)en roofvogels uit
Opgroeien met een narcistische ouder
Publieksbedrijven mogen alleen bezoekers ontvangen als schapen en geiten tegen Q-koorts zijn gevaccineerd
Smeltwater uit gigantisch meer veroorzaakte koud klimaat in ijstijd
Steeds meer mensen naar arts met griep, scholen kunnen geen vervangers vinden
Steeds meer vrouwen laten hun eicellen invriezen
Tweede Kamer vertrouwt niet meer op garanties van Shell, NAM en Exxon en ziet een 'geloofwaardigheidsprobleem'
Ui als sleutel tegen antibioticaresistentie
Vaxxed interviewt Nicole, een moeder van een kind met vaccinatieschade
Vitamine D cruciaal voor neurologische ontwikkeling
Waarom onze lonen niet stijgen en de winsten wel
Wakker dier wil verbod op varkensballen
Wild gevangen beschermde dieren in een dierexperiment
Zilte aardappels tegen een stijgende zee


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De laatste videoclips

20 Compelling Reasons To Switch To A Whole Food Plant Based Diets
Ascension Symptoms and the Feeling of Time Acceleration
CDC Director Resigns After Report Reveals She Purchased Tobacco Company Stock
Demineralization - How Our Soil Is Different Than 100 Years Ago
Do Mammograms Save Lives?
Dr. Mercola Interviews Arkady Vyatchanin on Athletic Performance
DuPont Chemical Destroying Lives in the Ohio River Valley
EMF Causes Depression, 5G
Facts About Brussels Sprouts You Never Knew
How Microbes Rule Our Health
How to Avoid Blood Clots, a Stroke & Heart Attacks
J. Karmazin - Young Blood to Reverse Aging
Medical experts warn of new virus mimicking the flu
Reversing Parkinsons Disease Naturally
Secrets to Extraordinary Health and Longevity - Christine Horner, MD
Stop The Styrofoam in Ulster County NY, It's the law
The Science of Healthy Skin Care - Andy Hnilo
The World's Most Polluted River
Timeline Shift and More of Humanity Entering the Highest 5D Reality
Understanding Our Tribal Mind
Why Most Dieters ONLY Lose Water Weight


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Internationaal nieuws

10 myths about your vagina that are harming you
19 Foods That Can Fight Sugar Cravings
3 in 4 parents say internet not a safe place for children
A bacterial duo linked to colon cancer
A cancer 'vaccine' is completely eliminating tumors in mice
A lasting effect on the immune system may explain frequent recurrences of MRSA bacterial infections
A UCLA study found that kids with ADHD are more likely than the general population to abuse drugs in the future
Academics reveal which diet is best for weight loss
Acupuncture can boost your chances of getting pregnant
Acupuncture for chronic nonpulsatile tinnitus
Adding ginger powder to wheat pasta found to boost nutrition
Agroforestry systems may play vital role in mitigating climate change
Anger – What Is It REALLY a Symptom Of?
Animal obesity crisis fueled by couch-potato lifestyle and excessive food consumption
Annual air pollution limits breached in London
Anti-inflammatory effect of cinnamaldehyde and linalool
Anxious people more likely to be bitten by dogs, study suggests
Anxious personality may be linked to heightened dog bite risk
Boosting a key protein to help bones that won't heal
Bottled water sales fueled by desire for immortality
Breast cancer treatments may increase the risk of heart disease
Breathing problems linked to drug that treats opioid addiction
Can Cooking Classes Keep Chronic Heart Failure Patients Out Of The Hospital?
Changing landscape means some Arctic ponds may potentially be a significant source of carbon emissions
Children with disabilities in West Africa experience violence from the day they are born
Chronic exposure to arsenic and high fat diet additively induced cardiotoxicity in male mice
Climate change could cause tick population boom
Climate change diet - Arctic sea ice thins, so do polar...
CNIO researchers discover a potential new therapeutic strategy for pancreatic cancer
Crash diets can cause transient deterioration in heart function
Cutting off tumour supplies
Deaths from liver cancer nearly double since the 1990s, new figures reveal
Dengue fever may strike large parts of Europe
Diabetes diet - PREVENT high blood sugar by drinking this everyday
Do career NFL players have a higher risk of death?
Dogs can sense fear, scientists reveal
Dr. Speaks Out After Flu Shot Makes Him Sick
Duplication of DNA on chromosome 7 increases risk of autism
Effectiveness of flu shot under 20 per cent for dominant strain this season
Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields - 833 Studies
ELF exposure from mobile and cordless phones for the epidemiological MOBI-Kids study
Even small changes within an ecosystem can have detrimental effects
Evidence implicating insulinresistance as a fundamental facet of Alzheimers
Experimental therapy could boost stroke recovery
Family impact of congenital Zika syndrome likely to last a lifetime
FDA bans flu tests in the middle of the worst epidemic in a decade, leaving doctors desperate
Few drinking fountains in New Zealand playgrounds
Food preservative enhances schizophrenia treatment
For Americans, understanding money eases old age anxiety
Gene Mutation Causes Hereditary Parkinson’s Disease
Girl left with lead poisoning after craving to eat pencils
Glacial Geoengineering - The Key to Slowing Sea Level Rise?
Guardian molecule that protects men from MS identified
Harvard scientists are exploring how to use the sun to enrich soil
Heavy evening drinking now 6th biggest cause of disability
High incidence of low vitamin B12 levels in Estonian newborns
How A Blood Test May Be Able to Detect Early Alzheimer’s Disease
How Childhood Trauma Can Affect Your Long-Term Health
How does limited education limit young people?
How to Grow Your Own Spirulina
Human exposure to preventable environmental chemicals is resulting in health costs of 10% of global GDP
Ibuprofen in the first three months of pregnancy may harm future fertility of baby girls
Induced labor after 39 weeks in healthy women may reduce the need for cesarean birth
Is a curious old compound a solution for chronic pain?
Jack fruit, from the fig family, found to have amazing health benefits
Lethal radiation detected at Fukushima plant reactor 2
Low-sodium lunch meats often contain extra potassium
Measuring personal exposure from 900MHz mobile phone base stations in Australia and Belgium
Moringa oleifera extract (Lam) attenuates Aluminium phosphide-induced acute cardiac toxicity in rats
Mother, 44, 'cures' cancer by taking cannabis oil
Multidrug-resistant malaria spread under the radar for years in Cambodia
My Baby Almost Died, Formula Scandal Sends Shudders Through France
New device measures blood sugar from sweat instead of blood, for pain-free monitoring
New focus on where heart disease and breast cancer treatment meet
New insights into how employees manage stressful situations at work
New research could help improve social interactions for people with autism
New research suggests toward end of Ice Age, human beings witnessed fires larger than dinosaur killers
New study suggests autism is under diagnosed in girls
Occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and the risk of ALS
Oklahoma's earthquakes strongly linked to wastewater injection depth
Our own homes are making us sick
Paris leads the way by signing „Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Free Cities” charter
Patients 'sent home to no heat or light'
Polyphenols isolated from virgin coconut oil attenuate cadmium-induced dyslipidemia and oxidative stress
Preventive effect of Xanthoria parietina polyphenols on the complications of diabetes in white rat
Red wine proves good for the heart (again)
Regular exercise halves complication rate after lung cancer surgery
Researchers discover the unexpected role of platelets in immune response
Risk of suicide among hospitalized patients with depression decreases by half in Finland
Severe and lingering symptoms occur in some after treatment for Lyme disease
Slavery risk warning over UK's scallop fisheries
Stem Cell Revolution - Why Stem Cell Therapy is the Future of Medicine
Study links smartphone use with depression in teens
Study reveals how the most common DNA mutation happens
Study shows polar bear metabolic rates are higher than previously predicted
Sweden agrees to consider ditching daylight saving time
Tender moment mother orangutan kisses her daughter
The benefits of social media for young people in care
The Virtual Brain -- patient data allow researchers to study brain function using detailed
The Yin And Yang Of Balance In The Brain
There has been a huge increase in Arctic sea ice thickness and volume over the last ten years
Two thirds of UK adults have 'nobody to talk to' about problems
Type 2 diabetes in cats a near purr-fect match to human version
UCLA Researchers Link a Relatively Unknown Gene to Early Emergence of Blood Diseases
Ultrafine aerosol particles intensify rainfall in Amazon region
Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy
Wastewater injection depth important trigger for induced quakes
What to eat to beat lung disease
Whites with mental illness far more likely to report insufficient money for care, delays
Why Are Kids with Autism Less Social Than Peers?
Women who miscarry late should be able to register birth
Y chromosomes are shrinking – so are men doomed?
Zeroing in on dopamine






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