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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Alles wat op sociale media gebeurt, kan tegen je gebruikt worden
Bekende mensen sterven soms meerdere keren
Beperking salaris zorgbestuurders werkt averechts
Beslissing aangifte tabaksindustrie aanstaande
Daarom zet je als ex-roker best verse tomaten op het menu
De pil verhoogt het risico op depressie, vooral bij tieners
Frisdrank? Meest ongezonde wat je kunt doen
Gemeente Tilburg moet chroom-6-slachtoffers vergoeden
Genen kunnen vertellen wie er baat heeft bij antidepressiva
In Enschede verzinnen burgers oplossingen voor vuurwerkoverlast
Interview met Sacha Gaus over honden en vuurwerkangst
Mogen ouderen hun dood in eigen hand nemen?
Onderbeenprothese uit de 3D-printer
Ons lichaam heeft een interne weegschaal
Private zorg drijft kosten op en maakt zorg ontoegankelijker
Puntje bij paaltje? Acupunctuur halveert voorkomen opvliegers
Rijken kiezen vaker voor private zorg
RIVM waarschuwt voor smog tijdens jaarwisseling
Strand op Bali ligt helemaal vol met afval
Te weinig geld voor bijstandsuitkering vluchtelingen
Wat u moet weten over de lage-emissiezone in Brussel
Zorg op termijn veel duurder door vrije zorgbureaus

Op zoek naar een natuurlijke multivitamine ?

– Met écht natuurlijke vitamines
– Vrij van niet-natuuridentieke synthetische vitamines
– Geen gevaarlijke maar zinvolle doseringen vitamines en mineralen
– Softgel-capsules met extra vièrge olijfolie voor optimale opname
– Géén schadelijk ijzer en chroom
– Vanaf 2 stuks 10% korting

De laatste videoclips

5 Keys to Balance Fat Burning Hormones
Ants Love High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) as Much As We Do
Big Pharma ‘no different than a drug pusher’ - America’s Lawyer
Chocolate Delight Smoothie
Do Australians Need a Sugar Intervention?
Dolphins that help humans fish - BBC News
Everything You Need To Know About The Keto Diet
Holy Basil Water
How You Can Gradually Eat More Vegetables
Is Grass Fed, Local and Organic Beef and Chicken Sustainable? with Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Living on Ice | Antarctica 360 VR Video | Discovery TRVLR
Medical Cannabis is a Threat to the Pharmaceutical Industry
Mercury & Fluoride, a Tale of two Prescriptions
Nestle ‘is a corrupt company’ – America’s Lawyer
Should I Consume Cruciferous Vegetables with a Hypothyroid Condition?
Spices For Weight Loss - Nagina Abdullah And Ashley James
That's Why It's So Hard to Lose Weight, According to Experts
The Benefits of Egg Yolks on Your Brain
The Number One Best Plant You Can Eat with Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.
The Rise in Blood Lead Levels at Pregnancy and Menopause
The Sixth Extinction - Biodiversity Under Threat
The Ways That Stress Impacts Your Fitness
This one event will cause Big Pharma to COLLAPSE
Tourists swim alongside whale sharks in northern Mexico
Understand Candida and What it Can Cause
Using our immune system to fight cancer - BBC News
Vitamin C and Pregnacy. What does the medical literature really say?
Want To Lose Weight In 2018? No Dieting!
When Will We Lock Up Opioid Corporate Thugs?
Women And Diabetes with Anna Maria Clement

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Internationaal nieuws

7-minute morning to kick your Christmas belly into gear
A Popular Injection Is Shown to Dissolve Stomach Fat
A week of holiday junk food could derail your gut microbiome
ALS linked to occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields
Ancient jumping genes may give corals a new lease on life
Are we reaching the end of the opioid epidemic?
Arnica - This Powerful Herb Promotes Various Kinds of Healing
Being exposed to one day of air pollution can be deadly
Cancer overrides the circadian clock to survive
Cotton buds still a major cause of eardrum perforations
Dedicated Rescue Team Helps Save Orangutan Found on the Brink of Death
Droughts and ecosystems are determined by the interaction of two climate phenomena
Early puberty linked to depression in girls
Factors impacting the illness trajectory of post-infectious fatigue syndrome
Great white tracked for last five years 'falls off radar'
How do you like your mushrooms?
How the sun's rays can keep food chilled - fighting waste in Africa
How to ditch sugar in 7 days
How ‘enzyme cascades’ break down sugar in your cells
Illegally-Caught Dolphin Destined for Traveling Circus Is Going Back to the Wild
Is type 1 diabetes reversible? Study finds many people begin to produce insulin years after diagnosis
Mindfulness 'can make you more selfish'
New couples should only see each other twice a week
Official statistics reveal cases of flu surge by 156%
One more reason “high carbon levels” are a good thing
People Are Dying Prematurely Due to Polypharmacy
Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency is improving, but is still high in Iranian adults
Researchers discover immune cells help clear damage, rebuild nerves after injury
Researchers inhibit ebola virus
Selenium Protects a Specific Type of Interneurons in the Brain
Six Bad Ideas that Triggered the Autism Epidemic
Smokers confronted with damaging effects of poisons...
Sun Activity Collapses To Lowest Level In 9,300 Years
The 5 Cartels That Rule America And The World
The Caribbean is stressed out
The dangers of epilepsy drugs for pregnant women
The failure to ban chlorpyrifos
The vaginal microbiome and sexually transmitted infections are interlinked
This Is What Our Sun Will Look Like At The Very End
Thousands VANISH in China as totalitarian far-left police state goes into overdrive
Too Much Hypoglycemia in Diabetic Hospice Patients
Traditional cancer treatments cause inflammation, promoting aggressive tumor growth
Vitamin D status may impact parathyroid hormone levels after obesity surgery
Vitamin D successful as an adjunct treatment to preeclampsia medication
Want to beat antibiotic-resistant superbugs? Rethink that strep throat remedy
Want to Boost Your Mental Health? Head For the Sea, Not the Mountains
Warning bacterial disease is putting 350 species at risk
We are what we eat - Regulatory gaps in the United States that put our health at risk
What blood sugar spikes might mean for your weight
Why a winter workout can be better than a summer sweat
Why Exercise Holds the Key to Unlocking Gut Health
Will buffer zones around schools protect children from effects of pesticide exposure?

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