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NL - 5.500 kinderen met 'rugzakje' gaan niet naar school
NL - Actie tegen de onbetrouwbare mainstream media
NL - Als avondmens vroeg opstaan is ongezond, dit doe je eraan
NL - Anti-rookvereniging start rechtszaak tegen extreme thuisrokers
NL - Antwoord op Kamervragen NAM moet aardbevingen bij Loppersum onderzoeken
NL - Antwoorden op kamervragen over verzekeraars die investeren in wapenfabrikanten
NL - Asbestmiljardairs vs. slachtoffers - ‘Wat is een mensenleven waard?’
NL - Beter zicht op longschade na openhart operatie
NL - Brandwondenzorg Nederland ontvangt Europese erkenning voor hoge zorgkwaliteit
NL - Cynisme over geldbesteding Giro 555 is onterecht
NL - De reactie van onze hersenen op verkeerde zinnen
NL - Defensie perkt regeling chroom-6 in
NL - Delfzijl toch akkoord met zeehondenopvang in Termunterzijl
NL - Dr. Phil toont pedo-netwerken en RTL stopt met zijn shows
NL - Getraumatiseerde hond was voor alles bang tot pup Ernie bij hem kwam wonen
NL - Groningen zoekt veilig alternatief voor omstreden rubberkorrels kunstgrasvelden
NL - Het nieuwe moestuinieren
NL - Het probleem wordt altijd zo zwart mogelijk afgeschilderd
NL - Honger wordt gemaakt
NL - Is jouw collega irritant? Misschien slaapt hij wel slecht!
NL - Juist nu investeren in ontwikkelingslanden
NL - Kamerbrief over seismiciteit Noordwest-Groningen
NL - Kan cannabis kanker genezen?
NL - Kermts gezin gebruikt al jaar een thuisbatterij
NL - Koekjes bakken voor hongerig Afrika
NL - Kwart van 65+'ers lijdt aan ouderdomsblindheid
NL - Landbouw moet natuur niet proberen te kopiëren
NL - Libanon - waar hulporganisaties door geldgebrek tekort schieten
NL - Marathon slecht voor gezondheid
NL - Meerderheid heeft akkoord over onverdoofd slachten
NL - Meisje (12) vanaf nek verlamd na vaccin tegen baarmoederhalskanker
NL - Miljarden weggegooid geld
NL - Nederlander eet gemiddeld dertig suikerklontjes per dag
NL - NOS blijft Amerikaanse oorlogsmisdaden goedpraten
NL - Omstreden belastingdeals tussen fiscus en multinationals openbaar
NL - Onkruid in Zierikzee weggeborsteld en geblazen
NL - Provincie stimuleert biologische groenteteelt
NL - Studenten bouwen nieuw exoskelet voor dwarslaesiepatiënt (video)
NL - Veel Groningers melden schade later
NL - Verbetert muziek sportieve prestaties?
NL - Verbod op onverdoofd slachten vanaf 2019
NL - Vlaanderen verbiedt onverdoofd slachten
NL - Voor kinderen van 3 tot en met 7 jaar is voldoende slaap cruciaal
NL - Wat gek. Niemand wil meer naar Turkije op vakantie
NL - Zakenman looft 3000 euro beloning uit voor klokkenluider slachterij
NL - Zorgplekken Winschoten hard nodig
NL - Zorgsector zit op geldberg van 2 miljard
NL - Zout, een stof die te veel gegeten wordt


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Video - Weight loss Misconceptions and the Food Pyramid - Dr. Fred Pescatore
Video - What is Fake News?
Video - When Listening is Complicated
Video - Who are the Water Mafia | Parched
Video - Women of Freedom - Trailer
Video - Zakenman looft 3000 euro beloning uit voor klokkenluider slachterij



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Internationaal nieuws

11,000 Wikileaks documents related to Fukushima
13-Year-old invents Tesla inspired free energy device for under $15
30 Foods & Herbs with Natural Antibiotic Properties
A positive outlook may be good for your health
Adding grads and going green can brighten economic outlook
Antidepressant drugs made woman believe she had killed her own children
Are urinary tract infections (UTIs) contagious?
As sea level rises, much of Honolulu and Waikiki vulnerable to groundwater inundation
Be prepared - These 10 foods quickly disappear from grocery stores when a disaster strikes
Bee protection bill takes aim at insecticide use in North Carolina
Bisphosphonate Drug Holiday Increases Fracture Risk in Postmenopausal Women
Body mass index is NOT a good indicator of health
BPA-Free Goods Still Contain Toxin Bisphenol
Brain changes in older adults increase risk for scams
Cats Care About People More Than Food, New Study Finds
Cattle associated antibiotics disturb soil ecosystems
Children perform better when their father lives at home
Curcumin inhibits Zika and chikungunya virus infection by inhibiting cell binding
Damage and Death from Toxic Chemicals Are Reaching Epidemic Levels
Davis considers ban on Styrofoam food, beverage containers
DHA supplements during pregnancy don't raise kids' IQ
Dr. Nishant Rao Discusses the 8-Hour Diet Intermittent Fasting Window for Weight Loss
Drinking tea could prevent type 2 DIABETES
Dunedin childrens exposure to lead linked to lower IQ
Early marijuana use can increase negative health impacts
Earthquake scientists have been totally WRONG
Eating too Much Sodium May Be Linked to Nocturia
English salmon could be wiped out by Norwegian parasite
Entrepreneurs love their companies like their children
Europe is Taking Major Steps to Save Bees (and People) From Pesticides – What About the U.S.?
Even while corporate-run media insists there's no such thing as an "anti-cancer food,"
Excessive alcohol consumption may impact bone strength in women
Google Home Device Could Allow Government to Listen in on Private Conversations
Harvard Scientists Launch $20M 'Stratospheric Injection' Climate Change Experiment
Has Monsanto Orchestrated a Massive Cancer Coverup?
Health experts say pre-diabetes can still cause damage to body
Health Ranger awarded U.S. patent for breakthrough anti-radiation formula that eliminates Cesium-137
Here Is How Fruits, Vegetables And Legumes Prevent The Onset Of Type 1 Diabetes
High-fat, low-carb diet reduces HbA1c, weight and medication in US study
Hope for elephants as ivory prices fall
How Burger King's Palm Oil Addiction Is Devastating Local Communities
How Tetris therapy could help patients
How to build a survival communication system for less than $50
HPV Vaccine Paralyses 12-Year-Old Aspiring Pop Star
Hudson River polluted by 100,000 gallons of raw sewage, baby wipes float down the river
Igniting a solar flare in the corona with lower-atmosphere kindling
Inflammation awakens sleepers
Investigative Reporter Says The Zika Vaccine Will Alter Your DNA
Japanese Researchers Make Breakthrough in Antioxidant Enzyme Linked to Jaundice
Keep Fragile Ecosystems Wild
Manufacturers Replace BPA with Still Highly Toxic BPS
Marathon runners at risk of deadly kidney injury
Maryland passes ban on fracking
Measles outbreak across Europe
Microalgae could play key role in relieving climate warming
Monsanto's WAR on SCIENCE
Mother gave cannabis to son who fought rare form of cancer
New Findings Could Bring Relief if You Suffer From Nut Allergies
New flu test easy as breathing, with faster results
New Method Heats up Ultrasonic Approach to Treating Tumors
Nine Things to Know about Stem Cell Treatments
Oceanic dispersion of Fukushima-derived radioactive cesium
Paralysed man feeds himself with help of implants
Pepsi, McDonalds, Nestlé, Other Major Brands Implicated in Illegal Destruction of Elephant Habitat
Perinatal exposure to bisphenol-A alters peripubertal mammary gland development in mice
Pets sleeping on your bed growing trend
Physicist Wants To Beam Solar Energy Back From Moon’s Surface
Products can be pals when you're lonely, but it may cost you, study finds
Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption
Regenerative Agriculture Improves Soil
Seasonal warming leads to smaller animal body sizes
Sex may have evolved as a way to fight disease
Shockingly Higher Rates of Autism and Developmental Delays in Asia
Small magnetic fields in the sun may lead to solar flares
Split Within EPA on Glyphosate Carcinogenicity
Stop eating! You are full
Study identifies how BPA may encourage inflammatory breast cancer growth
Sun’s atmospheric currents may help predict solar storms
Sweden the EU's 'climate leader'
The effects of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E co-supplementation on Parkinson's disease
The federal government no longer acknowledges that climate change has a cost
The High Prevalence of Vitamin D Insufficiency in Cord Blood in Calgary, Alberta
The U.S. Senate Just Sold out Your Internet Privacy
The world's easiest exercise plan
Toxic air warnings must include reminder for children to use inhalers.
Toxic hairsprays found to cause penile birth defects in boys
TSRI Researchers Develop New Method to ‘Fingerprint’ HIV
Vitamin D decreases risk of cancer, new study suggests
Vitamin D supplements do not reduce the risk of cancer
Vulnerability to psychosis - how to detect it
Women fearing danger choose mates with less ‘macho’ faces
Would you try the DNA diet?
Your Fridge Could Be The Dirtiest Place In Your Kitchen — Here’s Why
Your Utility Company Is Spying On You And Selling Information On Your Activities To Corporations

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