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Nederlandstalig nieuws

ACM waarschuwt zorgaanbieders voor boycotten
Astrocoach Deborah Cabau - Het staat in de sterren
Bouw biostoomcentrale in Beringen gestart terwijl procedure bij Raad van State nog loopt
Boze boeren en burgers overladen AH met duurzame melkpakken
Dankzij tussendoortjes met yoghurt en chia gaat afslanken bijna automatisch
EFSA bevestigt nadelige gezondheidseffecten van furanen in voeding
Functionele Geneeskunde - Désirée Röver
Geen enkele organisatie nam verantwoordelijkheid voor de Biafra-kinderen
Gewoon afschaffen die zomer- en wintertijd, voordelen zijn nooit bewezen
Hoe effectief is het griepvaccin?
Hoe moet dat nou met ME?
Humor - Naamswijziging - Nederland wordt Landneder
Ik moest mijn dochter loslaten
In de Randstad woon je ongelukkig, onveilig en ongezond
Kritiek op plan voor windmolens naast A16
Kwart bestuurders vermijdt rijden in het donker
Maagzuurremmers slecht voor je lever
Methylfenidaat alias Ritalin - Désirée Röver & C.F.van der Horst
Nederland groeit dicht als we niet oppassen
Ongezonde voeding voor voedselbankklant
Opwarming van de oceanen is mogelijk zorgwekkender dan gedacht
Referendum sleepwet is nuttig breekijzer
Rotterdamse haven wil CO2 van industrie onder zee stoppen
Seksuele intimidatie gebeurt meestal niet door de hoogste baas
Slimme rookmelder alarmeert buren bij brand en inbraak
T-celveroudering in patiënten met terminaal nierfalen
Vitamine B3 helpt miskraam en geboorteafwijkingen voorkomen
Windmolenparken op zee bijna vier miljard euro goedkoper

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De laatste videoclips

5 Natural and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Lice
A global food crisis may be less than a decade away | Sara Menker
A woman's burden - Inside Malawi's untold health and environmental crisis
Actual Footage Of Giant Sea Ice Melt by John Englander
Alana Marie - Change your Frequency, Change your Life
Banned Documentary The Truth About Water
Become a Part-Time Dolphin Defender
Bio Baumwolle - der ökologische Anbau gibt Afrika eine Zukunft
Brutally beaten donkey is loved at last
Climate Science Bipolar Disorder
Don't suffer from your depression in silence | Nikki Webber Allen
Dr. Jere Rivera Dugenio - Scalar Plasma Crystalline Technology for Quantum Self Healing
Dry Eye - Dr. Travis Zigler & Ashley James
Eating Animal Products Impact On Climate Change And The Environment Part 2
Flu vaccine 2017 - John Bergman
Former ER Physician Sounds The Alarm On Vaccination Dangers
Giant trevally fish eats bird - Blue Planet II
Heal the Body, Build the Mind- Relationship Development Intervention - Kathy Darrow
How To Eat Right For Your Brain with Dr. Mark Hyman
Is Exercise Good or Bad for Sleep?
Men Using DIM for High Estrogen & Low Testosterone
MEP Sven Giegold on murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
Morocco - Women Sowing Seeds - Protecting Against Drought
Opioid crisis solution is in harm reduction, not failed War on Drugs
Qi Gong - Supporting Functional Medicine [James Maskell]
Remote Amazon tribe tries to straddle two worlds
Sexual harassment is everyone's problem
The Battle of Mexican Farmworkers At Driscolls in San Quintín Baja California
The dangers of cooking - Inside Malawi's untold health and environmental crisis
The Missing Mineral in Osteoporosis
Who is to pay for the EU fund for environmental damage? - Jane Collins MEP

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Internationaal nieuws

500-year floods could strike NYC every five years
8 Herbal Teas for Cold and Flu Season
90% UAE population Vitamin D deficient, says DHA official
A new weapon against malaria
ABC Reporter Post Her Vaccine Injury On Facebook And Everyone Loses It
Advanced Weather Forecasting Models Confirm Urban Heat Island Effect
Agriculture can indeed fix our food system
America is collapsing on almost every crucial level
Antibiotic-resistant MRSA is not confined to hospitals
Anticoagulants could cut the risk of dementia for patients with atrial fibrillation
Are Edible Water Bubbles the Future of Eco-Friendly Hydration?
Arsenic found in baby food, scary new study shows
As renewable energy costs shrink, British government wastes money on
Small Nuclear Reactor fantasy
Association between serious psychological distress and nonparticipation in
cancer screening
Baking powder removes pesticides from fruit and vegetables
Belly fat measurement predicts adverse outcomes in emergency surgery patients
Big Pharma Mogul Arrested For Bribing Doctors To Prescribe Fentany
Blood flow in the developing heart guides maturation of heart valves
Brain Inflammation Associated With Depression, Anxiety in Multiple Sclerosis
Breast cancer risk HIGHER in western parts of time zones
Chinese Chicken Alert For The USA
Cholesterol-lowering drugs 'over-prescribed'
Climate Change Is Making Bamboo-Eating Lemurs Go Hungry
Closest look yet at killer T-cell activity could yield new approach to tackling antibiotic resistance
Comet from another solar system may have just passed Earth
Details uncovered in development of immune cell implicated in cancer, autoimmune diseases
Diet before pregnancy affects daughter’s ovaries
Does population size affect rates of violence?
Dynamic catalytic converters for clean air in the city
E-cigarette aerosols caused embryo defects in the laboratory
Earthquake Armageddon on November 19 triggered by Nibiru / Planet X
Effects of cow’s milk beta-casein variants on symptoms of milk intolerance in Chinese adults
EU Data Chief Warns MEPs on Transparency
Fear Not For Fiji—Sea Level Rise Not Related To Climate, Glacial Melt
Finland wants EU to give up daylight saving time
Flame retardants don’t save us, they kill
French health regulator withdraws license for Bayer weedkiller
Gen Z is Creating a Market for Fake Fish
How Clutter is Harming Your Health
How Does the Brain-Body Connection Affect Creativity?
How harmful are nano-copper and anti-fungal combinations in the waterways?
Industrial agriculture terrorizes Borneo
IOF study reveals low dietary calcium intake in Asia and Latin America
Is Alzheimer's disease a disorder of energy metabolism?
Junk Food Almost Twice as Distracting as Healthy Food
Low-Carb Diet? Your Taste Buds Are Literally Working Against You
Low-carbohydrate diets - have they been researched adequately?
Mistakes in how proteins of the ear are built contribute to early hearing loss
More than 100 Illinois pesticide retailers reported the weed killer dicamba
drifted and damaged soybeans
New study confirms the dangers of BPA exposure for infants
Noise pollution causes oysters to 'clam up'
Nonoperative treatment of appendicitis is increasing, may raise death risk
Northeastern researchers discover fundamental rules for how the brain controls movement
Open heart surgeries in the AFTERNOON are more SUCCESSFUL
People with a 'sixth' sense for carbs are more obese
Pharmaceutical use during pregnancy resulting in premature births, birth defects,
and massive costs to insurers
Scientists detect comets outside our solar system
Scientists find a role for Parkinson's gene in the brain
Select committee launches inquiry into e-cigarettes
Sidetracked by a donut?
Silk could repair damaged spinal cords, scientists claim
Skin may regulate blood pressure
Skipping breakfast gives you bad breath claims dentist
Smell sensitivity varies with circadian rhythm, study suggests
Social media 'fuels crimes by children'
Space changes how genes are expressed
SUSU Scientists Discover a Way to Protect Body against Radiation from Microwave
Ovens and Cellular Communication Systems
Swedish ecologists discover a plant never seen before in the Nordics
Synthetic Vitamin K Shot for My Baby? No Thanks.
The Carbon Dioxide Word Game
The Hazda Diet, How eating like a hunter-gatherer benefits your gut
The importance of addressing poor nutrition in patients with liver failure
The nose reveals our relationship with our emotions
The oceans were colder than we thought
The Pneumonic Plague Is Spreading
Two-thirds of baby food on the market contains arsenic
UC San Diego researchers solve mystery of oxygenation connections in the brain
Want to lower your blood pressure? Get naked
Working mothers are LESS LIKELY to have obese children

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