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Verergering tinnitus door serotonine


Nederlandstalig nieuws

Acer Air Monitor
Al Gore-magie verbroken
Aldi haalt biologische kruiden terug vanwege salmonella
Alleen minder autoís maken de straat gezonder
Bejaarden pesten elkaar vaak uit frustratie
Borstvoeding vermindert risico op hartaanval of beroerte
Brecht Decoene - De echt paranoÔde complotdenkers
BuitenGewoon 26 augustus 2017 - Harm zwerft door Gelderland
Choline een zwaar onderschat voedingsbestanddeel
Daarom neem je je smartphone beter niet mee naar het toilet
Dansen gaat veroudering van brein tegen
De moestuin na drie weken vakantie
Demonstratie in Dordrecht tegen drinkwater besmet met GenX
Dit gebeurt er als je 14 gram gojibessen per dag eet
Een baby met een goede start houdt voorsprong
Een ziek systeem produceert zieke mensen!
Explosief snel af van onkruid
Fipronilgate - follow the money
Gedoe om windmolens N34
Google has begun to "police YouTube like it never has before"
Hoe de eiercrisis het failliet van ons landbouwsysteem onthult
Hollandse Quinoa groeit met honderden procenten
Horrorbeelden uit Finse bontfabriek maken dierenliefhebbers woedend
Marihuana bij hypertensie risicovoller dan gedacht
Nieuwe ontdekking baant de weg voor behandeling van eczeem
Ongerustheid over ontzanding Donderslagse heide
PatiŽnten willen meer inspraak in behandeling
Slank-zoetjes? Je wordt dikker en krijgt diabetes
Strijd om het zaad
Verdovingsmiddel ontwikkeld door Paul Janssen nu gebruikt voor executies in Florida
Voorsorteren op de switch naar groen gas
We houden ons te strikt aan de houdbaarheidsdata op voeding
Zo beschermen omega-3-vetzuren de hersenen

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Nederlandgids - overzicht van uitjes en evenementen in Nederland

Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan

Alternatieve TV

Dr. Tony Jimenez discusses how light can be used to treat cancer
Blue Whales 101 | Nat Geo Wild
Body Warns One Month Before a Heart Attack
Dental health connection
Enormous Basic Lies About Vaccination
Fast Tooth Pain Relief When My Teeth Hurt
FDA Designates Ecstasy As "Breakthrough Therapy" For PTSD
Haiti's unregulated orphanages spur child abuse
How to Deepen Your Connection with Eye Contact
Instant Relaxation with Katrina ? Guided Meditation for Positivity,
Jordan Peterson - Why Men & Women Are Very Different
Light in your Brains - Music and visuals
MMR devastated my son
New Zealand, Polluted Paradise - People & Power

Noam Chomsky (2017) "Making The Future - Hopes and Challenges
Parkinson's Disease Tremors | Causes, Solutions and Why Exercises Won't Work
Patient privacy at risk from insurance companies, law enforcement
Protest dort schoon water
Raising your vibration and creating you sacred space - music and visuals
See Divers Rescue Four Car-Sized Sharks | Nat Geo Wild
She grew up Native American and realized her tribe was dying. So she started filming its traditions
The Benefits of the Maitake Mushroom
The Causes & Symptoms of a Calcium Deficiency
Vertical farming startup gets $200 million investment from tech giants
What happened to our Children.?!?!
Why Calories Don't Matter (as much) on Keto


Internationaal nieuws

10 Things That Destroy Indoor Air Quality
9 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Microbiome
Alcohol consumption and its interaction with adiposity-associated genetic variants
Alcohol labels fail to inform public of safe drinking limit
Arkansas may bar dicamba herbicide use after April 15
China Has Already More Than Doubled Its 2020 Solar Power Target
Climate Change - the REAL inconvenient truth
Coconut oil for sunburn, Does it work?
Could breakfast and lunch at schools reduce stunted growth?
Did Monsanto Write Malawiís Seed Policy?
Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on morphine analgesia and tolerance in rats
Environmental Nightmare after thousands of atlantic salmon escape fish farm
Epidemic Denial - The Math is Simple
EU tackles dirty business of recycling ships
Expanding Factory Farms Makes Getting a Burger Easier Ė But Fresh Air and Water Harder
FDA and EMA sign confidentiality commitment
Fearless cardiologist author, Dr Aseem Malhotra, busts myths and shares Pioppi health secrets
Growing indigenous vegetables key in ending food crisis
Heart hormones protect against obesity and insulin resistance
Here is why vegan foods to treat asthma can improve overall health
High sugar consumption gives rise to dental treatment costs in the billions
How an Oregon activist's barn produced the 'Poison Papers' that aids in a lawsuit against Monsanto
How Do People Become Indoctrinated Into Cults?
How to Make Flavorful Veggie Burgers
If Sugar Is Harmless, Prove It
If Youíre Drinking THESE In Your Morning Coffee, Beware
Indigenous peoples have the right to be consulted about any project
Indonesian peat fires linked to global palm oil companies and their financiers
Is Chronic Fatigue Real?
Japanís Lobbying to Export Fukushima Produce
Kill animals and destroy property before hurting humans, Germany tells future self-driving cars
Line-dancing is better than a walk to fight Alzheimer's
Mom Claims Gardasil Vaccine Caused Daughterís Death
Monsanto Takes Swipes at Science, EPA Chief Nuzzles Up to Big Ag
Mothers with pre-eclampsia may encounter challenges later in life
Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
No-go zones keep kin from burying deceased Fukushima evacuees at ancestral gravesites
Rabbit, Dog, Human - How One Bacterial Infection Spread
Resveratrol supplementation improves arterial stiffness in type 2 diabetics
Stop drinking coffee if you're struggling to lose weight
Strong friendships in adolescence may benefit mental health in the long run
Supplement may slow vision loss in seniors with macular degeneration
The caveman 'Victoria's Secret' diet gives glowing skin
The danger of storms hitting near chemical plants
The Diet Of An African Tribe Might Prove That We Really Are What We Eat
The Relationship Between Hurricanes and Climate Change
These oxytocin genes may influence number of friends
Toxic groundwater threatens 60 million in Pakistan
Toxic metals in hip replacements found to cause Alzheimerís
Trump Reversed Efforts to Reduce Plastic Bottles in National Parks
Vaccine makers rely on "statistical gimmicks" to obscure the truth about HPV vaccines harming children
Why Nazis Are So Afraid of These Clowns
Wild Salmon Advocates Protest Fish Farms Outside of DFO Offices
Yoga Mat Chemicals May Mess With Your Fertility
Your Best Weapon Against Inflammation
Your gut bacteria may be to blame for anxiety, says UCC



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