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Nederlandstalig nieuws

19 mensen onwel door koolmonoxide in Italiaans restaurant
4 Miljard Euro van de argeloze burgers naar een handjevol banken
624 wetenschappelijke studies die schade door straling aantonen
900 varkens omgekomen bij stalbrand
Als de vermoeidheid en pijn maar minder zouden worden, dan ben ik al blij
Als rietsnijders het loodje leggen, heeft dat consequenties voor natuurgebieden
Bijwerkingen methylphenidaat mogen voortaan wel openbaar
Binnen 12 uur 2500 klachten over vuurwerk
BinnensteBuiten 25 december
Blijf-van-mijn-lijfhuizen in Brabant puilen uit
Burgemeesters willen knalvuurwerk verbieden
Burn-outs zijn een vorm van protest
De Nederlandse industrie stoot niet minder maar méér fijnstof uit
De poort van hemel of hel?
De zeven beste plantaardige bronnen van omega-3 vetzuren
DSW-topman wil stoppen met vrijwillig verhoogd eigen risico
Elke dag hete thee drinken geeft minder risico op glaucoom
Energetische Resonantie Therapie - Elise van Keulen
Er is een nieuwe dieettrend, al is die volgens experts levensgevaarlijk
Frans gerecht onderzoekt salmonella in babymelk
Geo-engineering - wie is er bang voor een kunstmatig klimaat?
Het is verbazingwekkend eenvoudig om bij te dragen aan het welzijn van dieren
Hoe fipronil een bedrijf kan verwoesten
Hoe verslaafd zijn we aan onze smartphone?
Hoe warmer, hoe meer vluchtelingen?
Huisartsen leggen bijwerkingen niet op dezelfde manier vast
Informatieve video over de Sleepnetwet
Is Nederland psychisch overbelast?
Maatregelen om zeespiegelstijging te voorkomen
Meer kinderen allergisch, vooral huisstofmijt-allergie rukt op
Menselijkheid zoek bij instanties die oordeelden over Amir
Oma (98) krijgt eindelijk bezoek
Onderzoek naar geadviseerde locatie voor CO-melders
Overdag salade, ‘s avonds chips
Plan voor een meer autismevriendelijke samenleving
Politie waarschuwt vogelbezitters - gourmetten is levensgevaarlijk
Steeds meer kinderen met allergie
Vitaminetekort op oudere leeftijd
Vuurwerk gooien kan poging tot doodslag zijn
Waarom prikken als u kunt scannen?
Waarom we met Kerstmis meer seks hebben
Witte jassen, witte brillen in Afrika?
Word “smarter” dan je cellphone!
Worden homeopathische middelen verboden?
Zielige ijsberen, roofridders en een wereldregering
Zo hoog moet de CO2-belasting gaan worden

Op zoek naar een natuurlijke multivitamine ?

– Met écht natuurlijke vitamines
– Vrij van niet-natuuridentieke synthetische vitamines
– Geen gevaarlijke maar zinvolle doseringen vitamines en mineralen
– Softgel-capsules met extra vièrge olijfolie voor optimale opname
– Géén schadelijk ijzer en chroom
– Vanaf 2 stuks 10% korting

De laatste videoclips

10 Ways the Media Manipulates Our Opinions
10 Ways to Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis
A Quick Test for Adrenal Fatigue
Adorable Lemurs Roam Free on This Ancient Island | Short Film Showcase
Antidepressants, ADHD Medicine and PTSD with Allen Frances, M.D.
Autophagy & Intermittent Fasting
Can Depression Be Treated Without Medication? What's the Proof?
Coronary Artery Disease and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyns Study with Joel Kahn, M.D.
Crispy Potato Stack Fries
Detoxification, Cleansing, and Healing Retreat - Costa Rica
Do I Need To Be 100 % Organic?
Efforts to combat fake news aren’t working, Facebook admits
EPA Says They Have Docs Showing Climate Change Isn’t Real, But We Can’t See Them
Everything You Need to Know About the Ketogenic Diet
Good health is the greatest of all gifts
High carb Hannah update
Home Remedies for Vagninosis
How to make gravy - BBC Good Food
How To Use Breathwork Music With The Wim Hof Method
Is Canada the world's refugee role model? - UpFront
Largest Coral Sperm Bank May Save Our Reefs | National Geographic
Lightning-Scarred Planet Earth, Part 1 | Space News
Locally powered energy | DW English
Managing vs. Correcting Hypoglycemic (Low Blood Sugar) Reactions With Diabetes
My Opinion on Bullet Proof Coffee on Keto and Intermittent Fasting
New Study On Exercise And Parkinson's Disease
Nina Teicholz - 'Vegetable Oils - The Unknown Story'
Orphaned Baby Elephant in Myanmar blanketed against cold
Our Climate Is Changing, What Can We Do? with Seth B. Darling, Ph.D.
Plant that Kills Cancer Cells & Stops Diabetes
Professor Sir Robin Murray - Reframing Psychotic Illness
Radiant Intimacy of the Heart - Cynthia Bourgeault
Robert Franz - Diabetes
Seattle battles plastic straws to save the oceans
See Hundreds of Beluga Whales Gathering in the Arctic | Nat Geo Wild
See Why Backcountry Ice Skating Is the Ultimate Winter Adventure
The 4 Ways to Increase a Slow Metabolism
The Biggest High Intensity Training Mistakes | Drew Baye
The Inward Journey Home ~ Mind Traveler for Change
The Ketogenic Diet Keeps You Full Longer
The Number of Adverse Effects From Vaccinations with Mark F. Blaxill
The Wireless Industry Does Not Say That Cell Phones Are Safe
The world is 'drowning' in trash. But can refuse be a resource?
US military is biggest polluter – ex-marine on Okinawa crisis
Use Intermittent Fasting to Spike Your Growth Hormone by 2000 Percent
What Happens When Methane Erupts From Melted Arctic?
What is Causing the Epidemic of Childhood Chronic Illness with Beth Lambert
What is deep brain stimulation?
What We Ate on Christmas Eve - Fun Vegan Vlog
WHO Considers Gaming Disorder New Mental Health Condition
Why Del Bigtree Quit Producing "The Doctors" to Make The Film Vaxxed
WOMB to TOMB - are we programmed in utero?

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Internationaal nieuws

13 things you didn't know about redheads
50 San Francisco Roundup Lawsuits Filed Against Monsanto
A Christmas spice that may reduce your blood cholesterol
A Look At Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy For Depression
A New Diabetes Epidemic - Nonadherence
A periodontist assess the best mouthwash on the market
Alaskan microgrids offer energy resilience and independence
Alternative fuel for home heating reduces emissions and recycles waste
Alzheimer's Risk May Vary Among Statins
Are carbs killing you? Global study finds death rates higher among carb eaters
scientists say we should be eating more fats
Arterial stiffness and 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in chronic kidney disease patients
Bad Food Bible explains why clean-eating is bad for you
Blood pressure control best achieved with a multilevel, multicomponent approach
Brain Damaging Pesticide Scott Pruitt Left in Hands of Agribusiness Found in
Hundreds of Food Samples
Brain Food - It’s Not the Coconut Oil or the Fish, It’s the Greens
Can Aggressive Glycemic Control in Adults With Diabetes Be Harmful?
Can Vinegar Help Control Blood Sugar?
Chlorophyll - How to Get This Valuable Nutrient From Your Diet
Cleaner air, longer lives
CO2 Fertilization Solves Climate Change Impact On Brazilian Coffee Yield
Coconut Oil Fights Deadly Yeast Infections, Study Suggests
Conservation minister opposes GM-rodent plan
Cosmic Rays & Sun Impact Climate More Than Models Suggest
Deep brain stimulation - Improving outcomes in the treatment of movement disorders
Development of a Nanowire Device to Detect Cancer with a Urine Test
Edward Snowden unveils phone app, Haven, to spy on spies
Extreme picky eaters are at higher risk of depression
Fat and Cholesterol Don't Cause Heart Attacks and Statins are Not The Solution
Fat people 'are happier with themselves' say researchers
Fermented foods will be No. 1 ‘superfood’ in 2018
Findings from Chung Ang University Broaden Understanding of Alzheimer Disease
Fish oil-derived n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids for the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia
Former tobacco barns repurposed for anti-smoking message
German villages go 100% renewable
Global warming will cause a spate of heat related deaths
Gut reaction - Repeated mild food poisoning triggers chronic disease
Healthy diet found to help reduce, delay symptoms of MS
Heart attacks in movies make people miss deadly symptoms
Heart health and mouth health linked
Here’s What Your Brain Really Wants More Than Coffee
How an active lifestyle determines your “structure” for life
How gum disease affects your overall health
How odors are turned into long-term memories
How To Restore Our Relationship To Earth
If you don’t believe you’re being spied on constantly, then you should probably have your head examined
In Asia’s Fattest Country, Nutritionists Take Money From Food Giants
In world first, Israeli undergoes surgery to regrow a bone
Investigation of the vitamin B12 deficiency with peripheral neuropathy in patients with
type 2 diabetes mellitus treated using metformin
It’s Possible to Plant False Memories Into Your Brain, And It Could Be a Good Thing
It’s Sedgwick County vs. Big Pharma in multimillion-dollar painkiller lawsuit
Lack of Vitamin D Could Be Factor in Athletes’ Muscle Injuries
Legionnaires’ in the water - Proximity to Connecticut watersheds linked to increased risk of infection
Low Folate, Vitamin D Implicated in First-Episode Psychosis
Meditation is the path to patience - Research shows mindfulness is effective at controlling worry
Minimal carbs, lots of fat, incredible dieting results – but not enough science
Moth females use scent proximity to attract mates
Multi-million dollar lifetime study of golden retrievers may unlock cancer cure
New Cement-Like Material Can Repair Hip Damage
New hope for stopping an understudied heart disease in its tracks
New Study from Harvard Finds That the Thyroid Can Be Responsible for Infertility
New Study Linking Global Warming To Refugees Is ‘Most Idiotic Use Of Statistics’
Non-communicable diseases from air pollution, diet, and obesity now responsible
for majority of deaths in India
Nutritional therapist shares 11 foods that will help you sleep better
One MORE way humans harm marine ecosystems
Oxytocin spray boosts social skills in children with autism
Palm oil’s ecological footprint extends to distant forests
Post-1940s ‘Agricultural Intensification’ Causing Climate Cooling
Potential Effects of Exenatide Once-Weekly on Glycemic Control and CV Risk
Precursor cells for all components of the heart - except right ventricle - found
Pregnant women should take vitamin D supplements
Radiation From Household Appliances ‘Killing Unborn Babies’
Scientists Describe How Solar System Could Have Formed in Bubble Around Giant Star
STG in the brain is where you recognize voices
Study identifies new loci associated with asthma enriched in epigenetic marks
Study reports Vitamin D supplementation may improve HbA1c and lower cholesterol.
The Foster Care System Is Flooded With Children Of The Opioid Epidemic
The One Herb That Calms Holiday Stress Naturally
The ONE tweak to your diet that could keep you skinny
The opioid epidemic has now reached black America
The Polar Bear, Climate Change’s Poster Child, Ignites Controversy
The secret to delicious Brussels sprouts
The Sun Is Going DARK - No Sunspots For 96 Days
Trial of a moderate-carbohydrate versus very low-carbohydrate diet in overweight adults with
type 2 diabetes mellitus or prediabetes
UCI scientists identify hidden genetic variation that helps drive evolution
Understanding the molecular mechanisms of ALS
We know air pollution contributes to disease; now a new study finds air toxicity
also causes psychological stress
Why Are We Still Using Facebook?
Winter flu - Should we expect the worst?
Writer explains how she lived with tinnitus for 35 years
Zika remains a research and public health challenge, say NIAID scientists

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