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Langer voldaan gevoel met champignons
Mogelijk schadelijke immuunreacties door E-sigaretten

Nederlandstalig nieuws

1 op 3 Belgen heeft hoorproblemen. U ook?
600 miljoen Afrikanen in 2030 nog steeds zonder stroom
Afrikaanse onderzoekers waarschuwen voor gevaren van glyfosaat
Ambachtelijk bier bevat gemiddeld meer schimmelstoffen
Amerikaanse farmaceut schuldig aan fraude na uitbraak meningitis
Antwoord op vragen over bericht dat grond bungalowpark is vervuild met GenX
Antwoord op vragen over de grote medische problemen in de raskattenfokkerij
De drie grote illusies van ons bestaan
E-nummers en Aspartaam - Désirée Röver
Effectonderzoek van nieuwe behandelingen voor patiënten na een hartstilstand
Emoties kunnen bij een conflict strategisch worden gebruikt
Er is wel een alternatief voor Roundup
Geredde chimpansee Marria gaat voor het eerst een soortgenoot zien
Groningers storten aardbevingspuin op stoep van ministerie
Honger veroorzaken moet oorlogsmisdaad worden
Hoorzitting provinciehuis over GenX en PFOA
In ons land rijden nog 100.000 auto’s rond met sjoemelsoftware
Is het tijd om met waterstof door te pakken met wind en zon als bron?
Laura werd verkracht - Het kan niet zo zijn dat tbs-weigeraars vrijuit gaan
Lobbyen in gemeentenland werpt voor lokale lobbyisten nog weinig vruchten af
Luchtvervuiling - Greenpeace naar rechter voor betere metingen
Meer kennis over suikerverbindingen biedt mogelijkheden voor nieuwe therapieën
Moderne slavernij in hedendaagse voedselproductie
Nederland bouwt een surveillancestaat
Nederland moet nieuwe positie innemen over glyfosaat
Oeganda vreest uitbraak dodelijk marburgvirus
Ondersteuningsplan gehandicaptenzorg soms ver van de werkelijkheid
Onderzoek naar eenden industrie onthult erbarmelijke toestanden
PETA’s 4-stappenplan om dieren te beschermen tijdens herfstfeestdagen
Rol van het gastro-intestinale systeem bij cystische fibrose (CF)
Slechte score voor Nutricia babyvoeding Neocate
Transhumanisme bedreigt de mensheid
Vandaag vond een hoorzitting plaats over aanwezigheid van het gif GenX in het drinkwater
Vroege opsporing reuma met MRI-scan lastiger dan gedacht
Wetenschappers ontwikkelen nieuwe gentherapie tegen erfelijke aandoeningen

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De laatste videoclips

Beating Multiple Sclerosis - Stephen L. Hauser, MD
Can drones stop wildlife poachers? - BBC News
Could Texting While Walking Be Banned?
Could the Toxins Your Grandmother Inhaled Affect You?
Culture Shock - Questioning the Efficacy and Safety of Probiotics
Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher Discuss Vaccine Awareness
EU delays vote on renewing controversial weedkiller licence
EU parliament has long been turning a blind eye to sexual harassment
Germany’s Bug Burgers | DW English
Insulin Resistance & Electrolyte Absorption
Is the Diet Different Between Type 1 & 2 Diabetes?
Mind-blowing, magnified portraits of insects | Levon Biss
Nation Wide Solar Flare/BlackOut Drill 10 Days
NOAA/NASA - Destroying Science By Data Tampering
Part-Time Heroes Excerpt - Education is Key
PVV-kamerlid Dion Graus over illegale puppyhandel
Six young people in India discover a major ecological disaster that we all unknowingly contribute
Solar Storm, Earthquake, Climate Connection
Study Of People Who Have Longest Live Expectancy by Garth Davis, M.D.
The European Ivory Trade - And Why it Needs to End
What Happened To The First Genetically Modified Whole Food (The Flavr Savr Tomato)?
Why Yo-Yo Dieting Doesn't Work
Witch Doctor Shiz. The adrenals

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Internationaal nieuws

6 causes of vaginal dryness and how to combat them
A better way to wash pesticides off apples
A DIET PLAN with eggs for breakfast can help fast weight loss
A Mediterranean diet with additional extra virgin olive oil and pistachios reduces
the incidence of gestational diabetes
Among 'green' energy, hydropower is the most dangerous
Association of Vitamin D3 Level with Breast Cancer Risk
Autism in fragile X syndrome tied to seizures, sleep problems
Bacterial toxins made in the gut
Bananas, avocados might prevent heart disease, says study
BBC apologises over climate sceptic Lord Lawson interview
Be careful not to overfeed wild birds
Being underweight may trigger early menopause
Biased BBC’s Green Journalism
Big Pharma’s War Against the American People…
Children in northern latitudes shown more likely to be vitamin D deficient in winter?
Chronic administration of fluoxetine and pro-inflammatory cytokine change in a rat model of depression
Contraception and midlife women - dispelling the myths
Deforestation linked to palm oil production is making Indonesia warmer
Dennis Prager Suing Google and YouTube on Allegations of Censorship
Depression and alcoholism linked to one gene in African Americans
DNA damage found in veterans with Gulf War illness
Dogs lose sleep if they're stressed just like humans
Earth will be 'toasted' by climate change, IMF chief warns
Effectiveness of cervical screening after age 60 years according to screening history
Employing people with autism is good business
Engineering Professor Believes German ‘Energiewende’ Close To Death As
Inadequacies Become Glaring
Exciting new breakthrough could lead to a cure for multiple sclerosis
Family functioning, parenting stress and quality of life in mothers and fathers of Polish children
with high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome
Fracking Chemicals Harm Kids' Brains
France to ratify CETA next year, seeks ‘green veto’
Fred Hutch researchers engineer complex immunotherapy that may target relapsing leukemia
Gallbladder cancer - Pharmacist finds protein that drives tumor growth
Global CO2 Emissions Stalled For The Third Year In A Row
Good looking people 'are less likely to get low-paid jobs'
Half of plastic bottles that are recycled end up as waste
Helicobacter pylori - Dodging the bullet
How Might High Intensity Exercise Training (HIIT) Prevent Colon Cancer?
Human Heart, Cosmic Heart
Ice Sheets May Melt Rapidly In Response To Distant Volcanoes
Immigrant parents, refugees face greater mental health challenges; Kids' learning at risk
Inverse association of marijuana use with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Iron and vitamin D levels among autism spectrum disorders children
Japanese researchers find why Alzheimer's drugs work in the lab but not in patients
Living close to green spaces is associated with better attention in children
Lower magnesium levels linked with increased mortality risk during up to 40 years of follow-up
Marine species threatened by deep-sea mining
Men are attracted to females with arched backs
MIT students fortify concrete by adding recycled plastic
Monsanto And The Weed Scientists
Multitasking in older adults with type 2 diabetes
Musicians have better memory than nonmusicians
Navigation system of brain cells decoded
Navigation System of Brain Cells Decoded
New 'smokeless' tobacco device has 90% less toxicants
New compounds may lower blood sugar but prevent weight gain
New fractal-like concentrating solar power receivers are better at absorbing sunlight
New method helps rule out heart valve infection
Novel Technique Explains Herbicide’s Link to Parkinson’s Disease
Now we know why babies shouldn't sleep face down
Omega-3 supplementation associated with improved parent-rated executive function
in youth with mood disorders
Ouabain - the insulin of the heart
Ouabain – the optimal solution for the problem of myocardial infarction
Past alcohol consumption and incident atrial fibrillation
Persistent smoking after a cardiovascular event
Pesky pollutants that persist, courtesy of nature
Poor sleep makes you fearful and can increase risk of PTSD
Pre-clinical study suggests path toward non-addictive painkillers
Ramazzini Institute launches crowdfunding appeal for long-term glyphosate/Roundup study
Researchers agree to improve neurology/Alzheimer’s drug development
Researchers Find Immune Cells Help Rebuild Damaged Nerves
Role of mitochondrial DNA damage and dysfunction in veterans with Gulf War Illness
Screen time found to have direct impact on speech delays in babies, reveals new research
Sensationalized science - New study suggests more than a quarter of scientific papers "spin" results
Several forest elephant populations close to collapse in Central Africa
Shock therapy still used in England on women and the elderly
Short-chain fatty acid receptors inhibit invasive phenotypes in breast cancer cells
Skin found to play a role in controlling blood pressure
Sleeping less than seven hours can cause weight gain
Small-Scale Food Animal Production and Antimicrobial Resistance
Smells Like Environmental Racism
Some infant rice cereals contain elevated levels of methylmercury
Soylent can no longer be sold in Canada
Special issue of Journal of Nursing Scholarship confronts climate change and health
Study indicates home monitoring effectively detects potentially fatal fetal heart issues
The Assessment of Toxic Metals in Plants Used in Cosmetics and Cosmetology
The male dominance in diplomacy is changing
The MCS illness makes women allergic to the modern world
The psychological toll of shame in military personnel
The role of the gut microbiome in posttraumatic stress disorder
The Sorry State Of Global Climate Alarmism
The Wonder Drug for Aging (Made From One of the Deadliest Toxins on Earth)
These baby foods and formulas tested positive for arsenic, lead and BPA
Toxicity of Copper Oxide (CuO) Nanoparticles on Human Blood Lymphocytes
UMass Amherst researchers find triclosan and other chemicals accumulate in toothbrushes
Vaginal seeding babies could give them deadly chlamydia
Warm, Cozy Woodstoves and the PM They Produce
Was leprosy brought to Medieval England by SQUIRRELS?
What will become of food and farming? Brexit Means … podcast
While Trump Opens National Parks to Fossil Fuel Drilling,
Fee Hikes Would Lock Out Vacationing Families
Why Controlling the Light Around You Is Crucial to Your Health
Women have fewer children if they live with their mother
Women more likely to die in the first year after a heart attack
Young hockey players hitting the ice too soon after concussions

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