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Toenemende censuur op internet door mailproviders en sociale media

Je kunt nu steeds beter merken dat grote Amerikaanse internet bedrijven kritische artikelen en sites begrenzen. Normale nieuwsbrieven worden door Hotmail, Gmail, Chello en vaak ook Ziggo meteen als spam betiteld en postings op Facebook verdwijnen of worden qua bereik begrensd. Het beste blijft dus gewoon de websites dagelijks bezoeken als je ons nieuws interessant vind. Zes dagen per week zijn er updates op leefbewust.com, dotcomnieuws.com en forbiddensource.com

Leefbewust artikelen

Luteïne- en zeaxanthineisomeren nuttig bij hoge blootstelling aan beeldscherm
Relatie roken en kwetsbaarheid bij oudere volwassenen


Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Dubbele tong' van Exxon Mobil over klimaat bevestigd
Beantwoording Kamervragen van de leden Laçin en Futselaar (beiden SP) over de incidenten bij Shell Pernis eind juli 2017
Begeleiding is nodig voor gezondere schoolkantines
Brandwondencentra in de startblokken
De jacht op fraude in de wijkverpleging
Drentsetters aflevering 3 - Ontstressen
Een goed seksleven houdt je vagina in topconditie
EU gebruikt ontwikkelingsgeld om mensenrechtenschendingen uit te besteden
Graanoogsten dalen door temperatuurstijging
Het kabinet moet royaal bijdragen aan de schoonmaak van het terrein van de fosforfabriek
IGZ tikt Stichting La Touche in Kampen opnieuw op de vinger
Is kinderarbeid onuitroeibaar?
Is VOC mentaliteit vrijhandelsmentaliteit?
Kamer slijpt de messen voor eierdebat
Kan stress de oorzaak zijn van een miskraam?
Maken kunstmatige zoetstoffen dikker?
Meer bijwerkingen, vaker in het ziekenhuis
Mensen met autisme kunnen extra goed camerabeelden bestuderen
Moedervlek in oog vrijwel zeker voorloper van oogmelanoom
Monsanto beïnvloedde ook peer review onderzoek Roundup, tonen bedrijfsdocumenten
Niemand dist de geweldige Formulierenman!
NVWA had meer signalen over gebruik fipronil
Ook u komt in het sleepnet
Scheefgroei tussen aantal basisartsen en plekken vervolgopleiding
Stralingsbewuste inwoners uit de regio Zuid-Kennemerland
Stuk Amazonewoud ter grootte van Denemarken tegen de grond
Supermarkten halen stiekem schappen leeg om fipronil-producten
Uitspraak kort geding voor gezonde lucht 7 september 2017
Vakantie voorbij? Laat je hier niet aan vangen als je weer begint te werken
Vogelhandel Indonesië 'We moeten ingrijpen'
Word je echt dik van ronddwarrelende stofdeeltjes in huis?
Zeldzame witte koala duikt op in Australië

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Alternatieve TV

10 Interesting Tips on Vegetables
Canadian scientists explain rare 'nocturnal sun' phenomenon
Clove Oil Benefits And Uses
Cotton wool for oil spills
Decreasing Dreams May Indicate Higher Risk for Dementia in Seniors
Do We Really Need Fat In Our Diet?
Exxon Mobil Misled on Climate Change
Fearing Change Is a Waste of Time and Energy
Former researcher has unvaccinated children
Gut Health with Bacteria Expert Dr. Zach Bush
How Nitric Oxide Works and How to Increase N02 Naturally
How To Use Hyperion Herbs Extract Powders
Intense Cardio Core Workout with Dani
Jon Snow Warns Facebook's Approach To Fake News Is "Vast Threat to Democracy"
Men Are Built to Be Grounded
My son has ADHD and rage from vaccinations
Researchers Identify Gut Bacteria That Enhance Athletic Performance
The Theory of Change
Traditional but high-tech - Green homes in Kenya
What Makes some Food Spicy? - Earth Lab
Why Your Body Gets Tired Around 2PM
Will anti-psychotic medication Abilify destroy your mind?


Internationaal nieuws

11 minutes of mindfulness training helps drinkers cut back
2 Baby Orangutans Lost Their Mothers to Wildlife Traffickers
50 Million People in Pakistan Are at Risk of Arsenic Poisoning From Contaminated Groundwater
A therapeutic connection between dietary phytochemicals and ATP synthase
Africans must not be used as guinea pigs for untested high-risk new GM technology
Allergies? Exhausted regulatory T cells may play a role
Antimalarial drug mefloquine drove her husband 'to madness,' Sask. woman says
Antioxidant/zinc supplement cost saving and effective for degenerative eye disease
Are You Getting Enough Choline on Your Vegan Diet?
Australian media blames death of bodybuilder on "protein shakes" but it was actually caused by rare genetic disorder
Blood test for colitis screening using infrared technology could reduce dependence on colonoscopy
Brain activity tied to blood pressure during stress
Brain recovery longer than clinical recovery among athletes following concussion, new research suggests
Breakfast cereal found contaminated with gender-bender chemical that tells your brain to make you fat
Canadian children's nutrition suffers during school hours
Change Yourself and You Change the World
Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors
Climate game changer
Could nicotine reduction help curb addiction?
Creeping Earth Could Hold Secret to Deadly Landslides
Development of screening tests for endocrine-disrupting chemicals
Diet Soda and Dementia - What You Need to Know
Effect of acupuncture on hot flush and menopause symptoms in breast cancer
Effects of calcitriol (1, 25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3) on the inflammatory response induced by H9N2 influenza virus
Elderly and disable served evening meals at 3.30pm
Epigenetics May Explain How Darwin’s Finches Respond to Rapid Environmental Change
EU has just weeks to relocate 130 THOUSAND migrants as bloc to fail on ANOTHER pledge
For people with autism, unforeseen events come as no surprise
Fructose diet alleviates acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in mice
Google is squashing free speech, and it’s time we did something about it
Helen Foster on how to give up alcohol for a month
High Dose Hydrogen, Magnesium, Bicarbonate Therapy
HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa
How cells hack their own genes
How do animals respond to human disturbance?
How To Fix Calcium Deficiency If You’re Lactose Intolerant
Hyperinsulinemia and cancer – Cancer 2
Illegal dumping during road construction in Ethiopia affects child mortality
Is MRI needed in children with a sports-related concussion?
Just like food and water, people need privacy
Kids eating more junk food and heavy carbs at school
Lack of REM sleep may lead to higher risk for dementia
Linking mental health and the gut microbiome
Liquid nutrition may benefit children with Crohn's disease
Los Angeles homes, schools and workplaces still heavily contaminated with lead
Low 25(OH)-vitamin D concentrations are associated with emotional and behavioral problems in German children and adolescents
McDonald's to cut antibiotics from chicken supply by 2018
Methamphetamine use linked to heightened stroke risk in the young
More education linked to better cognitive functioning later in life
N-acetyl-L-cysteine protects astrocytes against proteotoxicity without recourse to glutathione
Need a Nature Break? Why Blue Is the New Green for Stress Relief
New ads accuse Big Tobacco of targeting soldiers and people with mental illness
New Evidence that Long Telomeres cause Cancer, and Why I Think It’s Wrong
New understanding of how muscles work
Omega-3 intake reduces cardiac death risk according to comprehensive new study
On the other hand, the immune system can also cause cancer
Organ harvesting in china - Falun Gong activist speaks out
Ovarian cancer and talcum powder
Pets abandoned after Chernobyl now roaming exclusion zone
Psychotic disorders and obesity - New report shows big waistlines are to blame
Randomized supplementation of 4000 IU vitamin D3 daily vs placebo on the prevalence of anemia in advanced heart failure
Researchers closer to understanding how a drug could induce health benefits of exercise
Researchers link high levels of 'good' cholesterol with excessive mortality
Scientists aim to ease blindness with video goggles
Scientists can now grow 'mini organs' for each patient
Scientists develop novel 'dot' system to improve cancer detection
Selecting Most Effective Materials for Dental Pulp Tissue Engineering
Should Kids Be Sedated for Dental Work?
Smoke alarms can take more than nine minutes to go off
So-called 'bright girl effect' does not last into adulthood, study finds
Statins For Everyone! (again)
Stress hormone may be ‘middle-man’ in gut-brain communication
Studies reveal worrisome trend for health of wild dolphins
Study reveals states with most internet comment trolls
Study Says Don’t Diet — Meditate Instead
Study shows most NZ playgrounds lack smokefree signs
Sulforaphane - Are you getting enough of this healthy compound?
Survival of soil organisms is a wake-up call for biosecurity
Swiss cheese is a superfood that helps you live longer
The Dark Side of the Brain
The Department of Wildlife is offering a bounty for purveyors of invasive fish
The sun has no influence on the current global temperature increase, study says
Top 8 organic MISTAKES most people make because they have not done the research
Treating arthritis with algae
Trump Attorney Sues Greenpeace Over Dakota Access Pipeline in $300 Million Racketeering Case
US objects to EU-China quality food labelling pact
Wanted in Sweden - Manure from hundreds of horses to heat homes
Why Empathy Is So Key For Creativity and Innovation
Why the FDA Can’t Fix the Opioid Crisis
Why Would The EU Put The Kabash On Bayer's Acquisition Of Monsanto?
Women more likely to feel depressed as breadwinners
Women Who Wait To Have Kids Might Live Longer



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