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Minder slapen kan bijdragen tot zwangerschapsdiabetes
Onderzoekers schakelen de remmen op het immuunsysteem uit

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Afslanken gaat beter met een paar eetlepels chia per dag
Antwoord op vragen moderne slavernij in Indiase granietgroeves
Antwoord op vragen over de toegang tot de Wet langdurige zorg (Wlz)
Belgische activiste in cel na verstoren dolfijnshow
Beschermen tegen de radiofrequente (RF) straling van draadloze communicatie (LV)
De anabole werking van granaatappel
De waarheid over de dood van activist Maldonado maakt niet meer uit
Dementie bij oudere migranten
Erben en Patrick hadden het deze week over pijn en dan specifiek over wielrennen
Gemeente Almere maakt fout met onkruidverdelger RoundUp
Groep genen beÔnvloedt hersengroei en verstandelijke vermogens
Het basisinkomen. Het idee is al tientallen jaren oud
Klimaatwetenschap - ook 97 procent kan er naast zitten
Koerselse moet betalen voor zieke verzorgster ťn haar plaatsvervanger
Maltezers opnieuw massaal op straat na moord op journaliste
Meer aandacht nodig voor ondervoeding bij ouderen
Met SoepStarter maak je lekkere soep van je kliekjes
Nederlander vast na verstoren dolfijnenshow Japan
Onderzoek naar kliniek Den Dolder begonnen
Rutte en de stratenmakers
Sapjes uit de winkel vergroten kans op diabetes, zelfgemaakt vruchtensap niet
Sinds 2016 maakt Ficq zich hard om de ďmisdadigeĒ tabaksindustrie voor de rechter te krijgen
Sinds jaren negentig sterven meer vrouwelijke depressiepatiŽnten vroegtijdig
Verhoogde AOW-leeftijd - gaat iedereen de 67ste gezond en werkend halen?
Waarom gemalen chia gezonder is

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Nieuwskanaal - actuele grafieken zonnevlammen, zonnestormen, schuman frequentie en meer
Dotcomnieuws - de laatste internationale nieuwtjes
Dotcomradio - iedere week een uitzending die je kunt downloaden in MP3 formaat
Forbiddensource - links naar artikelen in de alternatieve media en meer

Nederlandgids - overzicht van uitjes en evenementen in Nederland

Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan


De laatste videoclips

Dallas Goldtooth and Supporting the Frontline Indigenous Movements
De sofasessies en de protocollen deel 2
No Way! Don't Spray; Ban Toxic Pesticides!
Social Media Turning Deadly For Some Teens?
The Pesticide ROUNDUP on Eco-Logic
What About Lab-Grown Meat? Will it be Healthier for You?
What Is PABA?
Why Do Wealthy Countries Have More Chronic Disease?

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Internationaal nieuws

1980 - New Ice Age May Soon Grip Cooling Earth
54 French MPs demand a ban on glyphosate
A fracking company has just been completely shut down in a quiet Yorkshire village [IMAGES]
A step closer to a cure for adult-onset diabetes
A2 milk stops some dairy intolerance symptoms - study
Activation of immune T cells leads to behavioral changes
African-Americans live shorter lives due to heart disease and stroke
Are e-cigarettes with higher nicotine associated with more smoking, vaping?
Are teens more likely to take charge of their health when money is on the line?
Are Your Favorite Candles Toxic?
Arsenic exposure in us public drinking water declines following new EPA regulations
Before Senate run, Jones played significant role in PCB cleanup
Big Pharma hits back at watchdog
Can Pomegranates Slow Aging?
Cancer more deadly to firefighters than flames, heart attacks
China Shuts Down Tens Of Thousands Of Factories In Unprecedented Pollution Crackdown
CIA working to take down WikiLeaks
Cleveland lead poisoning 2 year progress report
Could cucumbers lead to a cure for Alzheimer's?
Depression strongly linked to higher long-term risk of early death for both women and men
Diabetes boosts risk of cognitive issues after surgery, especially in seniors, study finds
Diabetics May Not Sense Heart Attack Symptoms Like Others
Did a Psychiatric Hospital Lock Up People for Profit?
Discredited vaccine paper highlights issue in retraction process, experts say
Does eating right protect you from air pollution?
Drug companies behave like private monopolies with public funds
E-cigarettes may cause inflammatory lung diseases: Study
Electricity from shale gas vs. coal
Evaluation of the antioxidant impact of ginger-based kombucha on the murine breast cancer model.
Everything in moderation Ė including exercise
Fruit-eating increases biodiversity
How does arthritis affect the eyes?
How Marine Algae Could Help Feed the World
How to deal with your partner cheating on you
How to lose a stone with thirty minutes of exercise
In Papua New Guinea, Indigenous peoples are becoming "landless on their ancestral land" due to PalmOil
Integrative Health Group Visits Reduce Chronic Pain in Underserved Spanish-Speaking Latinos
Irish author Melissa Hill's fictional take on the vaccine debate
Irregular heartbeat linked to higher thyroid hormone levels
Is this the key to treating PTSD?
Is your gallbladder healthy? 10 signs in may not be, and what to do about it
Italy still opposes glyphosate but mulls five-year extension
Ketamine may help treat migraine pain unresponsive to other therapies
Key discoveries offer significant hope of reversing antibiotic resistance
Kids with alcoholic parents linked to later domestic abuse
Length of incision may affect pain after cesarean delivery
London introduces charge on most polluting vehicles
Major study of genetics of breast cancer provides clues to mechanisms behind the disease
Male vegetarians may be at risk for depression
Many patients who develop heart disease and stroke have normal cholesterol levels
Meta-analysis of RCTs suggests vitamin D supplementation improves markers of type II diabetes
New perspective in cystic fibrosis lung microbiota
New study suggests psychedelic drugs may reduce criminal behavior
NGO publishes names of 2,300+ RT guests, labels them useful idiots who undermine Western democracy
Novel therapies for multidrug-resistant bacteria
Osteoporosis - a silent killer
Paleo can cause iodine deficiency and thyroid problems
Patients need rest, not antibiotics, say health officials
Patients often overestimate postoperative pain, study finds
Perinatal brain DHA concentration has lasting impact on cognition in mice
Research revises our knowledge of how the brain learns to fear
Review study finds limited data on medical cannabis use in children
Rhythm of memory
Scientists discover new gene associated with debilitating lung disease
Smart Meters - Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death
So my brain amyloid level is 'elevated' -- What does that mean?
Study finds shortcomings in Canadian regulations governing use of sugar claims
Symptom burden may increase hospital length of stay, readmission risk in advanced cancer
Taking antibiotics unnecessarily could cause more DEATHS than diabetes and cancer COMBINED
The Blockchain of Food
The Devious Ad Campaign That Convinced America Coffee Was Bad for Kids
The Dilemma Of Current Ethical And Responsible Use Of Marijuana
The FDA Will Decide If These 26 Ingredients Count As Fiber
The link between gut health and ageing
The Teflon Toxin
Tired of that back ache? Go soak in the sunlight
Trump sides with Big Ag over family farmers on GIPSA protections
Vitamin D stored in fatty tissue contributes to vitamin D status over time
Want to Cut Crime? Hand Out Psychedelics
Warning to Parents - Psychiatry is How Kids Get High and Die in the USA
What is causing the pain in my shoulder blade?
What You Should Eat During and After Antibiotics
When a climate scientist goes too far
Whistleblowers - Should We Protect People Who Break the Law?
Why a winter birth may help you beat the baby blues
Why does diabetes cause headaches?
Why has the E.P.A. shifted on toxic chemicals?
Women should not clean their vaginas with Vicks' VapoRub
Your Fast-Food Hamburger Contains Antibiotics.
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