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Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Privacyschuif' Google is niet wat het lijkt
Akerboom wil psychische hulp in elke wijk
Aldi - vermijd gebruik glyfosaat in veevoergewas
Amerikaanse levensverwachting daalt
Asielzoekers moeten dringend weg van Griekse eilanden
Bijdrage Lammert van Raan debat 'Milieueffectrapportage inzake Lelystad Airport'
Bijna helft alleenstaanden eenzaam tijdens kerst
De Jonge komt met wet tegen administratieve last in de zorg
De rol van ontstekingsprocessen bij epileptische aanvallen
De winterdip is op het hoogtepunt
Er is 300 miljard uit de grond gehaald, maar geen geld voor de mensen
Forum voor Democratie laat net als het kabinet gehandicapten stikken
Korrels zouden groente langer vers houden
Meer plastic dan voedsel in oceaan
Meer prioriteit nodig voor bescherming grondwater
Minidocumentaire voedselbossen en natuurlijke landbouw
Moet het gebruik van tablets en smartphones in de schoolklas worden verminderd?
Nederlandse vinding laat smartphone controleren op kanker
Omwonenden kopen grond op - grote koeienstal in Wichmond komt er niet
Ouderen achter het stuur
Politie mag taser niet gebruiken in psychiatrische instellingen
Rechter oordeelt dat sociale werkplaats AlesconDrenthe circa 2 miljoen moet terug betalen aan ruim 400 werknemers
Ruim baan voor natuur in Levensstrijd Zierikzee
Sociale media vloek of zegen?
Sturen in ecologische systemen - de bodem aan zet
Supermarkten stunten met dierenleed
WAD; Leven op de grens van water en land
Winterharde Tiny Houses
Wir impfen nicht! - Wij vaccineren niet!
Ziekenhuizen heten je tegenwoordig welkom met softijs en (de geur van) vers afgebakken koeken
Zoete groentetaarten

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– Met écht natuurlijke vitamines
– Vrij van niet-natuuridentieke synthetische vitamines
– Geen gevaarlijke maar zinvolle doseringen vitamines en mineralen
– Softgel-capsules met extra vièrge olijfolie voor optimale opname
– Géén schadelijk ijzer en chroom
– Vanaf 2 stuks 10% korting

De laatste videoclips

440-Pound Giant Catfish Saved by Villagers
Abandoned dying baby calf now safe forever
Asbestos Companies Still Killing Americans By The Thousands
Cooking Healthy with Dr. Li
Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Work? Expert Panel
Dr. Mercola Interviews Valter Longo on fasting
Food Insecurity Stress and Nutrition
Geoengineered Christmas Cool-Down
Gorilla Tickling at the GRACE Center
How to Maintain Nutrition During Cancer
North Dakota Pipeline Protest - Bruce Lipton
Should plant-based meat replace beef completely?
Vaxxed Movie, MMR Vaccine Autism Risk and Vaccination Danger Awareness
You Need Salt to Improve Insulin Resistance (Prediabetes)

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Internationaal nieuws

A 12-Year-Old Bet on Global Warming Is About to Pay Out
A fracking company has been caught using false information to ‘sway’ a council vote in its favour
A kiss of death for prostate cancer
A new study finds that common flame-retardant chemicals may hinder fertility treatments.
AAP & IAC attempting to stifle vaccine safety discussion
Acid reflux associated with head and neck cancers in older adults
Alexa and Siri in our head - Where voice recognition occurs in the brain
Antibiotic use during labor kills healthy gut bacteria in babies
Associations between abnormal vitamin D metabolism pathway function and non-small cell lung cancer
Associations of genetic determinants of serum vitamin B12 and folate concentrations with hay fever and asthma
Babies born during famine have lower cognition in midlife
Brain damage in newborns dropped dramatically after non-stick cookware chemicals were banned
Brain waves may predict and potentially prevent epilepsy -- Ben-Gurion U. researchers
Can a mobile device get the better of malaria?
Can we reverse the ageing process?
Central IGF1 improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in mice
CO2 emissions will increase for the first time in 14 years
Critical Vaccine Studies
DEA Failed To Bring Charges Against Top Painkiller Distributor
Deep brain stimulation linked to longer survival for Parkinson's patients
Defending Against Environmental Stressors May Shorten Lifespan
Eggs Improve Biomarkers Related to Infant Brain Development
Fighting Depression with Magnets
Folic acid late in pregnancy may increase childhood allergy risk
Fukushima radioactive contamination
Get Ready for More Volcanic Eruptions as the Planet Warms
Helpful intestinal bacteria counteracts tendency to depression
Hidden Blue Hazard? LED Lighting and Retinal Damage in Rats
How Mainstream Media Insults the Public’s Intelligence on Vaccines
How mobile working ruins work-life balance
How odors are turned into long-term memories
How Social Media Is Dumbing Down Our Society
How the coffee industry is about to get roasted by climate change
Inadequate Sunlight Exposure in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Is Your Massage Harming You?
Keto in a bottle? New sports drink promises benefits of strict diet within minutes, not days
Kids in 'Netflix-only' homes spared 230 hours of ads
LED light can damage retinal cells
Ludwig Researchers Uncover Mechanism Behind a Metabolic Vulnerability of Certain Breast Cancers
Microalgae in cow diet can deliver more omega 3 in cheese
Mother claims the flu vaccine destroyed her life
Multifunctional protein contributes to blood cell development
Nature and nurture contribute equally to depression risk
Pregnant women with PTSD have higher levels of stress hormone cortisol
Preventing the Next African Famine
Researchers recommend specific diets for preventing colorectal cancer in high-risk groups
Short-term exercise equals big-time brain boost
Singing in groups can boost mental health, researchers say
Small Nerves – Big, Big Problem? Drug Trial Points Finger at Autoimmunity in Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS
SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter Admits it No Longer Defends Free Speech
Sugar isn’t the only problem with breakfast cereals
The association between stress and acne among female medical students
The nine things you need to do to live until you're 100
Three ways to manage pain without pills
Tiny polyps save corals from predators and disease
Two Studies Find Stress Reprograms Cells
UK children glued to screens for almost five hours a day
Underactive thyroid within normal range may affect woman's ability to conceive
UofL researcher proposes new term for the role of microbiota in neurodegeneration
Urinary Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio Aids CV Risk Assessment in T2D
Vitamin D, parathyroid hormone and cardiovascular risk
War of words and slavery in modern Brazil
Will Canada’s Latest Boom in Tar Sands Oil Mean Another Boom for Oil-by-Rail?

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