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Nieuwe artikelen

Bloeddrukmedicatie brengt ritmiek vd bloedvaten niet volledig terug
Testen op cocktail toxines noodzakelijk

Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - Aerosol schadelijk voor tanden kinderen
NL - Brabanders produceren te weinig afval
NL - De Buurtwhatsapp - gevoel van veiligheid, maar ook ruzies en irritaties
NL - De grote angst van nu? Dat we bang zijn voor elkaar
NL - Gemeenten niet transparant over contact met tabaksindustrie
NL - Glucose meten in uitademingslucht
NL - Groningen en Assen verzwijgen contacten tabaksindustrie
NL - Hebben de alternatieve media de wind tegen ?
NL - Helft Vlamingen gebruikt nog pesticiden
NL - Hoe ver reikt de invloed van Monsanto?
NL - IJzer- en vitamine D-deficiŽntie bij kinderen in West-Europa
NL - Inlichtingendiensten Sleepwet leent zich voor referendum
NL - Kees van Amstel neemt het op voor de lieve nette man
NL - Luchtvervuiling vůůr geboorte bepaalt gezondheid
NL - Maak na dood Anne Faber lijst met gevaarlijke personen
NL - Milieuvervuiling kost Nederland $39 miljard per jaar
NL - Over de onafhankelijkheid van de media; Coen de Jong en Cees Hamelink
NL - Radiostoringen door LED-lampen
NL - Student Jip (23) is al 2 jaar burn-out
NL - Student Peter (22) - Veel sociale druk
NL - Toch geen miljoenen voor kanker na gebruik talkpoeder
NL - Voeding Als Medicijn - Birgit de Heij (Orthomoleculaire Voeding)
NL - Wat komt er na katoen?
NL - Wie doodvalt door Methylfenidaat kan (inderdaad) niet meer zelfmoorden
NL - Zaak-Anne Faber - inwoners Den Dolder worden bijgepraat over kliniek Aventurijn
NL - Zelfs mijn ouders weten niet van mijn burn-out
NL - Zet industrie een hak en koop uitstootrechten op
NL - Zijn farmaceutische bedrijven te vertrouwen?
NL - Zo kreeg de mens herpes aan zijn geslachtsdelen

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Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan


De laatste videoclips

Video - America's Obesity Epidemic - What They Don't Tell You!
Video - Are GMO Pesticides Super Toxins
Video - Are Your Natural Body Products Toxic?
Video - Best Vegetables You Can Easily Grow in Your Kitchen
Video - Climate Change Collapse - Exposing Green Failure, Fraud, Deception
Video - David Mielke on children he teaches and who are on psychiatric drugs
Video - Donít fall for that scam
Video - Electromagnetic Fields and Health Paul Heroux PhD US Supreme Court
Video - EMF Synergistic Effects - Studies of World Trade Center First Responders
Video - How Changing Your Diet Can Improve Your Life
Video - How Do Antidepressants And Antipsychotic Drugs Change Your Brain?
Video - How Does Fluoride Affect Your Health? with Dr Paul Connett
Video - Is onion good to reduce uric acid? Boil onions and see what happens!
Video - Michel Lundell - 'To Assess Ketosis by Blood or Breath Testing?'
Video - Name One Good Thing That Came Out Of Fukushima
Video - Observers | For Your Consideration | 2
Video - Ook met griepvaccin kun je gewoon griep krijgen
Video - Paul Heroux PhD Interviewed by Press Before Supreme Court Event 10/17/2017
Video - Pollution Is A Massive Killer
Video - Putin warns a GM human could be 'worse than nuclear bomb'
Video - Saturated Fats and Coronary Heart Disease with Julieanna Hever
Video - Strange Events Caught On Tape in Romania, Thailand and India
Video - The Powerful Phytonutrient - Apigenin
Video - The Study of Vaccinations and Why Del BigTree Made The Movie Vaxxed
Video - The US is on the list of nations with the highest pollution-related deaths
Video - Top 10 Superherbs in the World
Video - Why Animal Testing Is Still Common Among Beauty Brands
Video - YouTube ad crackdown on women's issues riles many people

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Internationaal nieuws

3 vegan foods that are anti - acne
5 potentially harmful chemicals now banned from kids products.
80% campylobacter found in Austrian chickens resist antibiotics
A string of dangerous accidents in Alaska sends BP reeling, emails show.
A Sugar Tax is Not Enough
About 3 million acres of farmland destroyed by 'dicamba drift'
Acupuncture and Sham Acupuncture for Pain Relief.
Acupuncture does not reduce C section rate but may improve cervical maturity, review finds.
Acupuncture for Infertility in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
Acupuncture for Small Animal Neurological Disorders.
Acupuncture for Stress Urinary Incontinence.
Add these superfoods to your diet to reduce breast cancer risk
Animal welfare should not stop at the waters edge
Antidepressant prescriptions in England double in a decade
Are diet sodas helping or hindering weight management efforts? Coca-Cola blasts 'meritless' lawsuit
Are you getting enough potassium?
Arthritis raises the risk of a deadly lung disease
Astaxanthin acts via LRP-1 to inhibit inflammation
Avoiding alcohol helps the heart beat better
Benzodiazepine Effects - Similarities With Childhood Trauma
Big Pharma - The overlooked threat in the War on Drugs
Big Pharma Behind Opioid Epidemic Drug War
Big Pharma spends millions to sustain America's oxy epidemic | Fred Grimm
Bone mineral density during pregnancy in women participating in a randomized controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation.
British children drink less than two glasses of water a day
Calcitriol promotes proangiogenic molecules in keratinocytes in a diabetic foot ulcer model.
California Gov Issues Vaccine State Of Emergency
Can an Aspirin a Day Keep Liver Cancer Away?
Can You Inherit a Fatty Liver?
Cancer Linked to Breast Implants Is on the Rise
Caribbean oceans are choked by plastic bottles and rubbish
CDC Disappears Page Linking Polio Vaccines To Cancer-Causing Viruses
Centre, states slept over Monsanto alert in 2008 on illegal HT cotton
China Bans Foreign Waste But What Will Happen to the World's Recycling?
Cinnamaldehyde induces fat cell-autonomous thermogenesis and metabolic reprogramming.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Services in the Military Health System.
Concussion in teens increase risk of multiple sclerosis
Cool roofs have water saving benefits too
Could fungi provide an alternative to palm oil?
Countries with the highest pollution deaths, mortality rates
Dandelion Root - The Ingredient Your Smoothie is Missing
Dangerous fire fighting foam 'safe' for swimmers, unsafe for drinking.
Dawn Picken - The benefits of a social media diet
Dementia diet - Whether fish or omega-3 supplements are better REVEALED
Dementia prevention diet - Eating THIS 20p breakfast could protect YOUR brain from disease
Dentist says salami and butter are key for good teeth
Developing world still struggling with obsolete pesticides.
Dicamba label sufficient, Health Canada says
Did top scientists at Stellenbosch and Cape Town universities honestly make so many mistakes in a major study?
Divers with dental work may feel tooth pain under pressure
Do You Suffer from this Modern-Day Relationship Killer?
Does Dietary Protein Affect the Gut Microbiome?
Dolphin diets show how climate change could alter food chains off the California coast
Drug companies make eyedrops too big, and you pay for the waste
E-cigarettes may harm your lungs the same way tobacco does
E-cigarettes may trigger unique and potentially damaging immune responses
Ebolas legacy - Children with cataracts.
Effect of Chlorella supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors
Effect of vitamin D supplementation on patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
Effects of 1950 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on processing in human neuroblastoma
Effects of alpha lipoic acid on motor function and antioxidant enzyme activity of nerve tissue
EFSA and ECHA get a tough lesson on the law of the news cycle
Electroconvulsive therapy mostly used on women and older people, says study
Expedition Explores Undersea Rift off Greece
Exploring how herpes simplex virus changes when passed between family members
Exposure to air pollution before birth may shorten our lives.
Fifty-Hertz Magnetic Field Affects the Epigenetic Modulation of the miR-34b/c in Neuronal Cells.
George Soross Daughter Gives $500K to Planned Parenthood Votes
Global CO2 emissions stalled for the third year in a row
Global Cooling is Killing Penguins Not Global Warming
Glyphosate on feed affects livestock
Gov. Chris Christie's Big Pharma Ties Gave Drug Industry Access to Opioid Regulators
Has Big Pharma destroyed Nancy Pelosi's brain?
High antidepressant dose linked to self harm in youths
High cholesterol? THIS could make you a hundred times more likely to have a heart attack
Hormone therapy for prostate cancer increases cardiac risk
How coping mechanisms allow autistic people to manage their condition
How Global Pharma Players Can Gain Traction in Africa
How marine algae could help feed the world
How Media Sexism Demeans Women and Fuels Abuse by Men Like Weinstein
How nerves fuel prostate cancer growth
How Tea Prevents Arterial Aging
How to construct the perfect routine for your skin type
How to deal with your partner cheating on you
How to stop food wastage
Hungary Fears Soros Influence in Election After He Injects $18 Billion Into Foundation
Inflamed Support Cells Appear to Contribute to Some Kinds of Autism
Interesting Mycotoxin Study
Is Thyroid Dysfunction Associated With Type 2 Diabetes?
Is Your Backpack or Purse Hurting Your Back?
James McPartland discusses biomarkers for autism
Lack of Sleep Tied to Diabetes in Pregnancy
Late brain response to words could be early dementia sign
Leading US plywood firm linked to alleged destruction, rights violations in Malaysia.
Medical professionals warn about silent disease
Melatonin ameliorates amyloid beta-induced Alzheimer's cognitive deficits in experimental research
Men Who Smoke and Have Oral Sex With Multiple Partners Have a Higher Cancer Risk
Migraine Drug Commonly Used in ER May Not Be Best Option
Monsanto sues Arkansas over proposed herbicide limits
Mountain glaciers shrinking across the West
Mutant Gene Found to Fuel Cancer-Promoting Effects of Inflammation
N.S. psychiatric hospital criticized over unescorted patients going missing
New Study Suggests E-Cigarettes Are Equally Harmful As Traditional Cigarettes
Oceans Can Rise in Sudden Bursts
Oil Spill Off Louisiana Coast 2X Bigger Than Original Estimate
Parents' alcohol use can set the stage for teenage dating violence, study finds
Pharma Association Defends Law Weakening DEA, Ignores Key Facts
Pollution responsible for 16 percent of deaths globally -- Lancet Commission report
Poor sleep is NOT just part of growing older
Powerful Superflares Can Serve As Plausible Drivers For Extinction Events
Prevention of liver cirrhosis by Silymarin.
Probiotics after vaccinations boost effectivness
Probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and insulin sensitivity.
Proof GMOs cannot be contained
Prozac in ocean water a possible threat to sea life, PSU study finds
Prozac in sea water causing crabs to take dangerous risks
Radiation hazard in Fukushima Olympics as happened in Australias 1956 Olympics
Research predicts increase in inflammatory bowel disease in developing world
Richard Branson's artificial reef project revealed
Rulings show Fukushima relief falls short of reality of victims
Schools blamed for children not drinking enough water
Scientific Ocean Drilling Expedition explores continental rift development in Greece
Scientists develop new way to grow human corneas
Should chemotherapy drugs, SSRIs and opiate-based painkillers be classified as weapons of mass destruction
Six children are celebrating after their court case against the whole of Europe just got a step closer [VIDEO]
Sleeping Sickness Can Now be Cured with Pills
Stevia Kills Lyme Disease Pathogen Better Than Antibiotics (Preclinical Study)
Suicide molecules kill any cancer cell
Tar sands pipeline described as a quiet Keystone gets Trump approval.
Teen smartphone use and lack of sleep may be linked
Texas woman suffers from 'broken heart syndrome' after her dog dies
The FBI has evidence that Russia routed $145M to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary approved Uranium Deal.
The Fight to End Childhood Obesity
The Frequency of Herbal and Dietary Supplement Mislabeling
The neuroprotective effects of hydro-alcoholic extract of olive leaf on rotenone-induced Parkinson's disease
The risk of occupational exposure to mercury vapor in some public dental clinics of Baghdad city, Iraq.
The scientists trying to find the cure for old age
The Ultimate Guide To Eating For Your Microbiome
There is a Dangerous Link Between Chinese Herbal Medicine and Cancer, Study Shows
To vape or not to vape?
Toxic firefighting chemicals 'the most seminal public health challenge'
Veteran Meteorologist Slams German Media For Poor Warnings As Storms Reveal Reporting Incompetence
Veterans' lawsuit claims Big Pharma bribes in Iraq helped finance terrorism
Vietnam and the War on Drugs - What We Forget, We Repeat
Vikings razed the forests. Can Iceland regrow them?
Vitamin D supplementation may improve vascular function in nondiabetics with kidney disease
Vitamin D supplements linked to lower risk of asthma attacks
Warnings of 'Big Pharma Coup' as Trump Considers Drug Exec. for Health Secretary
We can no longer deny that we live in an era of climate disruption, University of Redlands expert says
We need to stop people torturing animals, starting at school [OPINION]
Why a low sodium diet might be harmful
Why does green California pump the dirtiest oil in the US?
Why normal salmon dont get as many parasites
Why our brain needs sleep and what happens when we don't get enough
Will the world's most worrying flu virus go pandemic?
Would YOU defend a kid against cruel bullies?
Yeast assay illuminates effects of mutations in top autism gene
Your brain knows when you've just died, researchers say
Your memories are less accurate than you think
YouTube Admits Censoring Independent News Channels



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