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Nederlandstalig nieuws

152 miljoen in kinderarbeid, 40 miljoen slaven in de 21ste eeuw
Bemoeien darmbacteriën zich met ADHD?
Bijdrage Esther Ouwehand 'Nederlandse veestapel en de doelstellingen van het Klimaatakkoord'
Bijdrage Femke Merel Arissen debat 'gevaarlijke stoffen chemiebedrijf Chemours/DuPont'
Bijdrage Frank Wassenberg debat 'effecten stikstofuitstoot op natuur en biodiversiteit'
De overheid breidt het bloedonderzoek omwonenden chemiebedrijven DuPont en Chemours uit
De politiek probeert in de klas te komen
Duurzame energie zorgt voor meer CO2 en meer olie
Een groep Nederlandse vriendinnen heeft in de VS The Impossible Burger gegeten
Fluor en Vaccinaties zijn Niet Veilig en Effectief ! - Hans C.Moolenburgh
Gehandicapt kind in Nederland onnodig achtergesteld
Greenpeace - 'duurzame' initiatieven kledingindustrie niet duurzaam
Het eigen risico in de zorg blijft gelijk - sigaar uit eigen doos?
Hoe snel groeide het brein van een Neanderthaler?
Hoog en laag magnesiumgehalte in bloed wijst op dementie
Hormonen uit spiraaltje verhogen stressrespons
Humor - De politiek correcte Sint
Is het verstandig de mens te verbeteren via het DNA?
Kamerbrief over vonnis rechtbank kortgeding luchtkwaliteit
Kynurenine beschermt darmbacteriën
Mensen die afzien van noodzakelijke zorg door het eigen risico
Nederland verliest veel bos - 'We moeten ons zorgen gaan maken'
NVWA constateert onhygiënische praktijken in aantal grote Nederlandse slachthuizen
Ondervraagde bewoners verpleeghuizen tevreden over zorg
Pestende scholieren opgepakt voor mishandeling tienermeiden
Scheuren in kerncentrales Tihange en Doel al tijdens bouw ontdekt
Slechte lucht is niet goed voor je nieren
Slimme meter - hoe zit het met privacy?
Ten oorlog tegen de trollen
Ultra-energetische kosmische straling komt niet uit maar van buiten Melkweg
Waar in Nederland is de lucht het minst vervuild?

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Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan


De laatste videoclips

Are Vaccines Being Used For Population Control?
Aubrey de Grey - Aging, Redefined
Bijdrage Femke Merel Arissen burgerinitiatief 'Een dier is geen ding'
Children and Acetaminophen
CO2 Regulation - The Essence of Immorality
Depression linked to inflammation – new study
Does Killing Cancer Cells Treat Cancer?
Doing Keto, But No Ketones in Urine?
Donald Trump's former campaign chair was wiretapped by the US government
Dr. Mercola and Dave Asprey Discuss Health Effects of Microwave Radiation and EMF Exposure
Everything You Need to Know About Lupus
Facebook To Turn Over Info To Congress
Fever Benefits for Autism in a Food
Frequent Blood Donations Not For Everyone?
Glass blocks that can harvest solar power
Increase In Ice & Snow - And Fraud From Climate Scientists
International Agency for The Research on Cancer Classification of Cell Phones Dr. Annie Sasco
Jason Silva - The Singularity Is Near
Neurofeedback - Dr. Andrew Hill & Ashley James
Operation Apex Harmony - Timor Leste Campaign
Research Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer Dr. Anthony Miller
Soon All Of Hong Kong's Dolphins Will Be Dead
Take a Deep Dive With Tiger Sharks | Nat Geo Wild
The Babushkas Of Chernobyl | Trailer
The dark side of Indonesia's new tourism hotspot
Urban lighting may increase breast cancer risk
What To Do For Bladder Stones

De kosmos op dit moment




Aardmagnetisch veld

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Internationaal nieuws

10-Part Documentary Stirs Interest in the Vietnam War's Effects Decades Later
6.1 magnitude earthquake 320 kilometres east of Fukushima nuclear plant.
A daily half hour's exercise could prevent 1 in 12 early deaths, study shows
Antimicrobial chemicals in soap products found to permanently harm developing babies in utero
Arkansas Poised To Ban Most Use Of Monsanto Herbicide
Assumed safety of widespread pesticide use is false, says top government scientist
Asthma medication cause nightmares and depression
Bartonella disease - A misunderstood vector-borne infection, similar to Lyme disease
Bayer learns from Monsanto's public engagement mistakes
Big Western brands polluting oceans with cheap plastic in Philippines
Blood lead and preeclampsia - a meta-analysis and review of implications.
Blood metal ion levels can identify hip replacement patients at low risk of ARMD
Breathing dirty air may harm kidneys
Controversial Pesticide Remains Unregulated In Hawaii
Epilepsy drug warnings 'not reaching women', survey shows
EU auditors to assess anti-pollution efforts by testing Brussels air
Excess dietary manganese promotes staph heart infection
Excess screen time leads to autism-like traits
Exosomes are the missing link to insulin resistance in diabetes
FDA warns of death, liver injury risks from Intercept's drug
Fears rise as a chain of killer quakes hit the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'
Feeling bad about your failures may lead to success
Fetal deaths up, pregnancy down after Flint water crisis
Flame Retardant Roulette - Swapping One Toxic Compound for Another
Food and drink industry 'addicted to cheap labour'
Food Antioxidants and Their Anti-Inflammatory Properties: A Potential Role in
Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer Prevention.
Food safety watchdog to stop naming supermarkets selling contaminated chicken
Football helmet smartfoam signals potential concussions in real time
Forgoing chemo linked to worse survival in older patients with advanced colon cancer
who had dementia
Four in five women can't climax through sexual intercourse
Further evidence that diet-microbiome interactions influence blood sugar control
Future plastics could be made out of sugar and carbon dioxide, making them
harmless to the environment
Here is why you shouldn’t thrown away bananas with brown spots
Het gemanipuleer met de wetenschap rondom CO2
Household chores can save your life, study reveals
How Monsanto Manufactured Outrage At Chemical Cancer Classification It Expected
How MSM controls its journalists
In a blow to Monsanto, Arkansas just one step away from banning dicamba next summer
In US, spread of Zika linked to time outdoors
Investigators may unlock mystery of how staph cells dodge the body's immune system
Israel's Thriving Marijuana Industry May Have Breakthrough in Autism Treatment
Mental health days aren't helping, psychiatrist claims
Neonic Pesticides Kill a LOT More than Bees
New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains
New Meta-Analysis Links Colon Cancer To Low Levels Of Vitamin E
New report indicates more doctors now open to integrative medicine
New study aims to find the best moisturiser for treating eczema in children
New study concludes modern living is more of a health risk than exposure to low-level radiation
New Wayne State research findings offers hope to people with fibromyalgia
Personality changes don't precede clinical onset of Alzheimer's, FSU study shows
Preterm children have more medical sleep problems but fall asleep more independently
Researchers share how to conquer herbicide-resistant superweeds that
threaten the food supply in the Midwest
Secret Vax Court
Serotonin Linked To Sudden Death In Infants
Sexual touch changes the brain, hormone study says
Smoking negatively impacts long-term survival after breast cancer
Steroid inhalers linked to increased risk of mycobacterial infection
Strong alcohol policies help reduce alcohol-involved homicides
Study links brain inflammation to suicidal thinking in depression
Tackling Air Pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa
The European Heatwave Of 2003
The Immune System Is Critical to Tissue Regeneration
Thou Shall Not Criticize Our Drugs
Tooth decay vaccine could end visits to the dentist
Top NASA Climate Modeler Admits Predictions Are ‘Mathematically Impossible
Toxic GenX - The 'canary in the coal mine.'
UMN researchers find recipe for forest restoration
Urinary BPA and Phthalate Metabolite Concentrations and Plasma Vitamin
D Levels in Pregnant Women: A Repeated Measures Analysis.
Using new study to back high-fat, low-carb diets is flawed logic
We are enslaved by the Federal Reserve
What Can You Do for a Fatty Liver?
When good immune cells turn bad
Whole food diet may help prevent colon cancer, other chronic conditions
Who’s the world’s leading eco-vandal? It’s Angela Merkel
Why do people in new democracies stop voting?
Woman claims Monsanto's Roundup contributed to sister's cancer



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