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Nieuwe artikelen

Blootstelling aan benzeen tijdens de zwangerschap
Darmmicroben kunnen beschermen tegen hoge bloeddruk

Nederlandstalig nieuws

17-jarige Alex Tsjapaj wil Polen bewust te maken van natuurbescherming
Apotheker daagt farmaceuten uit - medicijn kan miljoenen goedkoper
Apothekers mogen zelf medicijnen maken voor bepaalde zeldzame ziekten
Binnenkort in Wallonië verboden te roken in wagens met kinderen
Consumentenbond waarschuwt voor 'kloonpolissen'
De komende maanden komt er een schat aan informatie vrij over RoundUp
De meeste kinderen vertrouwen wereldleiders niet
De verduurzaming van het gemeentelijk wagenpark komt amper van de grond
De volgende strop door fipronil - het plastic uit de stal gaat ook weg
Drempels en obstakels leiden tot één groot zorgmoeras
Een op tien leerlingen een dag thuis vanwege zieke docent
Eiercrisis nog lang niet voorbij
Elke dag veertig meldingen van psychisch partnergeweld
Ervaringsdeskundigen vertellen over mishandeling tijdens Week tegen Kindermishandeling
Europese Commissie speelt vals bij nieuw ‘ISDS’
Fibromyalgie, de ziekte die medisch (niet) bestaat
Geheime constructies achter failliete fosforfabriek Thermphos
Gemeenten rijden op diesels: 76% koopt wagenpark niet duurzaam in.
Geweld in jeugdzorg houdt vaak jarenlang aan
Gezondheid is belangrijkste voorwaarde voor een goed leven
Goed tegen de verkoudheid - thee met venkel en gember
Goedele Liekens bijt van zich af in vurig debat met “dinosaurus”
Greenpeace naar Reclame Code Commissie om misleidende reclamecampagne Coca-Cola
Groei Schiphol botst met klimaatdoelen
GroenLinks, SP en PvdA: farmaceutische industrie aanpakken
Ice Challenge (Wim Hof Methode) en Bootcamp bij het Cool Event Scheveningen
Lobbyisten en sponsors kapen klimaatgesprekken
Maakt WIFI ziek?
Marcel van Roosmalen ergert zich aan mensen die meteen wat vinden van het nieuws
Mensen met depressie hebben verdikking in hersenschors
Minder kans op doodgeboorte als zwangere vrouw op zij slaapt
Motie Lisa Westerveld voor meer geld voor sportevenementen voor mensen met beperking
Plastic recyclen kan wel!
Robin (18) lijdt aan Cystic Fibrosis, beter bekend als taaislijmziekte
Schoon verklaarde kankerpatiënten kampen met stressstoornis
Sharon maakt Italiaanse broodsalade en paprikasoep
Stijging aantal burn-outs deels door tijdelijke contracten
Strijd tegen windmolens radicaliseert
Vis beschermt pas goed tegen een hartinfarct als je ook walnoten eet
Wajongers met lege portemonnee op weg naar Tweede Kamer
Was er vroeger ook zoveel afval?
Zorgmedewerkers voeren actie tegen onnodige administratie

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De laatste videoclips

9 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore If You Have Pain
Air pollution linked to Osteoporosis & other serious health risks
Ancient Aliens - The Gods Who Created Man Are Returning Soon
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms that Differentiate Human and Non-Human Neural Development
Climate Change In The United States, What To Expect with Professor Mark Maslin
David Icke (Oct 21, 2017) - The Plan To Kill You
Diabetes & Fungus - Air Pollution | Know The Cause
Do Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Influence The Prescribing Habits Of Doctors?
Dr. Mercola and George Newman Talk About the Benefits of Water Fasting
Dr. Van Selby discusses consequences of consuming a high sodium diet
Eat, drink, and be healthy - Walter Willett
From Global Cooling To Global Warming - 50 Years Of Climate Change At NCAR
Geomagnetic Storm, Cosmic Rays, Asteroid
Glimpses Behind the Mask of Selfhood - Mauro Bergonzi
Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diets for Autism Put to the Test
Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find
How to Get a Younger Brain - Tactical Strategies and Exercises
How to Have THICK Healthy Hair in One Simple Step
Hydropower Threatens Cambodia Food Source
Ice Doesn't Lie - But NASA And NOAA Scientists Do
Is It Healthy To Eat Chicken, Turkey Or Eggs? with Michael Klaper, M.D.
Is your cardiologist KILLING you? Mind-blowing interview with Dr. Jack Wolfson
Jody Holmes - Ecosystem-Based Management & Reconciliation
Move Your Body—Turn On Your Brain! | Jeff Galloway
Natural Gas (Methane) likely makes Climate much worse
Nebraska approves Keystone XL despite massive leak
Nebraska To Decide Keystone XL Pipeline
Schellnhuber - Unavoidable, Many have to Migrate
Some REAL Reasons Why Saturated Fats Are Healthy
The Best Hepatitis C Natural Remedies
The Fight for a Free, Fair and Open Internet
The Impact of Animal Agriculture with Chris Schlottmann
The Intention of Becoming One - David Cates
The Most Basic Explanation of Inflammation (with Dr. Pryor)
This Under Water Drone Conquers the Ocean
Traction - The Clean Energy Revolution
Understanding Primate Brain Development Using Stem Cell Systems
Water Memory (Documentary of 2014 about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)
Why Butter Helps You Lose Weight
Wild Goldberries - Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally
Wrong BLOOD PRESSURE it's disease or adaptive response?
You've Never Heard of Them, But They Might be Making You Sick

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Internationaal nieuws

A mom's support helps a child learn to handle negative emotions, but what if mom is distressed?
A physician explores her own experience with postpartum depression
A review of prevalence studies of Autism Spectrum Disorder by latitude
and solar irradiance impact
Alien bugs may have hitched a lift to Earth on SPACE DUST
Apple allergens as an effective option for treating apple allergy
Benzodiazepines increase mortality in persons with Alzheimer's disease
Bilateral tinnitus in men may be hereditary
Blue Planet II producer makes emotional plea to save ocean
Blue Planet II slammed for linking plastic to dead whale
Bowel cancer could soon be diagnosed by blood test
Bowel disease in childhood raises cancer risks
Brain cell advance brings fresh hope for CJD therapies
Can eating peas and peanuts really lead to brain fog?
Can insomnia due to my menopause cause dementia?
Cannabis oil use in the UK doubles in a YEAR
Cell cycle proteins help immune cells trap microbes with nets made of DNA
Changes in young people's sexual practices over the last 20 years revealed
Climate change 'slow down' was caused by lack of data
Coming ‘Mass Extinction Event?’ No, Just Alarmist Bedwetting
Croatia eyes solar power in bid to curb energy imports
Decongestant revealed as 'highly effective' in starving cancer cells
Dementia study sheds light on how damage spreads through brain
Disordered eating among young adults found to have long-term negative health effects
Drinking in teens and 20s increases risk of getting cancer
EU court threatens Poland with heavy fines over ancient forest logging
For adults younger than 78, risk for heart disease linked to risk for problems walking
Glass microparticles enhance solar cells efficiency
Glyphosate - MEPs debate citizens’ call for a ban
How about a peanut butter and kale sandwich?
 Study shows that peanut butter enhances the vitamin A value of kale
How antibiotic use in animals is contributing to antibiotic resistance
How boosting cognition could prevent anxiety
How do brains drain? Not how textbooks say
How emancipation contributes to trust in strangers
How sex affects your brain
How social media is socially stunting our society
Improved method of engineering T-cells to attack cancer
Jelly made of alcohol could help kill off cancer
Lower your risk for heart disease when you make peanuts and
tree nuts a regular part of your diet
Maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels may help to prevent rheumatoid arthritis
Male triathletes may be putting their heart health at risk
Many cancer survivors are living with PTSD
Marine mammals, not fishing, reducing endangered orcas' food supply
Materialistic people use Facebook more frequently
Men have more sex after a vasectomy
Moderate drinking is good for creativity
More than half of fat men don't think they are overweight
Most older adults prefer to participate in medical decisions
Motorcycle crashes cause 5 times as many deaths as car accidents, 6 times the health costs
MRI uncovers brain abnormalities in people with depression and anxiety
Neanderthals went extinct 3,000 years later than thought
New Data Proves Oceans Are Driving Warming This Century
New research exposes the risks of geoengineering to artificially intervene in global warming
NPR Uses Junk Science In ‘Fracking Harms Health’ Claim
Optimal gout treatment requires ongoing monitoring for urate lowering therapy
Oxytocin controls how dogs read smiling human faces
Paradise Papers Help Students Learn About Offshore Finance
Penn study identifies new malaria parasites in wild bonobos
Personalized Soluble Fiber Supplement Launches in Sweden
Poultry excrement could partially replace coal as a renewable energy source, study says
Poverty Is Also a Psychosocial Problem
Pre-diabetes discovery marks step towards precision medicine
Protecting its interests - FDA attacks CBD supplements to protect Big Pharma's opioid profits
Proteins in breastmilk protect offspring against food allergy
Read the Paradise Papers documents
Research reveals threat to key nutrient
Researchers reveal new details on aged brain, Alzheimer's and dementia
Revolutionary imaging technique uses CRISPR to map DNA mutations
Rise in oxygen levels links to ancient explosion of life, researchers find
Russia reports radioactivity 986 TIMES the norm
Seafloor sediments show the ingredients for 'The Big One'
Sleeping on your back in pregnancy increases stillbirths
Slight climate shifts can affect optimum water use in plant communities
Smiling human faces are attractive to dogs -- thanks to oxytocin
Smoking study personalizes treatment
Study reveals new mechanism used by cancer cells to disarm attacking immune cells
The devices that will help you to breathe easier
The health of your gut microbiome could predict your risk of heart disease, researchers find
The £40 smart plaster that spots sepsis SIX hours early
Today's poisons will pollute the gene pool until the year 2300
Traumatic Life Events Increase Obesity Risk in Women
US farmers are depressed, anxious and at risk of suicide
Vitamin D and walking speed in older adults
Wars keep on killing - Gulf War illness causes DNA damage in vets, according to new research
West Yorkshire mum says organic juice shrunk her tumours
WHO agency isolated in glyphosate fight
Winters can affect cardiovascular health
Women prefer getting mammograms every year
Young people 'experimenting more in bed'
Zika-related nerve damage caused by immune response to the virus

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