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Nieuwe artikelen

Verzekeraars - hulpverleners, kosten om drogredenen
Wetenschappers ontdekken dat nanodeeltjes uit tatoeages in het lichaam belanden

Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Urinoir-actie' vrouwen afgelast vanwege te grote verwachte opkomst
Aart Zeeman gaat met de Amsterdamse stadsecoloog op safari in de hoofdstad
Alain proeft in Zeeland bottarga, een visspecialiteit
Banken willen sneller groenere economie
Bosbranden Sumatra door Nederlands beleid
De jongeren van nu groeien langzamer op dan hun ouders
De Marne tekent tegen gaswinning
De zeewierboerderij bij de Schelphoek op Schouwen-Duiveland gaat nog verder uitbreiden
Deze geiten helpen de brandweer
EasyJet gaat gasfilters installeren om slechte gassen uit de cabinelucht te halen
Er is dus weinig milieuwinst bij recycling van plastic. Wat moet je dan?
Erik Dijkstra volgt het spoor van Che
Extremistische content sociale media binnen twee uur verwijderd
Eén verplegende op tientallen demente en zieke ouderen
Genderneutrale kinderafdeling, wat bezielt de Hema?
Henk Nijboer - Geen financiële noodzaak voor gaswinning
Hittestress bedreigt Zeeuwse ouderen
Illegale cacao in chocolade van grote merken
Is de lucht in een vliegtuig nou echt giftig?
Kamer wil vandaag brief van informateur over eigen risico
Kamerbrief Thermphos
Kamp zal niet meer de beslissingen nemen die voor Groningen verandering brengen
Kipster - de meest milieuvriendelijke boerderij ter wereld
Pieter Derks over het laten regeren van angst
Plastic afval recyclen heeft weinig effect op milieu
Ramon maakt een betaalbare Australische pie
Rechtszaak Odfjell vertraagd door wraking
Restless Legs Syndroom (RLS) onnodig duur
Rigtergroep leerde niets van fouten
Rusland en de klimaatovereenkomst van Parijs
Soort bomen meer impact op bosecosysteem dan diversiteit boomsoorten
Sri Lanka erkent bestaan 'babyfarms' in jaren 80 en start onderzoek
Terugdringen antibioticagebruik onder pasgeborenen mogelijk door nieuwe test
Toch toekomst voor de banaan
Van alle ouderen in verpleeghuizen komt een kwart zelden tot nooit buiten
Waarom CETA, de Canadese TTIP, er niet moet komen
Waarom wordt de een wel dement en de ander niet?
Weg met de verplichte leeslijst
Zeegras geeft Grevelingenmeer en het Veerse Meer een enorme oppepper

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De laatste videoclips

"The News" is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.
Benefits of Turmeric for Arsenic Exposure
Bill Gates - Inject Babies With Lifetime Of Vaccines
Breakthrough Device Heals Organs with a Single Touch
Climate Alarmists' Desperate Need To Silence Dissent
Colon Cancer Risks
Curing The Incurable with vitamine C - Thomas E Levy, MD, JD
Fred Volkmar, MD - How Our Understanding of Autism Has Improved
Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes
How to Save The West & Change the Course of Human History
Inside Story - Censoring social media
Institutionalized Children - The Medical Community's Guinea Pigs of Choice during the 20th Century
Regenerative Agriculture & Eating More Plants Can Help Reverse Environmental Crisis
REVEALED 'How we manipulate the Weather'
Should journalists change the world?
Stephanie Seneff PhD
Study finds that plane air causes illness
The Incredible True Story of Artificial Clouds and Weather Modification
Unique Remedy for Thick Mucus (Sinus and Lung)
Why Revolutions Persist " The Struggle for Freedom and Fragile Regimes
Why Twitter sucks

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Internationaal nieuws

5G opponents launch statewide media campaign
7 Signs Your Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Isn't Working for You
A million tons of feces and an unbearable stench - life near industrial pig farms
A Stress Link to Lupus
Acupuncture plus Herbal Medicine for Alzheimer's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Altering gut bacteria can shield liver from medicine
An interconnection between the nervous and immune system
Another Major State in India Is Banning Plastic Bags
Appeals court blocks San Francisco warning law for soda ads
Arctic sea ice hit eighth lowest extent on record
Asian Dust Exposure May Trigger Heart Attacks
Association of Maternal Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations in Second Trimester with Delivery Mode
Associations of Diabetes and Obesity with Risk of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in Men.
Ban "neonic" pesticides. Our food supplies are at risk
Bayer-Monsanto merger serious threat to food supplies and farmers
Beta-blocker therapy after heart attack questioned
Big Corporations Like Nestle Are Aggressively Making People Even Fatter Across the Globe
Binge-watching TV is killing us
Bottled Water: A "Colossal Fraud" Littering Our National Parks
Brain rewiring in Parkinson"s disease may contribute to abnormal movement
Can We Stop Mitochondria From Causing Cancer to Grow?
Cell model of the brain provides new knowledge on developmental disease
Certain bone deficits may increase fracture risk in individuals with diabetes
China pollution inspections disrupting supply chains.
Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of depression: applications, efficacies and mechanisms.
Circulating magnesium levels and incidence of coronary heart diseases, hypertension,
and type 2 diabetes mellitus
Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be "totally wrong"
Climate Models Can"t Approximate Reality, Atmospheric Structure, Movements "Virtually Unknown"
Conventional household cleaners can kill you with increased risk of fatal lung disease
Coralberry extract could offer better asthma treatment
Demand for biofuels is increasing global food prices, says study
Diet as a Trigger or Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Do You Know What"s Lurking in Your Food?
Drinking to cope with stress may increase risk of alcohol problems
Early guidance can help future moms fight fear of childbirth
Effects of dietary Spirulina on antioxidant status, lipid profile, immune response
European Regulators Lifted Language from Monsanto in Concluding that
Glyphosate (Roundup) is Not Carcinogenic
Exposure to pet and pest allergens during infancy linked to reduced asthma risk
Food intake patterns and cardiovascular risk factors in Japanese adults
Foot pain? New study says look at hip and knee for complete diagnosis
Forest fire pollution wreaks havoc on wildlife
France plans new incentives to phase out polluting vehicles.
Future of Legalized Cannabis Focus of Expert Panel Discussion in Cannabis Journal
Global Warming Doomsayers Are Cherrypickers
Guess who? Facial expressions can cause confusion
Gulf Spill Oil Dispersants Associated with Health Symptoms in Cleanup Workers
Gulf spill oil dispersants associated with health symptoms in cleanup workers
Hernia mesh surgery leaves men in pain
Hormone therapy not linked with premature mortality
How do human impacts on wetlands affect animals?
How Google's new depression diagnosis tool is a Big Pharma plot to mass diagnose
the public with depression (and sell more drugs)
How Monsanto Manufactured 'Outrage' at IARC over Cancer Classification
How Monsanto Manufactured 'Outrage' at Chemical Cancer Classification It Expected
Impacts of and alternatives to systemic pesticides
In Wake of New Monsanto Seed, Illinois Sees More Crop Damage From Dicamba
India has avoided 1 million child deaths since 2005, new study concludes
Is Statin Use Associated With a Reduction of CV Events, Mortality in Older Men?
Is there a link between breast milk nutrients, circadian rhythms, and infant health?
Is There a Link Between Breast Milk Nutrients, Circadian Rhythms, and Infant Health?
Ketogenic diets have "profound effect on brain function," study finds
Kids' colds linked to asthma, lung problems later
LA exposed toxic fumes due to chemical leaks in soil
Latest lithium-ion battery uses water-salt solution, reducing risk of fire and
explosion in household electronics
Less Farm Pollution, More Clean Water
Level of inflammatory cytokines in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Ludwig scientists discover complex axis of immune suppression exploited by cancers
Managing negative emotions can help pregnant smokers quit
Mandatory Over-Vaccination - The Australian Experience
Massive corruption and criminal misconduct uncovered at the CDC
Molecular Switch In The Brain Controls Weight Gain
New pill could convert 'bad fat' into 'good fat'
Nieuwe 5G ellende - Dirty Electricity on Steroids
No More 'Bad Fat'? A Potential Weight-loss Treatment Could Make Fat Burn Itself
Obesity is linked to lower counts and quality of sperm
Obesity may adversely affect sperm quality
Oceans Cooling Globally As Glaciers Thicken
Oral sex warning - Could brushing your teeth with THIS help you prevent throat cancer?
Our Bodies Are Becoming Plastic
Pets and pests could stave off childhood asthma
PTSD linked with increased Lupus risk
Red cosmetic powder used in Hindu ceremonies contains unsafe lead levels
Scientists find way to convert bad body fat into good fat
Scientists identify key regulator of male fertility
Scientists say no longer any doubt about impact of pesticides on bees
Seaweed-fueled cars? Maybe one day, with help of new tech
Seniors with Type 2 diabetes may have increased risk for fracture
Seven steps to take to rid yourself of eczema
Sex and sleep are more powerful than money when it comes to happiness
Shock figures show teens are struggling with depression
Sleep deprivation is an effective anti-depressant for nearly half of depressed patients
Sodium deficiency increases the preference for sweets
Solar wind impacts on giant 'space hurricanes' may affect satellite safety
Spicing Up Farming To Prevent Soil Erosion
Statins antabuse effect - Long term effects of antihistamine abuse - Anti drug abuse act of 1988 ...
Study finds red powder in Hindu ceremonies has unsafe lead levels
Study suggests you can "pick up" a good or bad mood from your friends
Teen aggression often linked to family neglect
The list of diseases linked to air pollution is growing.
Twitter suspends million accounts for promoting terrorism
UK oil and gas reserves may last only a decade, study suggests
UTHealth discovers how to train damaging inflammatory cells to promote repair after stroke
Vegan Diets Lead The Way Against Climate Change
Victimization of transgender youths linked to suicidal thoughts, substance abuse
We Were Wrong, Climate Scientists Concede " Admit models
Weighing nonsurgical treatment options for knee osteoarthritis pain
What Happens to Your Brain When You Go on a Diet
What Is Marijuana Doing to Your Penis?
What lungs look like after smoking one pack of cigarettes
What web browsers and proteins have in common
What's the latest on gut microbiota?
WHO gets it badly wrong on diabetesDr Verner Wheelock - Dr Verner Wheelock?
Why babies born in September may have an advantage in school
Why is this time of the year so depressing? And how can you make it better?
World is running out of antibiotics, health leaders warn
Young Canadians who vape are twice as likely to want to try cigarettes, researchers say
Your Mental Health Suffers When Your Dog or Cat Gets Sick, Study Finds



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