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Nederlandstalig nieuws

5 etterige weetjes over acne
Bart Staes over tabaksindustrie
Bijdrage Femke Merel Arissen over kindermarketing
Diepgaand onderzoek Fred Teunissen naar chemtrails
Dit zijn de 5 dodelijkste soorten zeeplastic
Driejarig onderzoek over kinderrechten en tabak
Echt nodig - regels voor de poeptransplantatie
Een stofzuiger zo groot als een partytent moet Eindhoven van het vieze fijnstof verlossen
Heleen van Royen over dementie bij haar moeder
Helft Nederlanders vindt zorgverzekering te duur
Het behouden van de dierenpolitie
Kamer niet ingelicht over extra kosten kernenergie
Kamerbrief over advies Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa) over collectiviteiten
Kwik uit geïndustrialiseerde landen vervuilt de Noordpool
Laag opgeleide werknemers praten mee over gezonde werkplek
Link tussen koolzaadolie en achteruitgang van geheugen en leervermogen bij Alzheimer
Maak het meenemen van huisdier naar zorginstelling breder mogelijk
Nachtwerk slecht voor gezondheid
Nederlanders zijn negatieve reacties op social media zat
NZa beboet zorgverzekeraar om ondoorzichtige inkoop
Olivier Hoedeman over tabaksindustrie
Pauline Laumans - ziek geworden maatschappij door eigen keuzes deel 5
Slechte adem kan worden veroorzaakt door genetisch defect
Spoedarts schrijft open brief aan 26-jarige
Tegemoetkoming ter erkenning van Q-koorts patiënten
Verzekeringsartsen stappen uit overleg met UWV
Waarschuwing voor ADHD-middel bij volwassenen
Water kolkt de Noordwaard Biesbosch in
Ziekenhuizen onderzoeken voedingswijzen bij leukemie
Zijn we klaar voor klimaatvluchtelingen?

Op zoek naar een natuurlijke multivitamine ?

– Met écht natuurlijke vitamines
– Vrij van niet-natuuridentieke synthetische vitamines
– Geen gevaarlijke maar zinvolle doseringen vitamines en mineralen
– Softgel-capsules met extra vièrge olijfolie voor optimale opname
– Géén schadelijk ijzer en chroom
– Vanaf 2 stuks 10% korting

De laatste videoclips

3 Safe and Natural Remedies to Effectively Get Rid of Lice
Acceptable Fats on a Ketogenic Diet and with Intermittent Fasting
Antibiotics & Cancer - Know The Cause
Are Avocados Good for Your Cholesterol?
Beta Glucan - Immune System | Know The Cause
Deepa's Secrets - Slow Carb
Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Thomas Cowan about hart disease
Epidemiology of the Cancer Process OS and PFS
False Hunger Pangs When Doing Intermittent Fasting
How Did We Get Into This Water Shortage Mess with Brian Richter
How Does Eating Fish Affect Climate Change And The Environment?
Is Coconut Oil REALLY Healthy?
Low Salt Diets, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Mycotoxins and Climate Change - How Europe contributes to global efforts
Reporters Without Borders - At least 65 media workers killed in 2017
Risk Assessment of Mycotoxins - Stimulating research and data collection
Superfood Cacao Bliss Balls
The Background People Will Disappear at The Shift
The Dark Side of China’s War on Pollution
The Inward Journey Home ~ The Foundations of Longevity
The woman who can smell Parkinson's disease
This Herb Will Help You To Ease Insomnia, Anxiety And Nervous Restlessness
What Happens If We Do Nothing To Stop The Spread Of GMO Foods?
What to Eat Before/After Cheat Meals
Why does climate change make extreme rainfall more likely?

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Internationaal nieuws

A single workout could save your life
Behavioral intervention improves sleep for hospitalized pregnant women
BfR assesses maximum daily level for magnesium in food supplements
Brain implant could stop sexual predators by zapping them
Brain lesions and criminal behavior linked to moral decision-making network
Britons admit they'll have quieter sex this Christmas
California's legal weed could be contaminated with mold
Can brain injuries make you a criminal?
Can chilled pants really keep your man health?
Chimpanzees and children will pay to see justice done
Cigarette smoking is increasing among Americans with drug problems
Consumer choices for the climate
Cooperative learning aids in preventing alcohol use in rural middle schools
Cosmic Rays–Climate Link Found
Could cognitive interventions be useful in treating depression?
Dengue vaccine does NOT protect against the disease but actually puts you at
HIGHER RISK of contracting it
Eye contact synchronizes brainwaves; this is how babies learn to communicate
FDA to crack down on $3 billion homeopathy industry
From silent spring to silent night - Agrochemicals and the anthropocene
From the omelette to the egg - Reversing protein aggregations
Genetic resistance to 'billion-dollar bug' found in corn
Genitourinary health problems worse for sexually abused girls
Health officials warn that cell phones cause brain cancer, headaches,
low sperm count and impaired memory
Heartburn pills could double chances of stomach cancer
Herbal remedy for stroke recovery?
Hot Tea May Lower Risk of Common Eye Disease
Is Chinese massage an effective and cost-effective treatment for chronic neck pain?
Is junk food worsening teen depression?
Is natural gas contaminating your water?
Lose Glucose Management or Hope?
Magnetic Fields and Miscarriages
Men who live alone double risk of Type 2 diabetes
Mindfulness training reduces stress during exam time, Cambridge study finds
Natural selection is still at work in humans, study finds
Plain cigarette packaging may reduce incorrect impression of product's safety
Pollution legacy - is Lindane degradation making progress in soil and groundwater?
Posttraumatic stress symptoms and posttraumatic growth in children
and adolescents following earthquake
Quality of contact with grandparents is key to youths' views of ageism
Radiosurgery or whole-brain radiation in patients with multiple brain metastases?
Researchers are developing light therapy as a non-invasive, alternative treatment for disease
Researchers repurpose immune-activating cytokine to fight breast cancer
Scientists can’t tell whether sea-level rise will be bad or catastrophic
Scientists discover gut bacteria in bees spread antibiotic-resistant genes to each other
Scientists Discover unexpected side effect to cleaning up urban air
Scientists uncover patterns of elephant poaching in East Africa
Six tips for an illness-free Christmas
Supplement boosts memory in stroke survivors
The incredible journey of the first African tortoise that arrived in Europe
The One Mineral That Stops Hearing Loss
Thinking about germs makes people concerned about how they look
Tracking effects of a food preservative on the gut microbiome
UC researchers identify nontraditional sites for future solar farms
UCLA researchers create skeletal muscle from stem cells
Using gold nanoparticles to destroy viruses
Warmer, wetter climate could mean stronger, more intense storms

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