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Nieuwe artikelen

Alcohol industrie misleidt publiek over kankerrisico alcohol
Luchtkwaliteit in 'groene' huisvesting vermindert door giftige stoffen in bouwmaterialen

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Bewonersinitiatief is niet elitair
Dagelijks lekt 180 miljoen liter drinkwater weg
Darshan pakt online pesters aan
Deze game moet helpen tegen online pesten
Dieselgate kostte in 2013 180 Nederlanders het leven
Een Gezond Schoolplein lijkt het sociale klimaat op het plein positief te beinvloeden
Erwin Vermeulen - Start van Taiji dolfijnendrijfjachtseizoen 2017-2018
Felle discussie op informatieavond over Lelystad Airport
Geef dieren net als mensen ook gewoon rechten
Het nieuwe Kabinet gaat BTW op groente en fruit verhogen?
Hormoonverstoorders aangetroffen in menselijke hersenen
Jongeren moeten maanden wachten op psychische hulp
Kabinet trekt twee miljard uit voor zorgpersoneel dat er niet is
Klimaat-stresstest voor alle Nederlandse gemeenten
Laatste kans voor de euro
Meer tijd en aandacht voor bewoners verpleeghuizen
Miljoenen tekort op jeugdzorg in Groningse gemeenten
Moderne slavernij raakt wereldwijd meer dan 40 miljoen mensen
Mogelijk verbod vervuilende brommers en vrachtwagens in centrum Assen
Nerf-geweer kan schade aan oog opleveren
Nieuwe voedingsdriehoek is moedig, maar mensen gaan niet gezonder eten door enkel een tekening
Ocean Sole - jaag niet op wilde dieren, maar op plastic
Over paar jaar plukken we de wrange vruchten van tekorten jeugdzorg
Platform tegen invasieve exoten verliest zaak over tijgermug
Rechter ‘mansplained’ wildplasser
Roodharigen hebben betere genen
Rus die derde wereldoorlog voorkwam overleden
Stervend jongetje door kinderbescherming bij ouders weggehaald uit azc Emmen
Te weinig vrouwelijke wildplassers?
Vaccinatieplicht Italië - Recht om zelf te kiezen wordt me ontnomen
Waterschap zuivert ziektes uit bagger
Weermodificatie, de bewijzen stapelen zich op
Windenergie is geen oplossing
Zorgkantoren aan zet om wachtenden in langdurige zorg te helpen

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De laatste videoclips

About 50 protesters kayaked to the Pentagon No oil for wars, no wars for oil.
Dolphins and Sea Turtles Lecture
DOWN WIND - Wind Farm documentary
Erin Brockovich explains why water across the US is turning brown, yellow, and other colors
Hippo guards carcass from hyenas
How do you attain success? Sleep.
How Risks of GMOs Have Been Consistently Underestimated & Misrepresented -Steven Druker
Lady Gaga lijdt aan fybromyalgie - wat is dat precies?
North American right whales are dying in record numbers
Other Uses of Wheatgrass Juice Powder - The SKIN
The 3 Types of People - Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs
The Dark Side of Chocolate - Full Documentary
Waarom een referendum over de sleepwet?; Yuri van Geest met Joran van Apeldoorn
Warning Signs Your Adrenals are Burnt Out and What You Need to Fix Them
Watch These Adorable Sea Creatures’ Graceful Mating Dance
‘Guinea pig’ Canadians offered ‘world’s first’ GMO salmon

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Internationaal nieuws

1 in 3 middle-aged Americans have bad teeth, study says
10 Toxic skincare product ingredients to watch out for
5 African countries approach control of their HIV epidemics
A 40-year study finds Generation Z is avoiding sex, alcohol, and driving like never before
A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech
A healthy lifestyle will keep dementia at bay
ADHD kids can be still -- If they're not straining their brains
All 8 extreme childhood food allergies are also common ingredients in
CDC-recommended vaccines... coincidence?
All observed climatic changes have natural causes completely outside of human control
Altitude training for cancer-fighting cells
An effective way to eliminate atrazine and its by-products in surface water
Annual flu shots linked to increased risk of miscarriage
Another Freaking Storm? PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Disorders to Be Expected.
Another Major Study Confirms The IPCC's Climate Models Were Wrong
Antibiotics, Agriculture & Superbugs: Q&A with 'Big Chicken' Author Maryn McKenna
Antidepressants found to be death pills that dramatically raise the risk of early death
Apps Infected With Malware Are Secretly Stealing Money From People
Are serial killers born evil? Psychologist Michael Stone has a few theories. →
Are We Witnessing the Death Spiral of Cable Television?
Asthma medication may have psychiatric side effects
Bacteria In Tumors Can Inactivate Common Chemotherapy Drugs, Study Suggests
Beans add healthy fiber and protein to gluten-free pastas
Beta blockers not needed after heart attack if other medications taken
Bias and intolerance in Science
Big Corporations Like Nestle Are Aggressively Making People Even Fatter Across the Globe
BioMin C toothpasteuses uses glass to remove decay
Bone marrow protein a magnet for passing prostate cancer cells
Boredom could extend your hospital stay
Can medical treatments slow aging?
Canada has a 'big blind spot' on medical device safety
Canadian Study Claims Autism-Aluminum Adjuvant Link Confirmed
Cancer evades immune system through microRNA
Catheterization procedure linked to potentially long-lasting blood vessel damage
Cheap Food Could Lead to Deadly Diet, Prof Tells New York Times
Cholesterol-like molecules switch off the engine in cancer-targeting Natural Killer cells
CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government
City asks judge to let case against OxyContin maker proceed
Copper catalyst yields high efficiency CO2-to-fuels conversion
Depression and lack of sleep: Insomniacs 'prone to the mental disorder'
DNA triggers shape-shifting in hydrogels, opening a new way to make 'soft robots'
Do nursing home workers change gloves often enough?
Dogs' social skills linked to oxytocin sensitivity
Eight children born after uterus transplants
Enzyme's worth to biofuels shown in latest NREL research
Eye infections could be detected within minutes by new microchip
Eyes that lie - protective deception of eyespots confirmed
Farmers warn against devastating impact of Mercosur on EU beef
Fevers during pregnancy linked to autism, study suggests
Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says
Food industry calls for harmonised precautionary allergen labelling
German Expert - Everyone Loses with Wind Energy
Global cooling may be thwarted by geoengineering
Greenland Ice Mass Increases as Northern Hemisphere Cools
Groundwater resources under study
Have you got the wrong impression about schizophrenia?
Herbs Used for the Treatment of Hypertension and their Mechanism of Action.
Hillary Clinton EXPOSED - Redirected $800K from campaign to ANTIFA
How animals vote to make group decisions
How bacteria hinder chemotherapy
How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food
How eyes get clogged in glaucoma and how to free them
How the 'grocerant' is disrupting the $500 billion food industry
Hurricanes not linked to global warming
In Climate Science, Follow The Money
Is The Earth Heating Up? Ask The Oceans
Italian Farmers Balk at EU Monsanto Ruling
Kate Pierce's brain damage after meningitis misdiagnosis
Leading doctors speak out against 'dangers' of euthanasia
Let's Beat Big Tobacco
Link between breast cancer and obesity influenced by type of obesity, says Chinese study
Lives saved with statins means a few extra days life! Is it worth the appalling side effects eg memory loss??
Lower Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Levels Elevate Risk of Thyroid Cancer, Yale Study Finds
Ludwig Scientists Discover Complex Axis of Immune Suppression Exploited by Cancers
Many insurers balk at covering safer painkillers over cost
Massive Arctic Ice Gain Over The Past Five Years
McMaster plans to ban all smoking on university property
Meet the Man Who Has Saved Over 700 Stray Dogs in the Past 8 Years (PHOTOS)
Melatonin could ease chemotherapy pain
MicroRNA helps cancer evade immune system
More than 40 million people trapped in slavery: New global estimate
New Anti-Inflammatory Drug Reduces Heart Attack Risk
New model may help science overcome the brain's fortress-like barrier
New research suggests Mercurys poles are icier than scientists thought
New study shows promise of gene therapy to treat alcoholism
Non-smokers can get lung cancer and the reasons are around us
Older people found to use more of their brains to compensate for aging
One-Third of Californias High-Risk Kids Not Tested for Lead Poisoning
Organic Better than Chemical-Intensive Agriculture at Fighting Climate Change
Oxfam Has Made Refugees Welcome... at Trump's Childhood Home
Paid to Protest? NWO St. Louis Staging the Next Mainstream News Event? - Heads Up!
Parasite plagues world salmon industry
People Who Trip on Psychedelics Are More Likely to Be Environmentally Conscious
Peter Smith - Standing too much at work can double your risk of heart disease
Reliance on 'gut feelings' linked to belief in fake news
Researchers document changes in teenage parenthood
Researchers learn more about maximizing brain use
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. And World Mercury Project Issue Report Regarding New Evidence
of Ongoing Corruption and Scientific Misconduct at CDC
Scots scientists hail drug as potential cure for leukaemia
Seven natural remedies for anxiety
Sexual behavior in Germany
Solar wind impacts on giant 'space hurricanes' may affect satellite safety
Solar-to-Fuel System Recycles CO2 to Make Ethanol and Ethylene
Solar-to-fuel system recycles CO2 to make ethanol and ethylene
Steve Irwins Son Is An Award Winning Photographer And These Photos Show Why (100 Pics)
Study finds religious program advertising appeals mainly to fear
Study finds that most older adults are aware of medication risks
Study finds toxic levels of mercury in women
Study uncovers markers for severe form of multiple sclerosis
Studying the dark side of online outrage
Teens are growing up more slowly — and they seem OK with it
Teens are growing up more slowly today than they did in past decades
Texas carpet bombs its own hurricane-traumatized victims with neurological
poisons sprayed from military planes
The associations between dietary patterns and bone health, according to the
TGF-β1 T869→C polymorphism, in postmenopausal Iranian women.
The Disgrace of 60 Minutes
The effects of human height and mass on the calculated induced electric fields at 50
Hz for comparison with the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU.
The Suicidal Crisis
The Toxic Story of RoundUp - Freedom from the Poison Cartel through Agroecology
The toxic trade deal between Canada and the EU is set to come into force on Thursday
The wrong first step to revive athletes in cardiac arrest
This is what drinking does to the brain
This Type Of Cheese Can Reduce Inflammation, Boost Immunity And More
Thyroid cancer on the rise, especially among younger women
Tips for avoiding potentially deadly bacteria in gyms
Trump Aims To Balance Out EPA’s Influential Science Board With Climate Skeptics
Victimization of transgender youths linked to suicidal thoughts, substance abuse
Vitamin-D status and neurodevelopment and growth in young north Indian children
Wearable Solar Cells That You Can Put In The Wash
Why African Countries Want to Ban Donated Clothes
Women of childbearing age around world suffering toxic levels of mercury
Yolanda Hadid says her Lyme disease was misdiagnosed as ME



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