18 januari 2017

Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - Beantwoording Kamervragen bericht 'Sinaasappels mogelijk dubbel zo duur door Europese regels'
NL - Beantwoording Kamervragen van het lid Smaling (SP) over de gevolgen van vislood
NL - China stopt bouw 104 kolencentrales
NL - Dagelijks klimaatbericht biedt perspectief om te handelen
NL - Draaien onze kolencentrales straks op bos?
NL - Een rookvrije generatie - utopie of gouden kans
NL - EU faalt in strijd tegen voedselverspilling
NL - Fitnesscoach toont dat haar lichaam niet altijd is wat het lijkt op Instagram
NL - Forum voor Democratie wil einde aan pesterij van Zeeland
NL - Gemeente Someren koopt recyclingbedrijf waar dagenlange bandenbrand woedde uit
NL - Hebben de zorgverzekeraars nog wel bestaansrecht?
NL - Heilzame Hardware
NL - Ik ben lekker stout
NL - Kamerbrief met stand van zaken vogelgriep
NL - Kamp in beroep tegen schaliegas-oordeel
NL - Kennis en ervaring Q-koorts dreigen verloren te gaan
NL - Kritiek van voedingsexperts op gesponsord peutermelkonderzoek
NL - Leraren moeten pesten tegengaan? 'Ze hebben geen idee wie er gepest wordt'
NL - Lyme en Ritaline - 2 jaar later
NL - Miljardenfusie in tabaksindustrie
NL - Niemand in Den Haag ligt wakker van vocht- en schimmelproblemen
NL - Nieuw hoofdstuk in steekspel rond onkruidverdelger Roundup
NL - Nog veel werk voor TTIP-verdrag
NL - Psychiater 'In mijn spreekkamer merk ik de gevolgen'
NL - Rotterdam gaat plastic troep uit Nieuwe Maas filteren
NL - Salaris directie Oxfam Novib onder vuur
NL - Schimmelinfectie in de mond
NL - Terug naar de basis? Een zelfvoorzienend bergdorpje in Tadzjikistan
NL - Verhofstadt versterkt negatieve beeld Europese politiek
NL - ‘Achterpoortjes open’ in richtlijnen Europese industrie tegen kindermarketing

Natuurlijke vitamine C poeder uit de Acerola kers

1 gram poeder bevat 200% van de ADH van vitamine C per dag dus genoeg voor ruim 6 maanden gebruik. Het alternatief voor synthetische vitamine C.

Internationale videos

Video - Big Pharma Is Getting Away With Murder
Video - Controversial anti-pollution car stickers come into force in Paris
Video - Elektronische afvalberg in Azië groeit fors
Video - Global warming could be shrinking Arctic reindeer
Video - How Much Waste Is Dumped In the Ocean?
Video - Native Americans Are Fighting to Take Back Their Artifacts
Video - The Root Causes of Sacroiliac (S-I) Joint Pain
Video - When Mainstream Media Burns to the Ground, Does It Help Independent News?

Natuurlijke multivitamine

– Vrij van niet-natuuridentieke synthetische vitamines
– Softgel-capsules met extra vièrge olijfolie
– Bevat géén schadelijk ijzer en chroom

Internationaal nieuws

10 dead dolphins are washed up on British beaches in just a few days
4 Reasons To Drink Cayenne Pepper, Lemon And Maple Syrup In Water Daily
6 Incredible Benefits of Asparagus, the Nutrient Powerhouse
62% of university students in Spain have experienced gender violence
7 Reasons Why You Should Spice up Your Diet With Ginger
7 winter foods that can improve your health
88 million tons a year - Auditors decry EU food waste
A bee’s poison component can help improving drugs that treat brain diseases
A compound in dark chocolate works as a mood enhancer
A Conversation With - The Stem-Cell Revolution Is Coming — Slowly
A cup of coffee will help you to fight against aging, Study says
A dark and frozen Earth
A Mail hack attacks Oxfam, reminds us all why nobody trusts Blairites anymore
A natural compound can block the formation of toxins associated with Parkinson's disease
A non-GMO approach to producing bigger, better wheat
A Sugary Solution For Preventing Obesity
Acupuncture could help your baby stop crying
Acupuncture may alleviate babies' excessive crying (infantile colic)
Additives, contamination are top food concerns
Adult Stem Cells - Nothing to Do with Age, Everything to Do With Healing
Alan Sugar undergoes heart procedure in America
Alcohol and cancer-related death
Alcohol charity urges Holyrood to target middle-class drinkers
Anti-fracking group slams 'Disney' vision
Antibody can protect brains from the ageing effects of old blood
Are 'Open Source' Seeds Necessary for a Resilient Food System?
Are YOU being plagued by a hacking cough this winter?
Arguments from authority and intimidation support vaccine propaganda
Artificial intelligence predicts when heart will fail
Association between depression and fruit and vegetable consumption among adults in South Asia
Babies born addicted to opiates perform poorly in school, study says
Better diagnosis of fungal infections key to reducing antibiotic resistance
Biden at Davos urges Trump to keep up cancer ‘moonshot’
Brain food - What to eat – at any age – to fend off Alzheimer's and dementia
British scientists to close Antarctica research station
Burn fat and build muscle with this 40 minute exercise plan
Caffeine may be able to block inflammation, new research says
Carbon cuts will not prevent sea level rise
Cardiorespiratory fitness in older adults improves memory performance
Care for your hair… The natural way
Chicoric acid may help with memory impairment in Alzheimer's
China factories caught making fake branded food products with harmful ingredients
Chinese Sweet Potato Steamed Buns With Spicy Surinamese Filling [Vegan]
Chinese, US scientists invent air filter that blocks 99.94pc of PM2.5 pollutants
Cities are cancer hubs - Moving out of cities and into suburbs slash risk of cancer
Colombia Restarts Controversial Glyphosate Fumigation of Coca
Common crop chemical leaves bees susceptible to deadly viruses
Common heart drug repurposed to treat rare cancer in Europe
Coral Bleaching is Killing Reefs. Is the Answer a Great Migration?
Cut out the misery of vitamin deficiency
Depression hard on the heart study finds - 5 ways to lower your risk
Do statins affect fitness?
Do you know your Brain Diet?
Dogfish shark extract could help treat Parkinson’s disease, scientists hope
Dozens of dolphins die after being stranded in Everglades
E-waste in East and Southeast Asia jumps 63 percent in 5 years
Endangered West Coast oysters could thrive under climate change
Every Meal Triggers Inflammation
Everything you need to know about prostate cancer but were too afraid to Google
Failing to take multivitamins during pregnancy could set child back a year in school, study suggests
Federal lawsuit against Monsanto filed by Portland, Oregon
For A Better Workout, Don’t Walk and Talk
For Parents of Children with Disabilities, A Question of How Much Is Enough
Friends may influence children's fear and anxiety
Gentler exercise ‘just as effective’ as intense activity
Getting angry at children may do more harm than good
Healing Madness
Health risks of mobile phones - what we don't know might be killing us
Here are the known health effects of marijuana in 20 seconds
Here's what you can do to kill the winter blues
Here’s what ‘free will’ looks like in your brain
How 'stealth warrior' bacteria turn a tick's gut microbes against itself
How Chickens Shifted From Sacred To Diet Staple
How do you get a better night’s sleep? Stop thinking about it
How Nuclear Power Causes Global Warming
How the discovery of stem cells revolutionized medicine
How to eat less junk food? Serve it to yourself, study claims
Huge scientific study refutes the federal government’s stance on marijuana
Humans arrived in North America 10,000 years earlier
Hypnotherapists tackle issues like sleep and diet
In Huge Win for Oceans and Wildlife, California Phases Out Plastic Bags
Is COFFEE the key to a long life?
Is fibromyalgia an autoimmune disease?
Is sticking needles in babies best way to treat colic?
Is your fitness club making you sick?
It’s Time to Stop Using Plastic Drinking Straws
Jealous of your partner? You're likely to spend more
Lessons from Germany for Integrating Refugees
Levels of e-waste soar in Asia as gadgets become affordable, UN says
Location, not binge drinking, tied to sexual assault
Ludwig Study Reveals Why Cancer Cells Spread Within the Body
Menopause evolved to stop females becoming a sexual threat
Merck’s Big Deal with CIA partner company
Metabolic sensor causes granulomas to form
Most packaged foods, even healthy ones, contain added sugars
Multinationals act on ocean-clogging plastics
Nanoparticle Exposure Can Awaken Dormant Viruses in the Lungs
Narcissistic Parents See Kids As Their Extension, Here's Why This Is A Mistake
New Dutch disease — a gas hangover
New tools will drive greater understanding of wheat genes
One Third Of Americans Can’t Afford Safe Running Water
Oral cancer patient claims cannabis oil helped shrink hole in cheek
Oral vitamin spray or topical magnesium spray can help beat the blues, says TV chef Tonia Buxton
People with forms of early-onset Parkinson's disease may benefit from boosting niacin in diet
Persistent infection keeps immune memory sharp, leading to long-term protection
Persistent infections are GOOD for you
Peru to begin cleaning up South America's largest lake
Pregnancy weight gain not linked to early death in adulthood
Risk of tree species disappearing in central Africa 'a major concern,' say researchers
Scientists discover a way to avoid teeth fillings that proves teeth can be regrown
Scotland’s most polluted streets revealed amid health concerns
SeaShepherd Spots Dead Whale on Japanese Ship in Australian Sanctuary
Specific Carbohydrate Diet May Improve Bowel-disease Inflammation
Splenda actually promotes weight gain, study finds
Stem cells grow cartilage to fix hips
Study finds high blood pressure onset in late life may protect against dementia
Study Finds Link Between Profanity and Honesty
Study tracks 'memory' of soil moisture
Study uncovers hidden epidemic of eating disorders in middle-aged women
The Cure for Fire - How Tea Can Heal You
The music we listen to actually drives evolution
The unexpected ingredients in your food revealed
The water protectors defend the bayou
Tigers could roam again in Central Asia, scientists say
Touchy moms may boost ‘social brain’ in kids
University of Sheffield scientists find nuns have stronger immune systems
US Navy armor can detect brain injuries after explosion
UV Light Can Aid Hospitals' Fight to Wipe Out Drug-Resistant Superbugs
We don't need EU permission to ban glyphosate - environmentalist rubbishes ministry claim
We need a green alternative to a misguided mental health system
What This Polar Bear With a Plastic Bag in His Mouth Tells Us About the Cost of Our Convenience
What you need to know about medicine and food interactions
What's Better for the Environment, Paper Bags or Reusable Plastic Bags?
Why dairy proteins may be the answer to controlling insulin and blood glucose levels
Why Getting More Sleep Means Making More Money in 2017
Why the eldest child is the unhealthiest of them all
Will Trump promote vaccine refusal?
Woman In The US Dies After Infection From Bacteria Resistant To 26 Antibiotic Drugs
Wyoming is basically trying to outlaw clean energy
Yes, Optimism Makes You Live Longer
You broke a CFL light bulb? This is what you do
Your Hand Soap May Be Poisoning You
Your Reusable Tote Bag Actually Isn't as Environmentally Friendly as You Think
You’re not imagining it, the UK media completely lost its shit today

Op zoek naar diervriendelijk alternatief voor visolie ?

Probeer dan eens algenolie. Beter dan visolie, omdat het niet de visolie verontreinigingen bevat, niet de typische visolie nasmaak bevat en omdat er niet 23 haringen of andere vissen voor 1 potje capsules moeten worden gevangen. Ook geschikt voor vegetariërs en veganisten.

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