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Bacteriële toxines geproduceerd in de darmen
Kan lavendelaromatherapie de angst verminderen bij patiënten in de operatiekamer?

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aantal werkenden met een burn-out met 50 procent gestegen
Afbreken ijs Antarctica niet veroorzaakt door CO2 maar door supervulkaan
Afwijkende magnesiumwaarde verhoogt risico op dementie
Alain Caron kookt op een Nederlandse theeplantage
Amerika al 60 jaar verspreider van.. NEPNIEUWS
Arbeidsinspectie sloot afdeling AAF om concentraties giftige stof
België moet kerncentrales Tihange en Doel mogelijk langer openhouden
Bevrijding van autisme en AD(H)D
Bijna 1 op de 5 zorgclubs heeft nog topsalaris
D66-minister gaat sleepwet erdoor duwen onder mom van ‘nepnieuwsbestrijding’
De monitor - Bevallen in Nederland
Dit oer-Spaanse product is straks een stuk schaarser
Ethiopië exporteert voeding en krijgt voedselhulp
Financiële banden maken publicaties verdacht
Gebakken aardperen met biefstuk en saus
Gemeenten in de knel door tekorten jeugdzorg
Genoom bepaalt aspergegeur in urine
Gif in de cockpit - De belangen die spelen
Hoge dosis Vitamine C intraveneus bij kanker
Kerncentrales kunnen dicht in 2025
Klimaatdoelen in gevaar door 9 keer zoveel vliegen in 2100
Kunstmatig koelen van de aarde is een slecht idee
Licht man beter voor over behandelopties bij prostaatkanker
Maximaal 150 meter? Dan geen windmolens in Emmen
Nederland met een hoge welvaart maar laag welzijn
NRC liegt zelf over mestfraude
Nucleaire agenda van Polen baart Europarlementsleden zorgen
PEITC uit waterkers ontgiftigt schadelijke tabakstoffen
Pieter Derks over Russisch nepnieuws
Plantaardige voeding halveert risico op hartfalen
Proefboringen naar gas bij Schiermonnikoog kunnen doorgaan
Ramon maakt Indiase samosa
Rechter vernietigt besluit over gaswinning
Tabak - van wonderkruid tot gif
Thorium demonstratie op 19-11
UWV liet gevoelige persoonsgegevens beheren door onbevoegden
Verzekerden DSW krijgen voorrang bij geestelijk hulpverlener
Vragen over het gebrek aan medische kennis bij sportverenigingen
Vragen over verloskundigen die massaal hun contract opzeggen bij de zorgverzekeraars
Wil je succesvol stoppen met roken?
Wreedheid op Duitse eendenboerderij die naar Nederland levert
Zeg het als inpassen zorgleerling niet lukt
Zeus geschrapt uit Griekse mythologie na beschuldigingen van misbruik
Ziekenhuis betaalt veel te veel voor pacemaker
Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN) haalt hard uit naar de Consumentenbond

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De laatste videoclips

Autism and Casein from Cow’s Milk
Bioethicists warn of first FDA approved digital pill
Deep Nutrition - Dr. Cate Shanahan & Ashley James
Elektrosmog im Auto und in Elektroautos
Four sperm whales die in Indonesia beach rescue
Fukushima Is Growing In Intensity
How Eating Animal Products Cost You More Money
How Effective Is Fluoride In Preventing Tooth Decay? with Paul Connett, Ph.D.
How to make at home natural sugar good for diabetes
Influencer - a new profession?
Is There a Link Between Obesity and Cancer?
Jane Goodall Urges U.S. Senate to Halt Quest For Arctic Refuge Oil
Japan Update/The Olympic Glow Games
Jon Rappoport on the uselessness of flu vaccines and the hidden dangers of viral videos targeting toddlers
Mantras for Protection, Healing and Manifestation
Paradise Papers - the EU has no more excuse for inactio
Perpetual Change - Autumn in the Alps
Recognizing and Addressing Depression in Low Vision Patients
There Is Strong Evidence Of Ancient Civilisations To be Found In Antarctica
Vanessa's Top 5 Brain Facts
We Are in a Huge Upgrade of Expanded Consciousness Which Leads to Light Body Formation

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Internationaal nieuws

2 Types of Hashimoto's and Graves Thyroid Patients and No One Understands
55 Organizations Representing 5 Million Serve Legal Notice to HHS for Failure to
Conduct Vaccine Safety Tests
7 surprising signs you're stressed and how diet can help
?Ibuprofen may block damage from fetal-alcohol exposure
A psychologist tried to take on the animal rights movement
A quarter of nurses hold down two jobs
Acarbose Reduces Diabetes Risk in Coronary Heart Disease
ACE Inhibitors, Statins Ineffective at Lowering Albumin Excretion
ADHD sufferers are angry and stay up late, study suggests
African-American women with type 2 diabetes may have higher risk for ER-neg breast cancer
Air pollution is a bigger risk for people with A, B, or AB blood types
Allergy amplifier implicated in asthma also intensifies food allergy
Antarctica melting because of heat deep within the Earth
Artificially cooling Earth could cause 'climate chaos'
Autism may disrupt the body’s circadian clock
Beneficial roles of honey polyphenols against some human degenerative diseases
Black Tea Is Great for Your Gut
Breastfed babies are less likely to have eczema as teenagers
Britain Faces ‘TTIP On Steroids’
Briteside Farces Big Pharma in Prescription Cannabis Ad
Cholesterol Lowering Drug Scandal
Coca-Cola's investment in Africa is not about solving hunger
Combined resistance to multiple antibiotics
Could Excessive Brain Connections Be the Cause of Autism?
Covert infertility chemicals CONFIRMED in vaccines
Debate on Paradise Papers - Nigel Farage
Development of new protein may lead to novel treatment options for cancer, birth defects
Diet of butter and cream helps Que. girl's rare brain disorder
Digital media adversely affects children and adolescents twice as much as adults
Eating chocolate may prevent a heart attack
Effects of acupuncture on cancer-related fatigue
Electronic glow may disrupt sleep for people on the spectrum
Endangered Orcas Are Starving Because of Dams
Exercise may halt dementia by preventing brain shrinkage
Exposure to Benzene During Pregnancy
FDA - Herbal opioid alternative has killed 36 people
Finding Brain Circuits Tied to Alertness
Flu Shots, Fosamax and Pharmaceutical Fakery
Friendships between young children can protect against ADHD
Giving birth on due date 'less risky' for older mums
Glyphosat-Hersteller drohen EU-Kommission mit Schadenersatzklagen
Grandparents giving children treats are shortening lives
Gum disease - Treating mouth condition could PREVENT heart attack or stroke
Half of over-65s are taking at least five drugs a day
How emotions influence our internal clock
How Sleeping on Your Left Side Affects Your Health
How the sound insects make has been altered by pesticides
Humanity May Have Less Than 600 Years to Leave Earth
In bee decline, fungicides emerge as improbable villain
Indoor air pollution from secondhand tobacco smoke, solid fuels, and kerosene in
homes with active tuberculosis disease in South Africa
Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?
Is the European Commission preparing a new privatisation push?
It's (not) complicated - 'Friends of friends' relationships may be simpler than they seem
It’s Fructan, Not Gluten, That’s Causing Stomach Problems
Magnetic stimulation bares imbalance of activity in fragile X brains
Melting glacier leads to first modern ‘river piracy’
Microplastic particles cause intestinal damage and other adverse effects in zebrafish
Monsanto, U.S. farm groups sue California over glyphosate warnings
New research shows - Organic farming can make an important contribution to world nutrition
Ontario knew about mercury contamination near Grassy Narrows in 1990
Paradise Papers highlight the link between grand-scale corruption and poverty
Parents Blame Vaccines For Two Infants Deaths
Pesticides may cause bumblebees to lose their buzz, study finds
Politicians must address water problems
Pregnancy-related conditions taken together leave moms – and dads – at risk
Public – and researchers – sceptical to climate engineering
Queen’s Researchers Make Killer Superbug Breakthrough
Relationship between serum 25(OH)D levels at birth and respiratory distress syndrome
in preterm infants
Researchers reveal new insights into why sleep is good for our memory
Rise in teen suicide, social media coincide
Robbed Of Sobriety? The Truth About Maintenance Drugs
She Took On Colombia’s Soda Industry. Then She Was Silenced.
Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Common Cause of Blindness
Stress from Negative Life Events Linked to Obesity in Women
Studies show coffee and plant-based diet could cut risk of heart failure
Study finds consuming nuts strengthens brainwave function
Supplementing with astaxanthin rejuvenates facial skin, according to study
Syracuse University mumps outbreak - Whistleblowers say vaccine is flawed
The Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Effects of Salvia officinalis on Lipopolysaccharide-
Induced Inflammation
The Cruel Exploitation of Farmworkers Continues Unabated—Only Organizing Can Turn It Around
The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture
The medical police state has arrived in California
The Science Behind Dental Mercury and Other Environmental Toxicants
The use of antibiotics on healthy animals is helping to spread antibiotic resistance
There Are Biophotons in the Brain. Is Something Light-Based Going On?
Trauma increases a woman's risk of obesity
U of C researchers sound alarm over radon levels in Calgary homes
Vaccines - What is there to be "Pro" About?
Vaccines are now the vehicle for perpetuating diseases that would otherwise have been eradicated
Vitamin B12 supplementation influences methylation of genes associated with Type 2 diabetes
Vitamin D supplements could help women conceive
VPRO tegenlicht - hoe duur is natuur
Wealth Inequality ‘Crisis’ As Richest 1 Percent Account For Half The World’s Wealth
Why some people’s bodies store fat more healthily
Will Parkinson’s disease be the next pandemic?
Wireless Miniscope ties seizures to spatial memory problems
Woman, 32, diagnosed with 9/11-related cancer
Yerba Mate's Beneficial Effects on Cellular Energy and Lipid Metabolism Linked to
Weight and Body Fat Loss

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