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Wil je op de hoogte blijven van het laatste nieuws op het gebied van gezondheid en voeding ? Dan is er nu zes dagen per week een overzicht van nieuws uit zowel de alternatieve als mainstream media. Wil je ook de dagelijkse updates volgen dan kun je je hier abonneren op de dagelijkse nieuwsbrief.

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Leefbewust artikelen

Hoe door DNA schade immuuncellen zich tegen kanker kunnen richten
Proteïnerijk dieet kan helpen ontstoken darmen te verlichten

Extern nieuws

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15 kinderen behandeld voor rabiës na daden van bestialiteit met ezel
Aantal kinderen met autisme explodeert. Dit is waarschijnlijk de oorzaak
Algoritme bepaalt privacygevolgen van online muisklik
BBC geeft klimaatscepticus Lord Lawson podium
De jongste generatie wordt enorm asociaal
Dit gebeurt er echt met je lichaam als je lightdrankjes drinkt
Het is erop of eronder voor verpleeghuizen van Careyn
Hoge Gezondheidsraad waarschuwde in 2016 al voor fipronil
In deze landen kun je beter geen kraanwater drinken
Is gamen schadelijk voor je brein?
KLM'ers vallen bij bosjes neer
Lichaamstemperatuur voorspelt slaapaanval bij narcolepsie
Maartje Remmers speelt met de zelfvernietigende prestatiecultuur
Mensen kopen hun eitjes nu langs de weg
Mijn huisdier is gebeten door een teek. Wat nu?
Muziektherapie werkt, maar vraag niet waarom
Nieuw veen wordt gevormd door natte landbouw
Ook Sea Eye zet reddingsoperaties op Middellandse Zee stop
Periodieke controle medicijnen nodig
Pesticiden op bananen...hoe erg is het eigenlijk?
RIP Prozac en serotonine
SP wil vaart achter anonimiseren Utrechtse afvalcontainers
Stop reclame op publieke omroep
Te veel sporten kan slecht zijn voor tieners
Vlaanderen moet plastic zakjes verbieden
Vleesvervanger Quorn haalt Saté Stukjes uit de schappen
Ziekenhuis India beschuldigd van dood zestig kinderen

Een leven vol lijden voor een kiloknaller in je lokale supermarkt

Alternatieve TV

Australian Govt Tyranny Over Vaxxed and Vaccinations
Buy Candles Because the Lights Are Going Out
CDC Destroyed Evidence That Some Vaccines Cause Autism
Delicious Three Ingredient Smoothie to Cleanse Your Kidney
Dutch fishermen using illegal pulse fishing in the North Sea
EU Commission in expenses scandal
Find out in this video how they can trigger fat burning
Frankincense Oil - The King of All Essential Oils?
Gevestigde belangen houden vernieuwing tegen; Harry Starren en Yuri van Geest
Google is the Engine of Censorship
He took a 'Superman' cape to remote area off the Canary Islands. When he dives in, it's magical
Impact of the Opidemic - The Human Toll | Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco
Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?
Is Organic Only for the Rich and Privileged?
Mexico's wine industry fears climate change
New Fleet Of Tree-Planting Drones Can Plant 100,000 Saplings In One Day
Obesity Balloon Device Kills Five People
Phonegate - Cell Phone Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim
Probiotics and Active Thyroid Hormone
Report Warns That Modern Slavery Is On The Rise Across Europe
Salt Lamps and Himalayan Salt are HIGHLY Toxic
Schaap Jack uit Hoogersmilde weer naar huis na avontuur in slachthuis
Stories blocked if not supporting refugee policy – German journalist to RT
This Danish Town has an Unconventional Approach to Halting Domestic Radicalisation
TRANSPARENT Solar Panels?!
Vegetables on a Ketogenic Diet--Do You Need Them?
We Are Being Modified For The Smart Grid
We tried a burger from the chain that wants to be the McDonald's of vegan fast food
Why Can't People See What's Happening?
Why There is No Country for Native American Indians
Wild Dolphin swim w/ 'Slice' the spotted dolphin & his friends




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Alcoholism among adult Americans rose 49% in 2000s
All Slaughterhouses in England Are Getting Cameras to Crack Down on Abuse
Amelioration of Abnormalities Associated with the Metabolic Syndrome by Spinacia oleracea (Spinach) Consumption
Are Industrial Agriculture and Genetic Modification the Answer to Feeding Humanity?
Australia Quietly Passes Harsher Vaccine Law
Bottled water can be acidic and erode your tooth enamel
Can Increased Metallic Levels in Blood Streams be the Culprit?
Canary in a coal mine - Survey captures global picture of air pollution's effects on birds
Capturing anesthetic gas could cut environmental harm
Coffee Consumption and Mortality
Curcumin ameliorates diclofenac sodium-induced nephrotoxicity in male albino rats
Diesel vehicles emit far more nitrogen oxide
Diet Drinks Are Worse That Sugary Ones And The Reason Will Surprise You
E-Cigarette Use Accelerates Effects of Cardiovascular Aging
Eat fat to get thin!
Facebook to push more left-wing FAKE NEWS by "flagging" real news as fake
FDA Casts Doubt on Safety of Impossible Burger's Key GMO Ingredient
Food contamination by PCBs and waste disposal crisis
Fusion breakthrough may bring limitless energy
High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with Bone Tumors
Higher income individuals more physically active, yet more sedentary
Hong Kong's PalmOil Spill Is Wreaking Havoc on Marine Life
How to Counter the Inflammation of Aging
Injection makes breastcancer cells glow, easier for doctors to see
Is that a peanut or a landmine? Experiences when dining out with food hypersensitive children
It’s healthier to be unemployed than have a stressful job
Low maternal vitamin D associated with increased percent body fat in children
Multiple Mechanisms Linking Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease - Testosterone as a Modifier
New FDA-approved Hepatitis B vaccine found to increase heart attack risk by 700%
New type of blood cells work as indicators of autoimmunity
Paper examines links between parents' earnings, gender roles, mental health
Phthalates impact human health
Plasticizers and bisphenol A, in packaged foods sold in the Tunisian markets
Pollution blamed for lung cancer in people who have never smoked
Psoriasis and psychiatric illnesses - What are the links?
Some migraine sufferers quit painkillers when pregnant
Substance in mushrooms and tobacco raises womb cancer risk
The Lancet - Highly hazardous pesticides - Bans not secure storage
Universal Basic Income Needed to Break 'Addiction to Economic Growth Killing Us'
Vitamin B deficiency can lead to unhealthy hair and nails
Weekend warrior only works for rich people, study says
Whale Shark Found Dead, Plastic Spoon Stuck in Digestive System
Why does the flu trigger MS relapse? Study investigates
Why Photo of a Mother Polar Bear Hugging Her Baby in Zoo Enclosure is Anything But Cute
WiFi Radiation In Planes – What You Need To Know To Fly Low EMF
Wildfires Pollute Air More Than Previously Thought. Are Prescribed Burns the Answer?

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