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Nieuwe artikelen

Eenzaamheid een probleem ?
Nieuw Zeelandse onderzoekers ontdekken ‘natural born killer’ cel

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aanpak nepnieuws op Facebook heeft beperkt effect
Afnemers stadswarmte verzekerd van hogere energierekening
Afvalwater zuiveren met duurzame energie
Allulose, de calorie-arme koolhydraat die de vetverbranding verhoog
Arthur Rörsch - CO2 en temperatuur
Ben Weyts laat slachthuis Izegem sluiten
Blinde Ingrid - Ik ben niet vies, maar het Kruidvat wilde mij gewoon niet helpen
CDA Burgemeester De Marne weigert oproep tegen gaswinning te tekenen
De protesten tegen de uitbreiding van Schiphol via Lelystad Airport worden luider en luider
Druk op de acute zorg groeit
Eieren grootste oorzaak van kanker bij miljoenen kippen
Erkenning natuurlijke geneeskunde?
Experiment vervroegde inzet no-riskpolis Ziektewet (ZW)
Geen pijnloze dood met euthanasiepoeder
Gezonde Nederlandse landbouwsector begint bij minder dieren
Grote stijging overlast door psychisch verwarde huurders

Hoge doses B6 in de vorm van pyridoxine kunnen ook B6-klachten veroorzaken
Jong, zwart en op de vlucht? Dan wacht uitbuiting
Kamerbrief over wachttijd verpleeghuisplek voor dementerende ouderen
Kerncentrale in Petten verkent nieuwe splijtstof - thorium
Links radicalen spelen anders dan rechts op de man
Maas steeds vaker te vies voor drinkwater
Medicatie veiliger met pillenscanner tehuizen
Na eierschandaal - 25 miljoen extra voor NVWA
Nieuwe onderzoeksgroep gespecialiseerd in visuele informatie in het brein
PDF - Naar een bio-based economy - Prof. GJ Kramer
Pesticidenblootstelling veroorzaakt leerproblemen
Stoppen met emo-eten doe je zo
Veilig Thuis jaagt onterecht op ouders zieke kinderen
Vitamine C aanvullende behandeloptie bij pijn
Voor al wie jongeren begeleidt, opleidt of opvoedt
Waar blijven verplichte camera’s op de slachtvloer?
Weer slachthuis onder vuur na undercovervideo
Zorgen over salafisme groeien


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De laatste videoclips

"India" by Kamil Faizulin
'Fluffy' the great white shark heads back to sea
6 Tips Doing Keto with a Sluggish Gallbladder
9/11 Experiments - The Great Thermate Debate
Assenaar maakt film tegen pesten
De huis-, tuin- en keukenpsychopaat, hij bestaat
E-Cigs And Damaged Blood Vessels
Een gezichtsmasker van voedsel dat jij in huis hebt
Elephants follow a woman riding a bicycle
Eliminating Wheat And Grains For Better Health - Dr. William Davis & Ashley James
Fukushima Killed The Pacific Now It's The Insects
Het Bio Effect
How Big Pharma (and everyone else) Ghostwrites Articles
Hurricane Irma Is Definitive Proof That The Sun And NOT Co2 Is Driving Climate
Iceland - Bankers Behind Bars

Ketogenic Diet - Which Nuts to Eat and Which to Avoid
Met Seascope illegale visserij voor de kust van West-Afrika opsporen
Nicolette - Duurzaam dierenasiel
Opioid Therapy and the Decade of Pain Control
Poland in row with EU over logging in protected forest
Political Correctness causing enormous damage to the safety of women - Stuart Agnew MEP
Proefdiervrij onderzoek naar haarvaatjes
Solar Physicist Explains How The Sun Controls Climate, Not Man
Swimming pool water turns sunscreen into CANCER CHEMICALS on your skin
The Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11/2001 - Our Purpose Was To Document The Event
The Many Health Benefits of Real Butter
The Problem With Our Phones
Tracking the World's Largest Fish, Whale Sharks
Why Are We Giving Animals Cancer?
Will Fasting Slow Your Metabolism?

De kosmos op dit moment


Zonnestormen Zonnevlammen Magnetisch veld Schumann frequentie


Internationaal nieuws

39 Americans sickened by their puppies
A man who took apricot kernels to beat cancer got cyanide poisoning
Air pollution cuts 3 years off lifespans in Northern China
Air quality in 'green' housing affected by toxic chemicals in building materials
Ancient wetlands offer window into climate change
Antarctica's warm caves may hold 'secret world' of species
Antioxidants may interrupt Parkinson’s nerve degeneration
Asbestos spread through their share house, but these women had to fight for months to get compensation
Associations Between Vitamin D Intake and Progression to Incident Advanced Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Autism on screen may reinforce stereotypes, study finds
Big Chicken - The Medical Mystery That Traced Back to Slaughterhouse Workers
Big Pharma’s Attempt to Ghostwrite for Stat Ended Badly—but Not Badly Enough
Big Weed will capitalize on cannabis at any cost to society
Biodiversity just as powerful as climate change for healthy ecosystems
Body's own defense against ALS actually drives disease progression at later stages
Brain Composer - 'Thinking' melodies onto a musical score
Campaigns to reduce elective early-term births effective, study finds
Children who are oldest in school year get better degrees
Cocaine users' brains unable to extinguish drug associations
Combined Prenatal Pesticide Exposure and Folic Acid Intake in Relation to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Converting waste toilet paper into electricity
Correlation between height and risk of thrombosis
DNA looping architecture may lead to opportunities to treat brain tumors
Drug company created massive network of fake cancer patients to sell lucrative prescriptions while bribing doctors
Drugs in Disguise Heal the Brain
Earthquake triggers 'slow motion' quakes in New Zealand
Eczema sufferer has to vacuum her bed EVERY DAY
Ethnic diversity in schools may be good for students' grades, a UC Davis study suggests
Explaining bursts of activity in brains of preterm babies
Exposure to 9/11 dust shows up in children’s blood
Eye movements reveal temporal expectation deficits in ADHD
Fathers can influence the sex of their offspring, scientists show
Help To Prevent Diabetes Disasters
High tobacco use, poor diet worsening non-communicable diseases
How liver cancer develops
Illegal pollution is poisoning children at 950 schools
In Utero Exposure to Select Phenols and Phthalates and Respiratory Health in Five-Year-Old Boys
India - Official who blew whistle on Monsanto’s GM Bt cotton is removed from post
Indians could live longer if air quality improves
Insecticide Use and Breast Cancer Risk among Farmers’ Wives in the Agricultural Health Study
Insulin Resistance Is Associated With Smaller Cortical Bone Size in Nondiabetic Men at the Age of Peak Bone Mass
Iowa farmers make record number of pesticide misuse claims
Is gout in elbow common? Causes, symptoms, and treatment of elbow gout
Is Trump Triggering PTSD in 9/11 Survivors?
Late meal times linked with increased body fat
Lawsuit Over a Suicide Points to a Risk of Antidepressants
Livestock production, a much smaller challenge to global food security than often reported
Long sitting periods may be just as harmful as daily total
Magic mushrooms may one day treat depression
Marijuana affects your sleep, according to experts
Melanoma can be prevented by eating fast food
Men with obese wives are at greater risk of diabetes
New Documentary Reveals Koch Brother Company Devastated Arkansas Community for Easy Profits
New research to treat acute malnutrition
Prescription drug pregabalin linked to death rise
Pressure growing on feds to do PFC health study
Protective Effects of Ethanolic Extracts from Artichoke, an Edible Herbal Medicine
Psychiatric care is postcode lottery, say medical experts
Research identifies causes and possible treatments for deadly diseases affecting children
Researchers create device to identify risks for breast cancer
Researchers find that body clock, gut microbiota work together to pack on the pounds
Researchers identify treatment option for brain injury patients suffering from aggression
Rising CO2 leading to changes in land plant photosynthesis
Running group helps half its graduates quit smoking
Scientists find that nanoparticles from tattoos travel inside the body
Scots scientists grow bone in lab to treat land mine victims
Smoking changes lung cells, primes them to develop cancer
Study of circular DNA comes full circle with use of old technique
The evolutionary origin of the gut
The main causes of dizziness in the elderly
Therapy proves effective in subgroup of COPD patients
This is how much of your life air pollution is stealing from you based on where you live
Toxicologists recommend human cell-based methods to identify asthma-causing chemicals
Trees with a probiotic boost clean up a carcinogen
Urban climate change
Vaping in pregnancy increases a child's risk of asthma
Veteran officers battling 9/11-related illnesses
We’re more likely to get cancer than to get married
What happens to pets after a natural disaster?
Wireless Industry Brochures Lead The Public To Misinterpret That Wireless is Safe
Your stools reveal whether you can lose weight

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