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Opvliegers kunnen een voorbode van diabetes kunnen zijn
Veranderde bloedstroom in premature baby’s ten opzichte van voldragen baby’s

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Argentijnse sojalobby veegt verbod op glyfosaat weg
Beantwoording Kamervragen over gevolgen schade door aardbevingen voor de gezondheid
Beantwoording Kamervragen over mogelijk nog grotere fraude bij CASA klinieken
Bent u een brave “scharrelslaaf”?
Binnenste buiten recepten
De enorme toename van psychische klachten
De gemeenten zijn verantwoordelijk voor het leerlingenvervoer
De relatie tussen chronische darmontstekingen, het microbioom en de botmassa
Dokter Baskin - Ethyl vs Methyl Kwik (ondertiteld)
Dotcom.radio aflevering No 82
Een kunstmatig knuffelhormoon - is dat goed nieuws?
Een voedingspatroon met veel bètacaroteen reduceert kans op dodelijke vorm borstkanker
Elektromagnetische velden en elektrohypersensitiviteit
Experimenten en werkwijzen Participatiewet
Flinke toename meldingen kindermisbruik op Aruba
Frankrijk verbiedt mobieltjes op school
Hebben we met sociale media een monster geschapen?
Heeft u altijd al willen weten hoe de NOS het nieuws manipuleert?
Het geheim van een school met achterstand
Hij klaagde de Nederlandse staat aan en haalde de wereldpers
Hoe de moderne mens de wereld in trok
Hyperthermie effectief bij depressie
Is Geothermie eigenlijk wel veilig?
Jaarlijks overlijden honderden ouderen door de gevolgen van een slecht gebit
Kamerbrief betreft overleg tarieven Wmo-dienstverlening
Kamerbrief over Convenant UWV en Verbond van Verzekeraars over re-integratietrajecten
bij failliete eigenrisicodragers voor WGA
Keuringsdienst van Waarde - de frikandel
Magnesium uit voeding en supplementen vermindert de kans op botbreuken
Na toewijzing patent verachtvoudigt farmaceut de medicijnprijs
Nederlands gezin vergiftigd door Pur schuim in isolatie
Noodkreet oprichter Amber Alert
Nucleaire wolk die over Europa trok, kwam toch niet van Rusland
Opsporen van genetische varianten
Organismen in zee kunnen plastic tasje in wel 1,75 miljoen kleine stukjes ‘scheuren’
Qua duurzaamheid kunnen we leren van de indianen
Rotterdam is de zwartste stad van Noordwest-Europa
Ruim een kwart van het verpakkingsmateriaal is niet te recyclen
Steeds meer partijen voor uitstel uitbreiding Lelystad Airport
Technologie haalt fijnstof uit Eindhovense lucht

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200,000 Acres have Burned to the Pacific Ocean
5 Tips in Dealing with Old Injuries as You are Aging
7 Testosterone Boosting Foods
Alternatives to Heart Surgery - Prevention by Dietary Intervention
Are You Itching on a Ketogenic Diet?
Argentina - Mapuche protesters march in defence of indigenous territory
Can Bras Trigger Breast Cancer? with Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.
Can You Change Your Diet in Your 80's and Still Gain Health Benefits?
Climate Alarm - Driven By Superstition, Not Science
Climate Sensitivity to CO2 is -0.02 Degrees Celsius
Good Fats & Bad Fats
Hormones and Heart Health
How Intentional Peer Support approaches contrast with mainstream psychiatry
Italian oil giant accused of dumping toxic waste off Sicily
James Peyer - We Can Defeat Aging
Millions of Americans prescribed opioids become fatally addicted every year
Plant Sources of Omega-3
Protein And Nutrition In Live Food Diets by Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.
Quintin Farmworkers & Their Families With Carmen Mata
Statin Drugs Are 'Terrible'! See Why This Doctor Thinks So
The Doomed Earth Controversy
The Future Of The Oceans - Blue Planet II
We Are in The 4th Dimension
Why Insomnia (Can't Sleep) on the Ketogenic Diet?
Woman With Stage 4 Cancer Thrown Out Of Town Hall After Asking About Healthcare

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Internationaal nieuws

10 Health Benefits of Royal Jelly and Why It May Be A Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
10 reasons to always take a lunch break
600,000 women ditch pill after fears links breast cancer
7 simple health tips for protecting your brain and cognitive function
A growing body of evidence suggests diet drinks might not be so slimming after all
A Minnesota healthcare firm dismissed 50 employees for refusing to get flu vaccinations
A rocky “super earth” that orbits a Sun-like star
A Vaccine’s UNCERTAINTIES Divulged And It’s Not Healthfully Reassuring
A Vegan Diet Could Do Wonders for Your Skin
Antioxidant Role of Vitamin D in mice with Alloxan-Induced Diabetes
Apple Polyphenol Suppresses Indomethacin-Induced Gastric Damage in Experimental Animals
Are Your Favorite Jeans Part of the Climate Problem?
Australian Court Finds Wind Turbine Noise Exposure a ‘Pathway to Disease’
Autism, mercury, aluminum and vaccine-induced encephalopathy
Avoid Mammograms like the Plague
Bayer to face EU objections to Monsanto deal in coming days
Ben-Gurion U. researcher indicates nicotine replacement is safer for pregnant women than smoking
Boosting the antibiotic arsenal
Burkina Faso’s troubles with Monsanto’s GM cotton
Can this pesticide kill pests but spare the bees?
Can Video Games Help Improve Balance in Individuals Diagnosed with Autism
Can your crockpot give you lead poisoning?
Current Sunscreens Lack Protection Against Damaging Effects of Visible Light
Dentures linked to higher risk of weak joints and muscles
Diabetes drug manufacturers unable to prove any real benefit to patients
Differences in brain gray matter volume in patients with Crohn's disease
Do Genes Direct Our Behavior?
Does Brain Inflammation Cause Suicidal Thoughts?
Dose responses of vitamin D3 supplementation on arterial stiffness
E-cig use increases risk of beginning tobacco cigarette use in young adults
Effects of Acupuncture Treatment on Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Electrohypersensitivity, oxidative stress and healthy diet
Electromagnetic fields have been shown to affect the activity in cell membranes
Elevated Serum Vitamin B12 Levels as a Prognostic Factor for Survival Time in
Metastatic Cancer Patients
Even one exercise event improves brain health, recent study finds
Exposure to air pollution just before or after conception raises risk of birth defects
First pregnancy test that can be flushed down the toilet
Genetically deprived vitamin D exposure predisposes to atrial fibrillation
Halt mental decline with Omega-3s and B vitamins
How dental X-rays could help identify a vitamin D deficiency
How DHA Can Protect Your Eyes, Making Them Immune To Injury
How Magic Mushrooms May Have Influenced the Course of Human Evolution
How Monsanto's GM cotton sowed trouble in Africa
I Was Banned From The WTO For Defending People’s Rights
If you want to remember something, read it out loud.
India May Ban Petcoke, One of Dirtiest Fossil Fuels Exported by Koch Brothers
Industrial Revolution left a damaging psychological 'imprint' on today's populations
Injuries from window blinds send two children to the emergency department every day
Is there a link between alcohol and skin cancer?
Life in a cold climate may increase the chances of suffering from cancer
Mass starvation is humanity’s fate if we keep flogging the land to death | George Monbiot
Natural vs. Artificial Herd Immunity
NOAA Still Falsifying Icelandic Climate History
Now we're all told we should have the cholesterol levels of a newborn
Oil Spills Double Risk of Baby Deaths in Nigeria
Payment incentives to psychiatrists in Ontario do not increase access for new patients
Percutaneous coronary intervention is a well-justified treatment option also in severe
coronary artery disease
Protective effect of astaxanthin on acute cerebral infarction in rats
Researchers at John Hopkins find heart-healthy diet is as effective as drugs (with fewer side effects)
for many adults with high blood pressure
Researchers may have found a link between Alzheimer’s disease and a common class of herbicides
Rheumatoid arthritis during pregnancy may increase chronic disease risk in children
Schizophrenia associated with vitamin deficiencies from the start
Scientists Slow Progression of a Fatal Form of Muscular Dystrophy
Sea creatures plagued by human plastic pollution
Sea Shepherd Is Launching an Awesome Campaign to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico
Serum and urine vitamin D metabolite analysis in early preeclampsia
Social Jet Lag Impacting Addiction and Depression
Solar Activity Has A Direct Impact On Earth’s Cloud Cover
Solar, wind and nuclear have ‘amazingly low’ carbon footprints, study finds
Soy, cruciferous vegetables associated with fewer common breast cancer treatment side effects
Study confirms suspicion that military veterans at greater risk of suicide than general population
Study Finds Genetic Mutation Causes ‘Vicious Cycle’ in Most Common Form of ALS
Study identifies hundreds of genetic ‘switches’ that affect height
Study shows combining chemotherapy with targeted drug boosts response in
chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Study shows how electrical stimulation in the brain instructs appropriate response
Taurine lends hand to repair cells damaged in multiple sclerosis
Teachers call for ban on energy drinks in schools
The battle for medical weed isn’t over yet
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Revised and Abridged Edition
The EPA spent millions in taxpayer dollars to push climate change propaganda via social media
The French food industry v. public health
These Common Breakfast Foods Will Kill Your Energy
This Neuroscientist Wants Researchers to Study More Female Brains
This study showed that diabetes risk is increased in hig- risk patients who use statin
Thyroid hormones alter estrous cyclicity and antioxidative status in the ovaries of rats
Tobacco companies finally have to say smoking causes cancer
Tying the Brain and Body Together in Fibromyalgia?
Use of lavender before an operation has been found to reduce anxiety in surgery
What the Sugar Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
What's in a name? How Taking a spouse's surname can define power in marriage
When tumors fuse with blood vessels, clumps of breast cancer cells can spread
Why Do Human Beings Love Music So Much?
World's Plastic Nightmare May Never End as China's Demand Set to Soar

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Mike Donkers: Feiten en fictie over voeding

Vrijdag 15 december 2017

Er zijn maar weinig onderwerpen waar meer tegenstrijdige meningen over
bestaan dan voeding. Bestaat er een objectieve maatstaf van goede
voeding die geldt voor alle mensen? Of is het juist een individuele
zoektocht naar wat wel of niet bij je past? Volgens Mike Donkers hoef je
alleen maar te kijken naar voeding die zich door de eeuwen heen
heeft bewezen als bevorderlijk voor de gezondheid en vruchtbaarheid
van mensen over de hele wereld. Een tipje van de sluier: deze lezing
mag dan plaatsvinden in de decembermaand, maar volgens Mike
mag je het hele jaar door eten alsof het kerstmis is!

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