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Nieuwe artikelen

Antibiotica in schoonmaakmiddelen kunnen meervoudige resistentie verspreiden in MRSA
Relatie nachtwerk en verhoogd risico op obesitas

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aantal obesitas-kinderen wereldwijd in veertig jaar vertienvoudigd
Anne-Marie Spierings over kabinetsbesluit sanering varkenssector
Biobrandstof maakt vliegen niet milieuvriendelijker
Bram Bakker boos op media
De natuurbeheerder die van een vuilstort een oase maakt
De Powerpoint die Monsanto liever geheim wilde houden
Donorweek - Lijdt de orgaandonor helse pijn?
Dr Geier & dr Spitzer over oa 'de Deense studie' (Madsen)
Een verdachte patiŽnt is nog geen dader
Gelders provinciebestuur wil onderzoek naar vliegtuigoverlast Lelystad Airport
Het zuur van Rutte III zit vooral in de zorg
Hormoonverstorende stoffen nestelen zich in hersenen
Inademen stallucht voldoende voor MRSA-besmetting
Insecten op je broodje bij Bagels&Beans
Is het plukken van wilde paddestoelen wel duurzaam?
Jongste kinderen in klas worden ten onrechte aangezien als kinderen met ADHD
Kerncentrales onvoldoende bestand tegen aanval
Klimaatplannen kabinet irrealistisch en onhaalbaar
Kom in opstand komen tegen alle zaken die je onrechtmatig vindt
Kracht uit kristallen
Legaal maar FATAAL
Maak een einde aan subsidie van vervuilers
Middel tegen taaislijmziekte niet in pakket
Nederlanders bekommeren zich om dieren in erbarmelijke omstandigheden
Onderzoek naar manier van belastinginning door de waterschappen
Onderzoekers kweken werkende dunne darm uit stamcellen
Onderzoekers luiden opnieuw de noodklok over Nemo
Pluimveeboeren opgescheept met miljoen kilo besmette kippenmest
Protestactie tegen megastallen voor het gemeentehuis in Sellingen
Q-koortspatiŽnten krijgen miljoen minder dan beloofd
Verhogen antidepressiva de kans op hartproblemen en vroegtijdig overlijden?
Vrouwen leven langer tussen het groen
Waterschappen verzaakten bij controle kunstgras
Wereldwijd probleem - jongeren slapen te weinig
Wie regeert de wereld?
Zeewierboer Sjoerd Laarhoven teelt natuurlijke waterfilters

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De laatste videoclips

Are We Alone in the Universe? - Joseph Silk
Canada warns over illegal poaching of American Ginseng plants
De arts die wel kritische vragen stelde over het BMR vaccin
Dr. Mercola and Elizabeth Candelario Discuss the Effects of Biodynamic Farming
Elephants vs. Wild Dogs - Who Takes the Prize in This Water Battle?
Epigenetics, Dirty Genes and Autism
GMO Concerns and The Effects of Pesticides with Jeffrey M. Smith
Go with your gut feeling | Magnus Walker
Hello Food Industry, Meet Food Activists
Is Breast Thermography Better Than a Mammogram?
Maria Emmerich - 'Ketogenic Cooking'
New Yorkers Call for Indigenous Peoplesí Day
Spike In Radioactive Particles Over Europe Baffles Scientists
The epidemic of diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa
The Monsanto Papers are secret, internal documents that have now been made public
Tobacco Disparities in the U.S.

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Internationaal nieuws

A specific protein regulates the burning of body fat to generate heat
A Study of Eyewitness Media and Vicarious Trauma on the
Aging slows perception of falls
An Interview with Richard Moskowitz MD Author of Vaccines - A Reappraisal
Anthrax killed more than 100 hippos in Namibia, officials say
Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team Sues The US Department Of Commerce
Association of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms with diabetic dyslipidemia in the elderly
Author says illness being misdiagnosed as child abuse
Benefits of the flu vaccine have been hyped up while the side effects have been disregarded
Better managing plastic waste in a handful of rivers could stem plastics in the ocean
Bloomberg - Traders get on their bikes for autism
Breaking the silence over mental health taboo is the first step towards healing
Breast cancer linked to bacterial imbalances
Breath sensor tells you when youre burning fat
Children with ADHD Likely to Have Touch-Processing Abnormalities
Cities taking narrow approach to start adapting to climate change see benefits
Clean water vs. farm profits at heart of fertilizer-rule debate
Confusion about long-term treatment of osteoporosis clarified
Connected health devices can pose significant privacy risks
Copenhagen Mayor Wants to Phase Out Diesel Cars
Dirty birds show just how catastrophic air pollution used to be.
Does Chronic Inflammation Contribute to PCOS?
Epidural pain meds do not slow labour
Fear of pain and UTIs cause women's declining libido
Female dolphins twist during sex only the best fertilise
Fertility tests may not be best gauge of your biological clock
Frailty associated with increased risk of complications following common, outpatient operations
Gel to fight rheumatoid arthritis
Getting a good night's sleep and feeling better could be all in your head
Glyphosate - Expert finds BfR guilty of plagiarism from Monsanto
Hormone therapy may benefit migraine sufferers without increased risk of heart disease
How Fever in Early Pregnancy Causes Heart, Facial Birth Defects
How serious is postmenopausal bleeding?
How the coffee industry will be affected by climate change
How Two Michigan Court Cases Are Mainlining Informed Consent and Parental Choice
Hunger and Obesity on the Rise in Latin America, UN Food Body Warns
In Latest West Antarctic Glacial Melt Scare, Influence of Geological Heat Flow Ignored
JFK Assassination Files Due for Release - Why Conspiracy Theorists Are Excited
Junk food ads spend 27 times more than health scheme
Keep your knees strong with this simple workout
Keto Diet May Hold Key to Treatments for Brain Inflammation
Ketone nutritional supplements - Good or bad for athletic performance?
Key glyphosate hearing to take place in heated atmosphere
Liver disease risk may be heightened by gastric acid drugs
Lymphatic Massage, Clogged Drains and Fibromyalgia Pain
Magnetic Storms May Be Responsible for Whales Getting Stranded
Melatonin Effective for Children With Autism and Insomnia
Mitochondrial DNA could predict risk for sudden cardiac death, heart disease
Monsanto Caught Red-Handed Making False Statements About 3rd party Research
Monsanto's 'Jaw-Dropping' Deception Exposed in 'Whitewash'
New Global Review Shows Five-Fold Increase in Pest Resistance to GM Crops
New study examines full range of post-stroke visual impairments
Newborns exposed to BPA more likely to have gut issues
Obesity linked to agricultural policy, new studies say
Oil War? Whose oil? 3/4 of oil to Israel comes from Kurdish Iraq
Older adults with insomnia may fall even more when on prescription sleep meds
OPEC Secretary General urges US shale oil producers to help cap global supply
Our Addiction to Palm Oil Is Wiping Out Wildlife and Threatening Food Security
Our minds can be hijacked - the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia
Painful sex and bladder problems take toll on women's libido during menopause
Parliament set to debate controversial vaginal mesh
Popular acid blockers promote liver disease, study finds
Quorn is just as good as building your muscles as meat
Report Shows Palm Oil Companies Disclosed How Much Damage They Would Cause
Research identifies brain chemical abnormalities in earliest stage of psychosis
Researchers identify neural mechanisms that strengthen or weaken memories during sleep
Rick Perryís vision of hot tub-sized nuclear power plants isnít so far-fetched
Rising carbon dioxide could be leading to less nutritious crops
Risk of developing depression linked to poor diet and exercise
Scientist Warns of Mass Marine Extinction
Scientists are trying to take the gluten out of wheat in latest attempt to one-up Mother Nature
Sharing of Science Is Most Likely Among Male Scientists
Social media giants made to reveal scale of cyber bullying
Spark's blindness gene therapy reviewed by U.S. FDA
Swollen toes? Arthritis symptoms similar to THIS painful condition
Tai chi holds promise as cardiac rehab exercise
Temperature Increase From Doubling CO2 Is Insignificant Compared to Natural Variability
The animal rights advocate reenvisioning the future of food
The danger in France's nuclear spent-fuel pools
The Ever Rising Cost Of The Climate Change Act
The Indian farmers falling prey to pesticide
The Surprising Link Between Marriage and Heart Health
The USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee Gets The Spanking It Deserves
This Startup Is Making Plastic Packaging You Can Eat Instead of Throwing Out
Transdermal estradiol shows promise in treating and preventing perimenopausal depression
Traumatic events take toll on the heart
Traumatic experiences may raise women's heart disease risk
Vitamin E Helps Decrease Your Cancer Risk
We Need to Kick our Addiction to Plastic
When the Brain's Wiring Breaks
Whitewash - The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science
Whitewash Book Could Get Monsantoís Roundup (Glyphosate)
Women can breathe sigh of relief when using vaginal estrogen to treat menopause symptoms
World's 'better' countries have higher rates of cancer



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