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Nieuwe artikelen

Samenhang dispersies olielekkage Golf van Mexico en gezondheidsproblemen
Verminderde blootstelling pesten kan psychische ziekten bij prematuren verminderen

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Als er proeven komen met legale wietteelt, dan heeft Terneuzen zeker interesse
Bewoners Den Dolder - zeg ons als criminelen naar buiten mogen
Biobrandstof maakt vliegen niet milieuvriendelijker
De vervuiler betaalt, maar Defensie niet
Een beetje olie maakt je groentjes nog gezonder
Een promovenda ontmaskerde een fraudeur
Geheime diensten mogen online steeds meer, maar wie houdt dat in de gaten?
Goudwinning bedreigt Ghanese cacaoproductie
GroenLinks wil meer bos in Groningen
Hoe beïnvloeden omgevingsfactoren onze stofwisseling?
In ijsmerk Ben&Jerry’s op de Europese markt zijn sporen van glyfosaat gevonden
Kamerbrief over gewasbeschermingsmiddelenresiduen op gojibessen
Kamerlid Nijboer - Ik wens Drenthe geen gaswinningsproces als in Groningen
Kerncentrales te kwetsbaar voor aanslagen
Klacht ingediend tegen misleidende reclame varkenstransporteur
Kun je kanker bestrijden met een vaccin?
Malafide hondenhandel - deel 1
Malafide hondenhandel - deel 2
Meditatie verandert de architectuur van het brein en vermindert stress
Met HSP functioneren in een werkomgeving
Monsanto brengt Roundup zelf in verband met kanker
Muizen in New York evolueren door fastfood
Omwonenden kliniek Den Dolder zijn het zat
Proces tegen Greenpeace kan voortbestaan bedreigen
PvdD haalt Caring Vets naar de Kamer
Roundup veilig? Hoe Monsanto intern spreekt over een giftig product
Straling, Experimenten en Westerse geneesknudde - Désirée en Joeroen
Student filmt extreem voorbeeld van plastic in vogelmaag
Tepco en Japanse overheid aansprakelijk voor Fukushima
Twee miljard mensen schenken blind hun persoonlijke gegevens aan Facebook
Voldoende steun voor referendum over tapwet
Werkt cannabis beter dan een aspirine?

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De laatste videoclips

Ancient Way That Naturally Cleanse the Liver
Deadly pesticides show up in honey all around the world
Dr. David Unwin - resolving Diabetes and Obesity
Dr. Mercola Interviews Elizabeth Candelario from Demeter on Biodynamics
Economics Behind Childhood Chronic Illnesses with Beth Lambert
Health Benefits of Real Butter - Know The Cause
Henrik Svensmark's documentary on climate change and cosmic rays
How one group of doctors drastically decreased opioid prescriptions
Is There A Link Between Undercooked Poultry And UTI's?
Magnesium Deficiency 8 Warning Signs
Mercury is NOT an Issue When Eating Salmon
Mold Toxins (Mycotoxins) and Joint Stiffness
Three New Marine Parks Protect Stunning Biodiversity
What Is Causing Heart Disease? with Joel Kahn

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Aardmagnetisch veld

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Internationaal nieuws

A step towards a new drug to treat fungal infections that kill 1.6 million people annually
A wayward weedkiller divides farm communities, harms wildlife.
According To A New Study, These Are The 10 Most Overused And
Unnecessary Medical Treatments
Adding fat to your salad makes it healthier
Aggressive breast cancer treatment tied to more missed work
Air pollution exposure on home-to-school walking routes reduces the growth of
working memory in children.
An 8-week open label trial of l-Threonic Acid Magnesium Salt in patients with
mild to moderate dementia
Anthocyanins in black rice, soybean and purple corn increase fecal butyric acid
and prevent liver inflammation in obese mice
AP govt seeks legitimizing cultivation of herbicide-tolerant GM cotton.
Auditing Diabetes in Ireland
Best way to recognize emotions in others
Biomarkers indicating diminished reserve of eggs not associated with reduced fertility
Breaking The Silence On Osteoporosis
Bullying Can Harm Entire School Climate
California lowers penalty for knowingly exposing partners to HIV
Can Coffee Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?
Carbon monoxide poisoning - the silent killer
Checking your phone in bathroom? Not good, study says
Climate Scientists Attack Tony Abbott's 'Misleading' Speech to Global
Warming Policy Foundation
Climate Scientists Mislead The World About Great Barrier Reef
Clinical trials and immunotherapy fuel optimism in cancer treatment
Common acid reflux medications promote chronic liver disease
Complaints over dicamba chemical continue in Missouri
Cosmic Rays, Clouds, and Climate Change
Diabetes warning - Why you should NEVER ignore an unquenchable thirst
Do Airport Scanners Alter Our DNA?
Do Parents Value Play Time for Children?
Effect of stopping behavioral interventions on inappropriate antibiotic prescribing
EU agencies accused of cherry-picking evidence in glyphosate assessment
European Parliament Takes Aim at Monsanto and Glyphosate
Fatty diet may boost risk of relapse in kids with multiple sclerosis
FDA panel considers gene therapy for blindness
Fenugreek supplementation during high-fat feeding improves specific
markers of metabolic health.
Going to a sauna twice a week cuts pneumonia risk, study finds
Good gut bacteria can be useful in making cancer immunotherapies work better
High-tech gel could stop your knees becoming arthritic
How activated carbon could get toxins out of soil
How Antibiotics in Livestock Harms Our Health
How The Elite And Greedy Corporations Are Destroying Thousands Of Years Of Agriculture
How to Make Your Own Ghee
Human intestines have been grown in the lab
Humans will be banned from driving within next 25 years
Ibuprofen better choice over oral morphine for pain relief in children after minor surgery
Ignoring the danger of ionising radiation
Increased selenium intake associated with lower mortality risk during up to
13.9 years of follow-up
Infertility and diet - Increase your chances of pregnancy with more vegetable
protein, study reveals
International experts describe a new way of cells behaving when submitted
to chemotherapy
Is Moldy Food Dangerous?
Is the Fibro-fog in Fibromyalgia a Prelude to Dementia?
Lab slices up brains to find a cure for Parkinson's
Likely new treatment target identified for diabetic retinopathy
Low-carb diet company under fire for fudging nutrition data
Major breakthrough identifies new mechanism for the development of schizophrenia
Maternal smoking may lead to cerebral palsy in offspring
Mental Distress Is Simply Unease At Living In A Hostile World
Missing breakfast cuts more than 300 calories a day
Mixed organization of gut bacteria is revealed by microbiome imaging technology
Monsanto papers - the scientific sign of fake studies on glyphosate
Mother 'gobsmacked' by school's treatment of her autistic son
Mother's immune system linked with severity of child's autism, new study shows
Mothers' chronic asthma, allergies linked to more severe autism in children
My anxiety was misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome
Neanderthal DNA may have shaped our modern looks
New insight into how brain cells die in Alzheimer's and FTD
New Serotonin Study Suggests Psychedelics May Effectively Treat Mental Illness
Nutribullet blenders could make juice a healthy option
NZ children see many unhealthy food adverts
Pest resistance to GM Frankencrops increases five-fold
Research Finds Further Evidence That Fats and Oils Help to Unlock
Full Nutritional Benefits of Veggies
Researchers map the illegal use of natural resources in the protected Brazilian Amazon
Rise in children diagnosed with arthritis alarming, say doctors
Siberias Mysterious Crater
Smoking Out Big Tobacco
Social media giants made to reveal scale of cyber bullying
Statins patients 'used as guinea pigs'
Study finds good gut bacteria improves cancer patient's response to immunotherapy
Study Illuminates Public Perceptions of Climate Engineering
Study revealing links between heart disease and ailments including autism
Ten super herbs that can improve your health
The Battle against the Global Food Conglomerates
The Dirty Secret of the Food Industry Funding Bias
The Fitbits of food ingestion?
The Perfect Seed - Why Everyone Should Add Pumpkin Seeds to Their Diet
The Vietnam War is Not History for Victims of Agent Orange
This May Be The End Of Europe As We Know It - The Pension Storm Is Coming
Thorium nuclear power is not going to be cheap
To vax or not to vax? An in-depth analysis of vaccine pros, cons
UN’s ‘Climate Change’ Is Daylight Robbery
What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience
Where is fiber fermented in the pig digestive tract?
Who is most at risk of bowel cancer?
Why can't simple things be checked first before anti-depressants?
Why you should consider drinking tea
Wind farms could generate five times more energy if they were over open ocean



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