Leefbewust.com - de alternatieve timeline  - maandag 11 september 2017

Ontvang iedere werkdag rond 19.00 uur een selektie van de meest interessante nieuwtjes in je mailbox

Nieuwe artikelen

Borstvoeding kan helpen verergering van astma later in het leven te voorkomen
Vervuiling nanodeeltjes stijgt 30% bij omschakelen bio- naar fossiele brandstof

Nederlandstalig nieuws

André Bijkerk over paleoklimatologie en de rol van CO2
Anxiety-like behavioural effects of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field in rat
Asbestsanering leidt tot onrust in Hoogezand
Commotie over achtergelaten honden op parking Efteling
Daar zijn ze dan, de intellectuelen - Baclofen misleiding
Dit is waarom stappentellers slecht kunnen zijn voor je gezondheid
Dotcom.radio nr 70
Dé eczeempatiënt bestaat niet
Eed van Hippocrates – artseneed
Kan een referendum de 'aftapwet' doen wankelen?
Klimaatverandering is voor media een lastig verhaal
Krijgen we referendum over tapwet? Nu al 40.000 handtekeningen
Lage bromtonen moeten ook worden opgenomen in de wet geluidshinder
Medici moeten kiezen voor ‘bewegen als medicijn’
Oudere werknemers worden regelmatig geconfronteerd met leeftijdsdiscriminatie op de werkvloer
PvdA wil extra onderzoek naar batterijvervuiling Eext
Risico’s van toenemend gebruik in Canada van zware pijnstillers
Schildklierkanker rond de Belgische nucleaire sites en kerncentrales
Simon Rozendaal - klimaatscepticus ‘avant la lettre’
Steeds meer 65-plussers voor de klas
Steve Backshall reist de wereld over, op zoek naar de meest dodelijke dieren
Universiteit raadt studenten aan om meer te masturberen
Verpleeghuizen in geldnood moet je niet helpen maar failliet laten gaan
Verzwegen waarheden
Voedselcoöperatie is gewild
Waarom willen apps zo onnodig veel persoonlijke informatie van je hebben?
Xtc erkend als mogelijke behandeling tegen PTSS
Zelfdoding kan komen door suïcideverhaal bekend persoon in de media
Zieke cavia’s kunnen pneumonie veroorzaken

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Nuttige links

Nieuwskanaal - actuele grafieken zonnevlammen, zonnestormen, schuman frequentie en meer
Dotcomnieuws - de laatste internationale nieuwtjes
Dotcomradio - iedere week een uitzending die je kunt downloaden in MP3 formaat
Forbiddensource - links naar artikelen in de alternatieve media en meer

Nederlandgids - overzicht van uitjes en evenementen in Nederland

Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan

De laatste videoclips

5 inspirerende ideeen om het onderwijs te verbeteren
An Invitation to the Flower of Intimacy - Aisha Salem
Annimal matters - hurricane Harvey's wildlife rescues
Back Pain Relief at Home, How to Use a Foam Roller for Neck Pain
Bewoners Veluwe organiseren zich in protest tegen het laag vliegen
Big Ag Is Waging A War Against Free Speech
Can Stevia Trigger Insulin?

Can Zika virus kill brain cancer?
Dierenarts Saskia van Rooy ‘Ik ben zwaar mishandeld door personeel slachterij’
Dr Suzanne- more herd immunity
Eating More Green Leafy Vegetables May Lower Glaucoma Risk
Een korte cursus bromtoonspeuren met Jan van Muijlwijk
Gesmolten plastic op vier wielen
Happiness vs Pleasure
How Genetics and Cancer are Connected
Hurricane Irma Sucked The Ocean Away From Beaches In The Bahamas
Inwoners van Rotterdam en Schiedam worden gek van brommende schepen
Jan van Muijlwijk werkt als geluidsdeskundige bij Omgevingsdienst Groningen
Liz Parrish - A New Paradigm of Aging
Over fermenteren en onze gezondheid - Juglen Zwaan & Christian Weij

Professor John Read on safety of Electroconvulsive Therapy (Electroshock)
Rigtergroep in zwaar weer wegens geldgebrek
South Korea farmers fear toxic effects of anti-missile defence system
The Happiness Formula - Michael Weinberger & Ashley James
The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island
Ventilator shortage killing children in India hospitals
Weather Modification Is Real - Dr Judy Wood
Weather Wars Are Real - Hurricanes
What Is DTube? - Why It Can Replace YouTube!
What Type of Protein Works Best for Weight Loss?
What's Feeding Irma - Weather Manipulation EVIDENCE
Why Potassium Makes Your Muscles Grow
Will Sugar-Free Help Me Lose Weight?
WTC 7 Did Not Collapse from Fire

De kosmos op dit moment

Zonnestormen Zonnevlammen Magnetisch veld Schumann frequentie


Internationaal nieuws

15 States with the Highest Rates of Autism in America
49% of Fukushima nuke disaster evacuees returning home to live are elderly
5G frequencies and IoT
6 Foods that Improve Blood Circulation
A Revolutionary Method of Using Antipsychotic Drugs
A tsunami hit Britain in the 11th century due to an asteroid
Algorithm can detect when you're distracted while driving
American women lack access to preterm birth medications
An entirely renewable energy future is possible, a new study says
An Open Letter to the Spiritual Community About Psychiatry
Animal welfare - Potential new indicator of chronic stress in horses
Bariatric surgery associated with semen abnormalities and reduced fertility in men
Black mental health is not the same as white mental health, says an NYU professor
Brother of 9/11 victim claim US orchestrated the atrocity as study shows it was impossible third tower collapsed from fire
Cancer cells may trick immune system with sugary coating
Children are suffering serious head lice infestations
Climate change did not cause hurricanes, but made them more destructive
Complementary and alternative therapies for restless legs syndrome
Do we need to reform international drug treaties as more countries legalize cannabis?
Doctor’s Baby Allegedly Dies Following Vaccines
Does the fear of surveillance make you self-conscious about what you click on?
Dr Alison Pike says ignoring your child may help behaviour
Effects of pomegranate seed oil on oxidant/antioxidant balance
Electroacupuncture relieves depression-like symptoms in rats exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress
EpiPens have caused deaths and serious illnesses, FDA says
Exposure amount and timing of solar irradiation during pregnancy and the risk of sensitization in children
Federal Cannabis Prohibition Major Cause of Premature Death in U.S.
Folic acid may mitigate autism risk from pesticides
Geoengineering In The Wake Of The Storm
Health outcomes of non-nutritive sweeteners: analysis of the research landscape
House moves to keep EPA from enforcing Bay pollution diet
How Monsanto Is Devastating Thousands of Farms Across 20 States
How to Make Perfectly Crispy French Fries Without Frying in Oil
How to Overcome Nightmares through Internet
John McCain Was Funded By George Soros
Later circadian timing of food intake is associated with increased body mass index
Lung cancer - Scientists find answer to resistance
Meeting a microbe in the morning or in the evening
NASA warns we are still being battered by SOLAR storms
New Treatment Significantly Improved Bladder Activity After Spinal Cord Injury
Number of Europeans exposed to secondhand smoke at work rising to more than 1 in 4
Nursing home workers often fail to change gloves, risking spread of infection: New study
Opioid drug manufacturer found to have repeatedly bribed doctors with lucrative kickbacks
Plant Fats are Linked to Intelligence
Polio-like disease in children
Potential Role of Curcumin Against Biofilm-Producing Organisms on the Skin
Powerful painkiller use 'doubled in 15 years'
Puffy eyes causes, complications, symptoms, and treatment
Radioactive particles from North Korea nuclear tests now found in South Korea’s air, land and water
Relationship of low 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels with long-term survival in a large cohort of colorectal cancer
Revolutionary eye test can detect early signs of dementia
Saying "yes" all the time makes us miserable and unproductive. Just say "No!"
Sea level 'fingerprints' show climate change's effects
Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic
Self-Help Matters in Recurrent Depression
Single men are nearly FOUR TIMES more likely to be frail
South Asians with family history of heart disease at greater risk
Study Finds Women’s Brains Are Far More Active Than Men’s
Study on climate change shows how cities can prioritize public health
The Unintended Consequences of Colorado’s “Social Experiment”
Uber to stop using diesel cars in London by end 2019
UFO enthusiasts claim shapes below ISS are alien portals
What mediates the beneficial effects of exercise on breast cancer outcomes?
When you eat is key to weight loss

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