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60.000 mensen hand-in-hand eisen sluiting Tihange kerncentrale
Beantwoording Kamervragen over de duurzaamheidscriteria voor biomassa
Bijzondere pindakaas in Markthal Rotterdam
De shockerende waarheid over wat er echt in vaccins zit
De windreus van Nederland ligt boven de Wadden
De Zoetermeerse instelling SteunStekkie Kurma wordt verdacht van PGB-fraude
Dementerende man overlijdt na mishandeling door mede-patiënt
Doe-het-zelf zaadtest met smartphone
Duits Waddeneiland Pellworm - verlaten proeftuin voor energieautarkie
Eten uit blik, da’s pas duurzaam
Fabeltje dat bioboeren meer gesubsidieerd worden
Geld voor proef CO2-opslag in lege Noordzeevelden
Genezen, maar ontslagen? Geen discriminatie
Hoe ga je om met voeding bij schimmelinfecties?
Hoe werkt een triagesysteem?
Illegale teelt zal blijven bij ander wietbeleid
In alle vrijheid schenden we onze privacy en ook nog op grote schaal
Infectieuze colitis - Ontsteking dikke darm met diarree
Koppeling patiëntendossiers zorgt voor grote problemen
Lage eigenwaarde als risicofactor voor het ontwikkelen van depressie en angststoornissen bestudeerd
Last minute examenstress? Neem een vel bubbeltjesplastic mee
Luteïne en zeaxanthine verminderen stress
Microplastic in mosselen, zout en honing
Nieuwe bloedverdunners
Nieuwe hoogleraar zoekt naar therapie op maat voor artrose
Ontstekingsreactie de oorzaak van schizofrenie?
Opruimen kernafval Petten 71 miljoen duurder
Plan voor windreuzen sneuvelt
Prijsdruk supermarkten bedreigt biologische teelt
Red de wilde bij - plant bloemen
Regulering ingenieus hersencelmechanisme essentieel voor gezond ouder worden
Rijkelui hebben geen zin in het witwasregister
Samen sterk met suiker
Steeds meer huisartsen krijgen last van burn-out
Vertrouwde muziek verbetert mentale gezondheid van demente ouderen
Waarom u na een halfuur zitten best even rechtstaat
Waddengebied mogelijk binnen één eeuw verdronken
Wat doet compleetheidsdwang met je?
Wetenschappers VS mogen klimaatonderzoek voorzetten in Frankrijk


Plastic in je kleding

Onze kleding vervuilt water, voedsel en lucht. Elke keer als we kunststof kleding in de wasmachine stoppen komen er plastic vezels in het milieu terecht. Onderzoekers krijgen er steeds meer zicht op waar deze vezels blijven en slaan alarm. Kledingvezels vervuilen ons water, ons voedsel en de lucht. Dat blijkt uit verschillende wetenschappelijke onderzoeken.



Je zal het maar hebben

Machiel is doof sinds zijn geboorte en kan hierdoor niet spreken. Hij werkt als barman bij theaterfestival De Parade. Roxy lijdt aan een ernstige angst- en paniekstoornis.



Keuringsdienst van waarde - Wild Zwijn

Van alle wilde beestjes in het bos is alleen het zwijn zo wild dat we het bij de naam noemen: wild zwijn. Voer voor jagers: nu ook veilig voorverpakt in de winkel. Maar is dat wel zo pluis?



A Chance Of Greater Longevity
Activated Charcoal is a Must-Have For Your Medicine Cabinet
Bone Cancer In Dogs - Holistic Options
Definition of eco-friendly living - Indian bamboo house
Early humans co-existed with human-like species 300,000 years ago in Africa
Earthship Academy in France, July-August 2017
Gary Taubes discusses low carb diets and sheds light on the hazards of sugar
Get Rid of the Cause of Psoriasis Nutritionally
How to Make Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk | Video | Dr. Weil
Is Fake News Crowding Out Real News?
Monsanto, The Master Of Lies And Purveyor Of Cancer
Neurological Symptoms, With Dr. Ann Shippy
Politiek, media en de sensatie - Birthe Schohaus en Dick Pels
Top 20 Cancer Killing Foods
Water - Shocking truth
What Is Insulin Resistance?
When was MERCURY declared safe? That would be never!
Why Carbon Dioxide is the "Miracle Molecule of Life" for GREENING our planet




Vitamine D

Omega 3



Vitamine C


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Internationaal nieuws

1 in 3 FDA-approved drugs 'are flagged for safety errors'
1 Year Per Gram - Man Gets Insane 18-Year Prison Sentence for Weed, Judge Furious
7 Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin
7 recipes that will help you treat depression naturally
A Kind Group of Strangers Worked Together for 3 Hours to Help a Beached Whale Back Into the Ocean
A possible way to new antibiotics
Acute effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic field emitted by mobile phone on brain function
African lake turns animals into statues
Aggressive skin cancer can be triggered by this virus
Amazon’s Indians and rainforest under attack
Ardene necklaces recalled after lead found in popular 'best friends' pendants
Astronauts Experience Decrease in Blood Vessel Function During Spaceflight, Study Finds
Baby brain scans reveal trillions of neural connections
Big Dairy Continues War Against Farmers and Raw Milk
Brain Protection from Omega-3 Fatty Acids Plus Several Other Health Benefits
Bullying leads victims to to binge drinking and drug abuse
Can't Touch This - The Psychological Effects of Functional Intimacy
Carbon Dioxide revealed as the "Miracle Molecule of Life" for re-greening the planet
Concern over rise in acne drug use
Dates have amazing health benefits
Descendants of syphilis study subjects emerging from shadows
Dirty money, dirty science - How the GMO industry really operates
Early epigenetic switches associated with childhood bone health
Effect of long-term exposure of mice to 900 MHz GSM radiation on experimental cutaneous candidiasis
Engineering human stem cells to model the kidney's filtration barrier on a chip
Exposure to mobile phone (900-1800 MHz) during pregnancy induced oxidative stress in tissues of dams
Exposure to RF-EMF produces increases in testicular proteins in adults that are related to carcinogenic risk
Fracking industry will be drain on Yorkshire water supply
Gardening helps reduce childhood obesity, study finds
GM crops stalled in 2016
GM petunias could harm wildlife in Britain’s gardens, warn campaigners
GMO-Ethanol Corn Contamination Raises Concerns About Another "StarLink" Disaster
Google requested to label anti-fracking websites as 'fake news'
Gut bacteria may help explain benefits of breastfeeding
Hanford nuclear site tunnel collapse leads to mass evacuation, "radiological contamination" and FAA air space ban
Health and cancer groups want enquiry on Monsanto's influence
How cells combat Salmonella
Human Guinea Pigs Of British Nuclear Testing In Australia Win Healthcare Victory
Indigenous Peoples’ Protest in Brazil Met With Police Brutality
Injured knee? How a 'noise' device could speed its recovery
Is building bigger houses a waste of energy?
Is Pakistan's solar power poised to take off?
Israeli, Harvard researchers to improve insulin management for type-1 diabetics
It's Exhausting - The Hidden Struggle of Working Women with Autism
Jason Evans says his father was killed by contaminated blood that the government "knew was dangerous".
Lawsuit claims deadly horse meat is to blame for outbreak that sickened several dogs this year, killing at least one
Lithium may save nerve cells after brain injury
Name sought for rare albino orangutan rescued in Indonesia
Nearly 30 million Americans drink contaminated tap water
New Appetite-Regulating Hormone Found
NSAIDs may raise heart attack risk in first week of use
Nutrition researchers aim to make science more accessible to young minds and the public
Ohio officials - it will take decades for wetlands to recover after major pipeline fluid spill
Panama Papers - Maltese Prime Minister attacked for refusing to appear before EU Parliament
Pesticide-friendly bill from Maine governor mirrors model by secretive national group
Postmenopausal hormone therapy associated with higher risk of hearing loss
Reducing Speed to Save Lives
Regularly consuming red meat and chips raises gout risk
Research may help combat abusive online comments
Researchers develop new way to clear pollutants from water
Rihanna's top knot look could make you BALD warns expert
Rising temperatures threaten stability of Tibetan alpine grasslands
Scientists successfully 3D print human cartilage with a breakthrough stem cell printer
Smoking may be banned in new council homes, says health expert
Some kids suffer extreme stress from the 'anxiety gene'
Straight out of the Nazi playbook - Hindu nationalists try to engineer ‘genius’ babies in India
Study Finds Plastic is Coming Back to Haunt You – in Salt – For Real
Study reveals that laughter improves cognition, insomnia and depression
Taking painkillers 'raises risk of heart attack'
The greatest of leaders are the ones smart enough to hire people smarter than them
The Vaccine Revolution for Truth
To age better, eat better
Two million people will be diagnosed with cancer during the next parliament
Undoctored, the terrific new book by Dr. William “Wheat Belly” Davis
Vaccine Injured Veterans Denied Benefits
Vitamin C raises intriguing questions
What will happen to farmers like me when Brexit turns our industry upside down? | Edward Barker
When It Comes To Zinc Deficiency The Nose Knows Best
Why are so many scientists studying this spice?
Why some GM crops fail to fight pests



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