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Aantal aanrijdingen met wilde dieren neemt toe
Afhaalpunten pakketpost misbruikt door tabaksbranche
Bijdrage Femke Merel Arissen debat 'Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit'
Bijdrage Frank Wassenberg debat 'Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit'
Blessure van dansers en musici vaak te verhelpen
BMR vaccinatie kan huidproblemen en ontstekingen veroorzaken
Cellulaire Geneeskunde bij hart- en vaatziekten - Lezing Dr. Rath
Corrupte constructies - Shell in het nauw
De macht van de onzichtbare bankiers
De Oorzaken van een Hartaanval?
Docent door een hel na onterechte beschuldiging MeToo
Doe geen zaken meer met Voedselbank Krimpenerwaard
Ernstig letsel op wintersport komt vaker voor bij ervaren skiërs
Europees akkoord over maatregelen tegen dieselgate
Fiscus vaker in de fout bij geheime belastingafspraken met bedrijven
Geef geld niet aan zorginstellingen, maar regio's
Geen seks voor het sporten?
Gezondheidsrisico’s van geitenhouderijen voor omwonenden
Hemel onder Vuur - ’n diepgaand chemtrailonderzoek
Kees van Amstel over het scheren van de edele delen
Kleumende kinderen vragen in video om nieuw schoolpand
Krachten bundelen voor jongeren met niet-aangeboren hersenletsel
Luchtbevochtiger voorkomt droge huid en andere klachten
Maak wet voor sluiten kolencentrales in 2030
Mysterie in Harderwijk - zwaar verzwakte en dode zwanen
Onderliggende oorzaken menstruatieklachten worden vaak over het hoofd gezien
Ophokplicht voor alle pluimvee na ontdekking vogelgriep Biddinghuizen
Paul Depla over het gemanipuleerde onderzoeksrapport naar de wietteelt
Plastic Soup Surfer stuurt deurwaarder af op Heineken
Privacy inbreker is grijs gebied
Psychotherapie heeft het meeste effect in de ochtend
STOP Mammografie! Kies voor Thermografie - Désirée Röver
Type 2 diabetes - Hoe dromen van vroeger een nachtmerrie worden
Vragen over opsporingscapaciteit bij milieucriminaliteit
Waarom verouderen sommige mensen snel en anderen traag?
Wanneer mogen kinderen meepraten over hun behandeling?
Zelf testen gezondheid leidt niet tot meer artsenbezoek
Zorg ervoor dat je geen slaaptekort krijgt door je smartphone

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De laatste videoclips

Anesthesia and neurotoxicity by Dr. Illana Fromer
Albatrosses are ingesting plastic - Blue Planet II
Baked Brussels Sprouts Recipe
Beerput Nederland - onderste steen moet boven
Holiday Sickness - Wade Lightheart And Ashley James
Kate Smirthwaite wants to censor the internet - Enjoy Katie Hopkins destroy her
Movement against hydropower dams in Cambodia
Multiple Sclerosis - What Was Learned From 144 Patients Over 34 Years
Oil Pulling Benefits for Plaque and Gingivitis
Panthera is on the front lines, standing between poachers and tigers
Reusable sanitary pads help Nigerian schoolgirls | Eco-at-Africa
Saving Leatherback Turtles In Trinidad
Signs Your Metabolism Is Slow
Sunflower Seastar - Terrifying Predator?
The Best Remedy for Viruses (Monolaurin)

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Internationaal nieuws

1,25(OH)2D3 disrupts glucose metabolism in prostate cancer cells
98% of fake iPhone chargers put users at risk of death
A new study shows our sense of hunger is deeply psychological
A walk can do more harm than good in polluted cities
Acne in late adolescence and risk of prostate cancer
Acupuncture for Chronic Pain
Acupuncture significantly reduces joint pain for breast cancer patients
Alzheimer’s sufferers to more than DOUBLE in USA by 2060 - with 47 million already at risk
An overview of soil contamination cases
Anthrax may wipe out chimpanzees
Anti-GMO group March Against Monsanto promotes, profits from anti-vaccine ads
Anxiety may heighten social communication challenges in autism
Are hot flushes a diabetes warning sign?
B12 hydroxocobalamin for the treatment of cardiac surgery-associated vasoplegia
Beneficial effects of oral pure caffeine on oxidative stress
Big pharma faces court over ‘false’ Voltaren pain claim
Big Pharma has too much power
Brain Scans May Reveal Most Effective Anti-Drug Messages
Call for lung health screening in top football clubs
Can Diet Help Reduce Disability, Symptoms of MS?
Canadian study - Playing Super Mario 64 prevents dementia
Canola oil worsens memory loss and causes weight gain
Caper products helps rosacea skin
Cardiovascular Characteristics Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chemicals from cured meats build up in the system and worsen asthma symptoms
Common painkillers may double obesity risk
Consuming sugary drinks during pregnancy may increase asthma risk in mid-childhood
Corruption In Big Pharma’s Vaccine Industry
Cross-party pressure builds for EU decision on glyphosate to be annulled
Disabled woman to sue Japan over ‘inhumane’ eugenics law under
which thousands were sterilized
Discrimination harms your health -- and your partner's
Disrupting your body clock could increase your cancer risk
Does Smoking Increase Risk of Musculoskeletal Injuries?
Dr. Oz Reveals How to Tell Just How Old Your Eggs Really Are Before Buying Them
Duration of sleep increases and sleeping difficulties decrease after retirement
Early humans migrated from Africa 120,000 years ago
Electrical stimulation in brain bypasses senses, instructs movement
Elevated parathyroid hormone levels after successful parathyroidectomy for
primary hyperparathyroidism
Exercise alone alters our gut microbiota
Experts have disclosed that 50 percent of children and women are facing the malnutrition
Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Higher in Low-Income Populations
Exposure to Wildfire Smoke In Utero Lowers Birthweight
Feed your baby one probiotic a day to lower asthma risk
From 'killing dengue' to endangering our children
Fruit, vegetables, tea, dark chocolate - A diet high in antioxidants reduces risk of type 2 diabetes
Geomagnetic Disturbances and MS
Google to appoint staff of 10,000 to weed out extremist content on YouTube
Gum disease increases women's risk of breast cancer
Harvard study identifies genetic ‘switches’ that affect height
Hearing problems may be a sign of dementia
Heart scans on NBA stars show 1 in 5 have abnormal results
High anxiety in young children with autism
Hope for autism - Optogenetics shines light on social interactions
How malaria tricks the immune system
How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
How to avoid being dismissed as a 'cyberchondriac'
In Vitro Anti-Cariogenic Plaque Effects of Essential Oils Extracted from Culinary Herbs
International collaboration could reduce smoking prevalence, MU researchers find
Is Big Food's Lobbying Arm on the Brink of Extinction?
Is this the formula for reversing type 2 diabetes?
Leptin Levels Associated With Risk for Preeclampsia in Women With T1D
Link Found Between Estrogens and Changes in Heart Physiology
Lower back pain - STRESS is most common cause
Mechanism identified behind enzyme involved in liver and other human cancers
Melatonin reduces apoptotic cells, SOD2 and HSPB1
Mercury poisoning widespread as even UN delegates test positive
Mindful yoga can reduce risky behaviors in troubled youth, says UC research
Mobile phone application may cause structural, functional changes and
accumulation of toxic elements in brain
More lies, more widespread destruction from the vaccine establishment
Mouth bacteria linked to obesity
Mystery Attacks Caused Brain Damage in US Embassy Workers in Cuba
Nation's largest autism research study to uncover critical genetic links
New evidence on thyroid cancer incidence near New York’s nuclear power station
New guidelines to tackle China’s severe air pollution problem
New power devices could drastically reduce energy waste
Nicotine withdrawal affects the brain’s cognitive systems, researchers find
None of the climate alarmist apocalypses have occurred or are even possible
Novel compound restores immune response in patients with melanoma
Parental lifespan genes could hold clue to longer life
Plastic Particles Found in Drinking Water
Probiotic painkiller
Psychotherapy is THE Biological Treatment
Red sky over east Asia in 1770 were caused by solar storm
Relationship between Vitamin Intake and Depressive Symptoms in Elderly Japanese Individuals
Researchers launch atlas of developing human brain
Roles and Mechanisms of Herbal Medicine for Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
Scientists have discovered that nervous system function can be restored
with proper lifestyle adjustments
Scientists identify first brain cells that respond to sound
Scientists make shock claim ‘human abilities may DECREASE over time’
Screen time before bed linked with less sleep, higher BMIs in kids
Sleep Paralysis Is Linked to Stress
Social group membership is the most important factor in structuring gut microbiome composition
Social networking sites are controlling your mind
Solar power advances possible with new 'double-glazing' device
Spanking kids may lead to dating violence, study says
Stem Cells Help Repair Injured Lungs
Strong Evidence Earth’s Atmosphere Cools – Not Warms Us
Study confirms suspicion that military veterans at greater risk of suicide than general population
Study examines brain activity and anxiety symptoms in youth with autism spectrum disorder
Study Finds Colorectal Cancer Cells and Bacteria to Be Fellow Travelers During Metastasis
Study highlights the need for research into prevention of inflammatory bowel disease
Swansea research finds babies that feed themselves have no increased risk of choking
Tai Chi for stroke rehabilitation
Temple research - Canola oil linked to worsened memory & learning ability in Alzheimer's
Thalidomide survivors say disabilities minister ‘degraded, insulted’ them
This One Mineral Knocks Back Colds And Flu Naturally
Thrashing about in your sleep is a sign of dementia
Tweak lets mice eat high-fat diet but stay lean
Unique pattern of brain inflammation may explain neurocognitive impairment in
HIV patients on antiretroviral drugs
University finds misconduct behind plastics study
Until now, nobody has been advocating for the children of 9/11
Use of lavender before an operation has been found to reduce anxiety in surgery patients
What are the Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Agents on the Risk of Heart Attacks?
Why Neuroplasticity Is the Key to Success in Life

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Mike Donkers: Feiten en fictie over voeding

Vrijdag 15 december 2017

Er zijn maar weinig onderwerpen waar meer tegenstrijdige meningen over
bestaan dan voeding. Bestaat er een objectieve maatstaf van goede
voeding die geldt voor alle mensen? Of is het juist een individuele
zoektocht naar wat wel of niet bij je past? Volgens Mike Donkers hoef je
alleen maar te kijken naar voeding die zich door de eeuwen heen
heeft bewezen als bevorderlijk voor de gezondheid en vruchtbaarheid
van mensen over de hele wereld. Een tipje van de sluier: deze lezing
mag dan plaatsvinden in de decembermaand, maar volgens Mike
mag je het hele jaar door eten alsof het kerstmis is!

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