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Nieuwe artikelen

De strijd tegen buikvet - specifieke immuuncellen beschadigen metabolisme
Mijn visie op de wereld - Hans Zevenboom

Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Gestolen kinderen' Canada krijgen compensatie
'Teleurstellend' gesprek tussen actiegroepen en directie Tihange
5G komt eraan, hoe zit het met de gezondheidsrisico’s?
Beantwoording Kamervragen over bijverdienen Wajong
Beantwoording Kamervragen over problemen met de Participatiewet
Brabantse boeren staan voor dilemma - opgeven of doorgaan?
Burgemeester Breda - legale wietteelt is belangrijke stap
Dierenbescherming Kalveren moeten minimaal 28 dagen op het melkveebedrijf blijven.
Dit is de eerste Nederlandse theeplantage
Dotcomradio 08-10-17
Elektrogevoeligen worden buitengesloten
Fruit - waarom moeilijk doen als het ook gemakkelijk kan
Gesprek met directie Doel was teleurstellend
Huisartsen zijn fel tegen nieuwe tapwet
Informatie Wmo voor familie verstandelijk gehandicapten ontoereikend
Joop zit vol gif, maar hij blijft zwemmen in vervuilde rivier
Kamerbrief over het hitteprotocol in het Nationaal Plan voor veetransport
Kindertijd belangrijk voor gezond gebit op latere leeftijd
Mensen die hoop houden na de vermissing van een dierbare, hebben de meeste klachten
Mensen die willen gaan mantelzorgen stuiten vaak op de gemeentelijke bureaucratie
Met een pauze reset je de hersenen
NAM trekt nieuwe pijplijn naar omstreden tankenpark Farmsum
Nederland vol boortorens naar aardwarmte
Nederlander wil buiten werktijd met rust gelaten worden
Nederlands experiment met legale wietteelt valt slecht bij Vlaamse burgemeesters
Nestlé ‘kaapt’ drinkwater bij gifwaterstadje Flint
Nieuw ME advies Gezondheidsraad, nieuw beleid ME/CVS Stichting Ned.
Onze biologische klok is piepklein, maar heel robuust
Overheid straft mensen met afgelost huis
Rein Jan Hoekstra over de zorg voor verwarde mensen
Steeds meer studenten met depressie door hoge studiedruk
Studenten verbinden hun hersenen met internet
Uniek onderzoek naar verweking door aardbevingen
Verloskundigen zeggen massaal contract met Zilveren Kruis op
Wat is je mening over de lage vliegroutes van Lelystad die bewoners en de Veluwe aantasten
Welke genen spelen rol bij ontstaan antisociaal gedrag?
Wie ziet toe op textiellabels?
Zo gevaarlijk is YouTube bezig
Zware aardbevingen voorzegd

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Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan


De laatste videoclips

2 generations of no vaccinations
Blue Planet II - Official Trailer
Cancer is Curable, But...
Carb Cycling to Get the Body you Desire
De Matrix Methode - Ingrid Stoop
End Dog and Wild Boar Fighting in West Java
Finding The Cure - Jennifer Saltzman & Ashley James
Keto-Adaptation and Nutritional Yeast
Not Getting Enough Sleep? Try These Natural Sleep Remedies
Ohio sues big pharma over increase in opioid-related deaths
One Mind - Healthy Brains and Strong Minds For All
Operation Apex Harmony - Timor Leste Campaign Introduction
Rehabilitated Bears Released into the Russian Wilderness
Surgery to "Prevent" Cancer Has Opposite Affect, research finds
The Biggest Benefit of Intermittent Fasting is NOT Weight Loss
The Truth About Pet Cancer - How to Protect Your Pets - Trailer
Want to improve your eyesight? Eat these 20 Foods Every Day
What Fish Should I Eat to Avoid Mercury?
What is Jaundice? (In Simple Terms)
Why are Criminals Allowed to Run Free but a Loving Mother being sent to Jail?
Why so many human rights activists oppose forced treatment
YouTube's ad crackdown frustrates video-makers

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Internationaal nieuws

6 Things Your Knees Say About Your Health
7 Independence Movements That Could Destroy The EU
75% of World's Honey Laced With Pesticides
A global food crisis may be less than a decade away
A New Cell Therapy Successfully Restored Movement in Paralyzed Patients
An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Now Can Protect Your Brain From Dementia Later
Antibiotics for dental procedures linked to superbug infection, study shows
Astaxanthin stability and color change of krill during subcritical water treatment
Boost Bacteria to Bolster Your Brain
Cameroon palm oil campaigner arrested in crackdown on activists
Can a Gluten Free Diet Help with Thyroid Disease?
Can you overdose on too much nicotine?
Cannabis consumption increases violent behaviour in young people in psychiatric care
Caring for a Sick Animal Can Lead to Anxiety and Depression, Study Finds
Carotenoids as Potential Antioxidant Agents in Stroke Prevention
Children are using energy drinks to play video games
Clearing the Air of Confusion About Mammography Guidelines
Delivering bad news? Don't beat around the bush
Detox and Destress
Devious bacteria can cause multiple cavities
Devon chicken factory under investigation as food hygiene scandal widens
Diet can curb animal cruelty
DNA Damage Caused by Cancer Treatment Reversed by ZATT Protein
DNA damage caused by cancer treatment reversed by ZATT protein
Do Vitamin D Levels Affect Flu Vaccine Immunogenicity?
Does eating sugar really cause cancer?
Drink 3 extra pints of water a day to half UTI risk
Drinking More Water Really Does Ward Off UTIs
Effect of L-carnitine on diabetes-induced changes of skeletal muscles in rats.
Eternal witch-hunt for the fat body
EU pauses inquiry into Bayer-Monsanto takeover
Farmers say Monsantos pesticide drifted from nearby farms and killed their crops.
Now they need Monsanto seeds to fix them.
FDA Halts Monkey Study on Nicotine Dosing
Feeding grain to farm animals wastes more than $1bn a year, data shows
Fukushima after six years and half - the forgotten victims
Genetic body/brain connection identified in genomic region linked to autism
Gluten intolerance appears largely undiagnosed in Canada
GWPF Lodges ASA Complaint Over False Claims In Offshore Wind Campaign
How a Plant-Based Diet Naturally Supports Your Microbiome
How to find out what Facebook knows about you
Indian state to inspect cultivation of Monsanto's unapproved GM cotton
Inner-city living makes for healthier, happier people, study finds
Inuit say nyet to toxic splash from Russian rockets
Leafy greens may contribute to a healthy heart
Low prenatal exposures to fluoride - Are there neurotoxic risks for children?
Low-dose combined exposure of nanoparticles and heavy metal compared with
PM2.5 in human myocardial AC16 cells.
Mark Zuckerberg Sweats and Distracts When Asked About Your Privacy - Very Awkward Interview
Monsanto's Roundup under EU, US scrutiny
New Discovery about BRCA1
New Findings On Mechanisms For Body Temperature Regulation By Fat Tissue
New research confirms that omega-3s improve gut health, helping prevent obesity,
inflammation, and autoimmune disorders
New Study Shows Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Diabetes
Now dentists are being blamed for the antibiotic crisis...
Penn team shows how seemingly acute viral infections can persist
Pink Ribbons whitewash the stark realities of breast cancer
Pope says children need to be protected from internet porn
Protect indigenous people to help fight climate change, says UN rapporteur.
Radioactive boar shot dead in Sweden 31 years after Chernobyl disaster
Radioactive particles are detected across Europe, and scientists have no idea where they came from
Rhodiola rosea - Benefits, side effects, and dosage
Scientists discover breakthrough method for engineering gut bacteria to treat certain health conditions
Sleep positioners could cause babies to suffocate
Smart bandage could promote better, faster healing
Some cancer drugs approved in Europe might not have sufficient evidence of survival benefits
Study links dental antibiotics to C diff cases
Study reveals link between dietary potassium and vascular calcification
Study shows damaging affects of multiple forms of victimization on school climate
Sweden Rejects Mandatory Vaccines As Posing Serious Health Concerns
The Effects of a Korean Ginseng, GINST15, on Hypo-Pituitary-Adrenal and Oxidative Activity
Induced by Intense Work Stress.
The Lies About ADHD Medication That Big Pharma Funds
The Monsanto Papers
The Role of Vitamin D in Disease Progression in Early Parkinson's Disease.
These dental fillings could allow your teeth to heal themselves
This pathway may cause synapse loss in brain diseases
TransCanada kills controversial Energy East Pipeline project.
U of S team solves mystery of lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis
U.S. Tested Carcinogenic Chemicals On Unknowing Canadian Civilians During The Cold War
Vaccine industry now pressuring Pinterest to censor all posts that dont buy vaccine industry propaganda
Vitamin D level research methods have been inconsistent, posing problems to public health ...
Vitamin K in kale and broccoli keeps hearts healthy
What about GMOs in our homes?
What Earths climate system and topological insulators have in common
Why you shouldn't wear high heels if you work out
Why your brain wants to be challenged
Your Child’s Mind Space



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