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De alternatieve timeline - 8 maart 2017

NL - Actie om teruggave btw voor alternatieve zorg
NL - Amerikanen hebben steeds minder seks
NL - Beantwoording Kamervragen over rubbergranulaat
NL - Bedrijf roept mogelijk niet-werkende koolmonoxidemelder terug
NL - CIA hackt zelfs televisies
NL - De regering doet niets voor vee-nomaden
NL - Documenten Wikileaks - 'CIA maakte "mini-NSA" binnen eigen organisatie'
NL - Eerste onderwaterbeelden van zeldzame spitssnuitdolfijn
NL - Gassnuivers raken in een soort winterslaap
NL - Heb jij straks nog een fatsoenlijk pensioen?
NL - Hersenletsel verandert mogelijk honderden genen
NL - Honderden vrouwen werken mee aan onderzoek naar borstimplantaten
NL - Huidspecialisten waarschuwen voor peel-off-maskers met lijm
NL - Inheemse bevolking is beste natuurbeschermer
NL - Kinderarts beboet voor dood Limburgse tiener
NL - Magnette dreigt er opnieuw mee CETA niet te ratificeren
NL - Mediastinitis - Ontsteking van borstkasruimte tussen longen
NL - Naar bijstandsgerechtigden wordt door het verkiezingscircus niet geluisterd
NL - Noodzaak pesticiden voor voedselvoorziening is mythe
NL - Omwonenden pakken Scharlakenbos aan
NL - Oproep ombudsman aan overheid - maak excuses voor uit de hand lopen Q-koorts
NL - Partij voor de Dieren moet gaan regeren
NL - Rusteloze benen syndroom - Vervelende gevoelens in onderbenen
NL - Satelliet die bliksem op aarde monitort, levert eerste beelden af
NL - Stadslandbouw als banenplan met Growing Power
NL - StandingRock Sioux - 10 maart Mars op Washington
NL - Twintig bomen gekapt in oude Dierenpark Emmen
NL - Vragen over gezondheid omwonenden veehouderijen
NL - Wageningen Universiteit werkt aan plantaardige biefstuk
NL - Welke energiemeters zijn mogelijk storinggevoelig?
NL - Wij zijn meer dan ons brein | Lezing door filosoof Jos de Mul
NL - Wil de SGP nou dat providers het internet gaan censureren?
NL - Zwarte of Witte Zwanen?

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Internationaal nieuws

100 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell warned us about the ‘greenhouse effect’
18 new genes have been linked to autism spectrum disorder
2 vets win Agent Orange exposure cases from Okinawa
4 Reasons Connecting With Nature Can Be Great for Your Health
4 Ways the Food Industry Is Warping Our Psyches
5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat
99 per cent of young victims of cyberbullying would have been picked on at school anyway
A Diet for Lead Poisoning?
Ancient humans farmed the Amazon too
Animals rely on melatonin to mate at right time of year
Anti-Geoengineering Legislation Effort In Rhode Island Continues
Asbestos exposure is still making people sick
Autism linked to brain’s waste disposal fluid
Behavioural disorders in 6-year-old children and pyrethroid insecticide exposure
Bisphenol A, bisphenol S, bisphenol F and bisphenol AF induce different oxidative stress and damage in human red blood cells
Blueberry concentrate improves brain function in older people
Boom in solar panel construction causing explosion in release of this potent greenhouse gas that's 17,000 times worse than CO2
Brand name processed foods found laced with glyphosate weed killer... Cheerios, Wheaties and more
Bristol is buzzing – life is better for bees
Cancer ‘Hot Spots’ in Florida May Be Associated with Hazardous Waste Sites
Carbon Dioxide Could Reach 410 PPM This Month
Cause of Mexican sewage spill fouling U.S. beaches under investigation
Children with disabilities may face higher risk of abuse
China lobs a grenade into the aluminium supply chain
China pledges to cut pollution and boost food safety
China premier promises to 'make skies blue again'
Chinese Garlic Oil Lettuce
City noise associated with hearing loss
Climate study - More intense and frequent severe rainstorms likely. No drop off expected.
Coffee combined with cocoa can improve your attention span
Continuous Pain Is Often Not Assessed During Neonatal Intensive Care
Could ostrich eggs be key in treating deadly infections?
Cyprus Removes Wi-Fi from Kindergartens and Halts Wireless Deployment Into Public Schools
Daylight Saving Time - Insight From Father of CLOCK Gene
Death by Indoor Lightning
Diabetes in pregnancy tied to altered fat cells in adult offspring
Drugs disaster
ECHA may decide on glyphosate link with cancer this week
Edinburgh University given £20m for autism studies
Essential oils for pink eye (conjunctivitis)
Evidence lacking to support 'lead diet'
Experts create easy low-carb diet that helps to lose weight
Facebook Users Make Their Own News Bubbles
Feeling Lonely? Too Much Time On Social Media May Be Why
Fighting Blindness - TSRI Scientists Bring a Key Protein into Focus
Fluorene-9-bisphenol is anti-oestrogenic and may cause adverse pregnancy outcomes in mice
Foreign Organic Imports
Frat in hot water over hazing pledge with severe peanut allergies
Gluten-free bread recipe for easy and soft cloud bread
Google can detect tumours with a 92% accuracy rate
Green energy - will French and German elections bring wind of change?
How bad is air pollution in the UK?
How diets high in sugar and saturated fat could be harming your brain
How nature creates forest diversity
How sleeping on the floor can be healthy
How will melted fuel at Fukushima plant be removed?
Huffington Post caught removing positive reviews of "Vaxxed" documentary
Immune disorders may be linked to increased risk of dementia
Israel marijuana: Users to face fine rather than criminal charge
Lifestyle choices condition colon and rectal cancer risk more than genetics
Link between microbiome in the gut, Parkinson's discovered
Melatonin signaling is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes
Microfibers - The New Plastic Pollution That Threatens Our Waters
More than 80 percent of all wildfires caused by humans, new study says
Neurofeedback Benefits for Chemotherapy Related Nerve Damage
New materials could turn water into the fuel of the future
New patch may alleviate migraine pain
Nothing fishy about new solution for aquaculture wastewater treatment
Orthodontists reveal rise in DIY teeth straightening
Otago research suggests child obesity can be tackled by simple sleep interventions
Overweight babies can be prevented with low sugar breast milk
Parents 'should decide' care of baby
Parkinson's decline slowed with extended MAO-B inhibitors
Pictures show the damage soft drinks can do to your teeth
Privacy under attack as internet "fingerprinting" tracks your every move
Prize for cracking brain's 'feel good' system
Probiotics can ease the symptoms of hay fever
Researchers Aim to Cure Headache during Flight
Researchers: 9% of the world's food supply is thrown away or left to spoil
Revolutionary BLOOD test could diagnose and FIND disease
Scandinavian collaboration to produce all human secreted proteins
Scientists Think That Testosterone Affects Stock Prices
Should mothers-to-be REALLY avoid fruit and veg?
Smart sponge absorbs 90 times its weight in crude oil
Solar explosion captured in stunning new footage
Staying away from too much sun may offer you a Fountain of Youth
Study shows differences in effects of ‘real’ and ‘sham’ acupuncture
Study shows US grasslands affected more by atmospheric dryness than precipitation
Success - World media on Transcendental Meditation
Sulforaphane, a phytochemical in broccoli sprouts, ameliorates obesity
Sweating at night could be a symptom of THIS deadly cancer
The 'safer' plastics designed to replace BPA may be just as bad for you
The Bacterial Link Between Crohn's Disease and Arthritis
The chemistry behind cannabinoids explains how CBDs are saving lives
The One Thing You Should Do Now To Reverse Prediabetes Naturally
The toxins that threaten our brains
These photos show the pollution that kills one in four children
To Debunk Autism Myths, Study Folklore
Too Little Sleep Can Cause Obesity, Heart Disease And Diabetes
Turning food waste into tires: Eggshells, tomato peels add strength to sustainable rubber
Up Your Green Intake with Anti-Inflammatory Seaweed
Vegan DHA Source Found to Help Those with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Vegan diet may let you lose a few pounds
Victims of cyberbullies are picked on at school first, researchers find
Vitamin C May Be a Potent Adjunct to Cancer Treatment
Want a promotion? Have daily orgasms!
When overweight becomes the new normal, we all suffer
Why did rainfall over Asian inland plateau region undergo abrupt decrease around 1999?
Why mobile phones should be banned from the bedroom
Why some consumers don't care
Why the EU Is Deeply Responsible for Major Humanitarian Crisis
Why your waist size shows your heart risk not your BMI
Will hotter temps cause a mass exodus from the tropics?
Wrap junk food in plain paper to stop people overeating
Yoga and Deep Breathing Complement Treatment for Depression

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