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Orale microbiota toont verband aan tussen parodontitis en slokdarmkanker
Relatie hogere oestrogeen niveaus en verhoogde alcoholgevoeligheid in 'beloningscentrum' van de hersenen

Nederlandstalig nieuws

100.000 mensen tekenen petitie om insecten te redden
AD medewerkster verdedigt glysofaat in discussie over Duitsland
Alle scholen in Nederland moeten een moestuin krijgen
Armoedebeleid niet gericht op behoeften van kind
Baantjescarrousel op volle toeren.....
Beantwoording Kamervragen over onderzoek naar gezondheidsrisico's geitenhouderijen
Bioplastic uit fabriek in Kruiningen gaat straks de hele wereld over
Bénédicte Ficq, Charlotte Pelt en Joost Walraven strijden tegen de tabaksindustrie.
CRISPR verandert de wereld zoals we die kennen, zonder weg terug
De dramatische effecten van sleepnetten op de Noordzee
De EU wil belastingontduiking aanpakken, maar Nederland blijft dwarsliggen
De Marihuana-gotspe - nepwiet goedkeuren
Dick laat zien hoe jouw huis er over 30 jaar uit kan zien
Een energieproducerend huis in Oosterwold
Een meer cultuursensitieve zorg voor de senioren van morgen
Een vervelende collega is geweldig voor je hersenen
Ficq zoekt naar invalshoek om aanklacht tegen tabaksindustrie te kunnen doen
Ggz vraagt geld om continuďteit van zorg te waarborgen
Het boek de Plant Paradox onthult de “verborgen gevaren” van gezond voedsel
Het Waddengebied is de kraamkamer voor honderden soorten vogels
Honderd varkens omgekomen bij grote brand in varkensstal Ammerzoden
In 10 gemeenten exotische muggensoorten aangetroffen
Kamerbrief over stand van zaken kleine toepassingen gewasbeschermingsmiddelen
Kan je allergisch zijn voor seks?
Kinderen zien gevaar niet van mobiele telefoons in verkeer
Kom in actie tegen bloedhout uit Brazilie
Nederland ligt nog steeds dwars bij het aanpakken van belastingontwijking
Nog steeds fipronil in eieren
Opnieuw rukken hulpdiensten uit naar industrieterrein Chemelot bij Geleen
Protest tegen zwerfplastic bij Rotterdams hoofdkantoor Coca Cola
Stiefkind van de rekening
Streekziekenhuizen in problemen door artsentekort
The Homeless Experience
Valse steekproeven en intimidatie bij vleescontroles
Veganisme - Je bereikt niks met vleeseters moordenaars noemen
Vermijd overbodige controles in de zorg
We weten van 70% belastingen en premies niet waar ze terecht komen
We worden omgeven door mest, maar weten niets van de risico’s
Wil je beter slapen? Heb dan eerst seks
Zes keer giftige stof gelekt uit Dordtse chemiefabriek Chemours, provincie doet aangifte
Ziek door wifi-straling - kan dat echt?
Zijn thoriumcentrales de oplossing?
Zo red je een schaap dat op de rug ligt
Zorg aan kwetsbare gezinnen onder druk
Zware luchtverontreiniging bedreigt 17 miljoen baby’s

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Atherosclerosis - john bergman
Chocolate Dipped Apples - Know The Cause
CIA Whistleblower Nearly Killed
De rol van electromagnetische straling bij chronische ziektes
Dr. Mercola and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt Talk About the Role of EMF in Chronic Diseases
Julie Schiffman Demonstrates EFT Tapping When Exhausted
Keto and Intermittent Fasting
Look at Who The Top Funder of Controversial Gene Editing Tech Is
NASA's Mission to Explore Greenland's Ice Melt
Once you get past taking care of your family....
OPIOIDS - Seductive Killer Of Middle Class America
Plant Sources of Omega-3
Promotion of healthy diets in the EU - What role for breakfast?
Reducing food waste - what role for packaging?
Samenleven met reeën
Sicilians blame oil firm's toxic waste for children's birth defects
Thalidomide survivors claim disabilities minister made insulting comments
The Anti Cancer Properties of Cannabis - Dr. Patrick Quillin
The Best Way to Measure Insulin Resistance Without a Blood Test
Ukraine's rescued bears - BBC News
Wat de media in 1971 ons al vertelden over vaccins
Why Is Andrew Wakefield So Important In The Discussion Of Vaccines?
Why millions of Americans could be drinking bad water
You'll never stop CO2 cycle, and if you do, you'll stall growth of trees
YouTube Censorship Hits New Low
YouTube Censorship, Elsagate And The Future Of Net Neutrality

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Internationaal nieuws

17,000 elderly at risk as care home teeters on the brink
6 Signs Inflammation is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts
A 20-Year-Old Arizona Woman Died From The Flu One Day After Being Diagnosed
A low calorie diet reversed diabetes in half of patients
Acupuncture for neuropathic pain in adults
Air Pollution = More Bone Loss & Bone Fracture Risk
Air pollution cancels positive health effects of exercise in older adults
Alzheimer's drug restores brain function and memory
America is at war with itself is everywhere around us
Amount or intensity? Study examines potential benefits of exercise for patients with heart failure
Antibacterial Effects of Natural Herbal Extracts on Streptococcus mutans
Antibiotics in farming is driving the resistance crisis
Arctic sea ice melt to exacerbate California droughts
Asian dolphins among species at risk of extinction
Autism-linked gene stunts developing dendrites
B.C. government to improve drinking water in six schools, but Postmedia probe shows
many more need repairs
Babies can learn second language in 1 hour per day
Blood in urine is a warning of BLADDER cancer
Brain changes following childhood limb loss may be reversible
Brain remaps itself in child with double hand transplant
Brexit poses huge risk to Britain's food standards, report says
Can Psychedelics Help Cancer Survivors Shake Death Anxiety?
Chemical in soft plastics causes key changes in human placentas
Coffee infused with Vitamin D may help cure winter blues
Colored sunscreen protects skin from damage caused by visible light
Combination strategy could hold promise for ovarian cancer
Conflicting views on social media balanced by an algorithm
Criminal complaint filed against EU authorities after glyphosate approval
Dead and dying cancer cells generated by chemotherapy promotes aggressive tumor growth
Diet Not Working? May Be Your Genes
Dieting can put Type 2 diabetes in remission
Do ADHD and dyslexia make athletes more likely to get concussions?
Eating small meals can resist the brain's urge to overeat
Exercise changes gut bacteria and may prevent bowel cancer
Exercise changes gut microbial composition independent of diet, team reports
Female monkeys give more attention to masculine males
Fish Exposed to Treated Wastewater Have Altered Behaviour
Giving your children fewer toys will help them to develop
Google could increase the risk of dementia
How Can Colleges Better Predict When a Person’s Radical Beliefs Will Turn to Violence?
How trauma affects the brain
Human exposure to preventable environmental chemicals is resulting in health costs of
10% of global GDP
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
Instagram warning launched to stop animal cruelty
Is Big Food's Lobbying Arm on the Brink of Extinction?
Keetie Roelen on the Psychosocial Side of Poverty
Ketogenic Diet May Help in Tough-to-Treat Epilespy
Lab-grown ovaries could replace drugs for menopausal women
Lack of sleep could cause mood disorders in teens
Lack of sleep linked to teen addiction
Lemur study highlights role of diet in shaping gut microbiome
Link found between estrogens and changes in heart physiology
Lithium in water associated with slower rate of Alzheimer’s disease deaths
Lose Weight and Your Diabetes with This New Study Discovery and Weight Loss Drink Advice
Mitochondrial protein in cardiac muscle cells linked to heart failure, study finds
Monsanto vs. organic - the hypocrisy of shill campaigns
Nephrotoxicity in Rats Exposed to Paracetamol
Neutrinos Sometimes Collide With Earth
New Book Takes Aim at the Mental Health Industrial Complex
New quick, portable test for iron, vitamin A deficiency could save lives
Obesity prevented in mice fed high-fat diet
Once they start composting, people find other ways to be 'green'
Otago study fails to find strong link between sitting and weight gain
Parenting behaviors linked to suicide among adolescents
Physical activity in mid-life may help protect joint health during aging
Pilot Study Shows Dramatic Difference In Brain Activity With EHS
Plastics Industry Knew its Products Were Polluting Oceans by 1970s
Polyunsaturated fatty acids linked to reduced allergy risk
Potential litigation against drug companies explored
Precision medicine test may help detect coronary artery disease
Pregnant women with PTSD have higher levels of stress hormone cortisol
Preschool program helps boost skills necessary for academic achievement
Prior exposure to smoking may affect infants' respiratory health
Promising role for Gc-MAF in cancer immunotherapy
Researchers examine how opioids affect proteins in the brain other than opioid receptors
Researchers Examine Role of Gene Variation Linked to Major Depressive Disorder
Restless sleep may be an early sign of Parkinson's disease
Scientists find potential weapons for the battle against antibiotic resistance
Scientists have discovered that nervous system function can be restored
with proper lifestyle adjustments
Seawater Cools Upper Layers Of Earth’s Crust
Seaweed could hold key to environmentally friendly sunscreen
Shocking number of children being hospitalized for tooth decay due to excessive sugar
consumption and lack of preventative care
Shut-off switch for lymphoma
Study examines brain activity and anxiety symptoms in youth with autism spectrum disorder
Study reveals why 10-year-olds consume energy drinks
Study Shows Strawberries Might Help Combat Osteoarthritis
Study suggests hot flashes could be precursor to diabetes
Thalidomide survivors say disabilities minister ‘degraded, insulted’ them
The World Is Relying On A Flawed Psychological Test To Fight Racism
This year's flu set to be one of the worst ever
Three month diet can reverse Type 2 diabetes
Toxic fumes on city streets 'cancel out exercise'
When contact sports cause concussion injuries, who comes out ahead?
Why a cooler climate makes you more likely to get cancer
Why you should help children with their homework
Women who attempt suicide exhibit different protein levels years after the attempt

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Mike Donkers: Feiten en fictie over voeding

Vrijdag 15 december 2017

Er zijn maar weinig onderwerpen waar meer tegenstrijdige meningen over
bestaan dan voeding. Bestaat er een objectieve maatstaf van goede
voeding die geldt voor alle mensen? Of is het juist een individuele
zoektocht naar wat wel of niet bij je past? Volgens Mike Donkers hoef je
alleen maar te kijken naar voeding die zich door de eeuwen heen
heeft bewezen als bevorderlijk voor de gezondheid en vruchtbaarheid
van mensen over de hele wereld. Een tipje van de sluier: deze lezing
mag dan plaatsvinden in de decembermaand, maar volgens Mike
mag je het hele jaar door eten alsof het kerstmis is!

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