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Nieuwe artikelen

Geen steun overheid ten gunste groene gewasbeschermingsmiddelen
HIIT verandert het metabolisme van de glucose in de hersenen bij insuline resistente mensen
Luchtvervuiling in verband gebracht met overlijden aan kanker

Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Vegetarische kipstuckjes' Europa breed verboden?
13,4 miljoen documenten Paradise Papers uitkammen, waar beginnen we aan?
200 miljoen schade door asbestvervuiling Eurogrit
Als MS-patiënt ben ik gesloopt door de zorgbureaucratie
Als seks een opgave is
Ambulancemedewerkers leggen werk neer, 'ongezond hoge werkdruk'
BinnensteBuiten - Alain is op een bijzondere Zeeuwse kwekerij
BinnensteBuiten - Marieke gaat op kraamvisite bij de boomkikkers in 't Merkske
Boekbespreking - Digitale Dementie
Curcumine verbetert cholesterolspiegel
Dit dieet vermindert de kans op dodelijke hartaanvallen, beroertes en kanker
Een andere kijk op kanker - Ard Pisa & Désirée Röver
Gaat kortere loondoorbetaling zieke werknemer er wel komen?
Geef niet te snel een compliment, het is beter voor je kinderen
GroenLinks wil winstverbod in de zorg uitbreiden
Het seizoensgebonden triviale griepvaccin resulteert in 5,5 keer meer incidenten van ademhalingsziektes
Huisartsen krijgen geen extra geld voor kwetsbare patiënt
In tijden van klimaatverandering is het mensenrecht op water aan een update toe
Koken met Van Boven
Leververvetting ‘nieuwe bedreiging volksgezondheid’
Mensen in een prikkelbare stemming eerder afgeleid
Milieudefensie roept mensen op druk te zetten op gemeente om maatregelen
te nemen tegen luchtvervuiling
Minister laconiek over aardbeien
MRSA-bacterie rukt op buiten ziekenhuizen
Nederlandse giflandschappen in 1992 en 2017
Nieuwe onthullingen uit belastingparadijzen
Noorden koploper CO2-uitstoot door veengebieden
Onvolledige informatie over ADHD in kinderboeken
Paradise Papers toont gebrek aan concrete maatregelen
Pessimisme maakt pas echt gelukkig!
Resistente MRSA-bacterie rukt nu ook buiten ziekenhuizen op
Sleepwet - Wat is er toch tegen op raad krijgen?
Turkse fabrieksmedewerkers naaien wanhopige teksten in kleding
Utrecht introduceert nieuwe zorgpolis voor minima
Veel leiders maken haat acceptabel
Verwaarloosde kippen aangetroffen in voetbalstadions
VGZ Mindfulness coach-app
Voor je gezondheid is krachttrainen net zo belangrijk als lopen, fietsen of zwemmen
Witte chocolademousse met ananas en eiwitschuimpjes
Zo gaan we in Nederland om met klokkenluiders
Zorgtopman leidde luxe leven met geld gehandicapten
Zorgverlener ggz en ouderenzorg krijgt dagen cliënt niet gevuld

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De laatste videoclips

Basics of Cholesterol Part I - Standard Test
Medical Mistake Dangers when you go to the Hospital with Jim Lieber
The Wildly Fraudulent National Climate Assessment
What Is Different About Food In 2016 Compared To 100 Years Ago?
Why is High Blood Sugar Levels So Bad?
Why You REALLY Need Friendly (Good) Bacteria

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Internationaal nieuws

70% of the advertising revenues for news division come from pharmaceutical ads
A Boston Medical Center cardiologist explains what that ‘unbelievable’ heart stent study means
A high-fiber diet may help people with colorectal cancer
A Japanese Company Is Rewarding Non-Smoking Employees With 6 Extra Vacation Days
A Missing Link to Vitamin B12 Metabolism
A new affordable and easy-to-use technology for dry eye diagnosis
Afterschool program environments linked to academic confidence and skills
All you need to know about illness anxiety disorder
Astaxanthin inhibits gemcitabine-resistant human pancreatic cancer progression
Australia's health watchdog accused of 'too close' relationship with industry
Baby's death sparks call for Indonesia to crack down on big tobacco
Back pain symptoms - THIS could be a sign your condition is SERIOUS
BBC on Nuclear Decommissioning (DUMPING) – What a clever piece of misdirection
Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis (Part 2) - LDL Modification
Brisk walking/physical activity of similar intensity may lower risk of death among older women
Butyrate reduces appetite and activates brown adipose tissue via the gut-brain neural circuit
Can High Protein Diets Damage Your Kidneys?
Cancer research – How a traffic jam causes tumor growth
Cannabis inhaler can help insomniacs fall asleep
Chuck Norris on reason he's 'mad as hell' and 'not going to take this anymore'
Common causes of belly button pain
Computational Software Expert Blasts New Climate Report
Consumption of psychoactive drugs and exposure to bacterial toxins carried by food
Dagelijkse kost - database met veel recepten
Dementia risk cut and brain function improved by eating fish oil
Depression symptoms higher in those following vegetarian diet
Diabetes researchers believe the future is bright
Do violent communities foster violent kids?
Eating Whole Grains Can Aid Weight Loss and Reduce Risk of Diabetes
Estrogens and Female Liver Health
European farmers say glyphosate deadlock shows mistrust in EU bodies
Female role models run the risk of being intimidating
First New Zealand study of pathological hoarding
Gelatin accelerates healing of the blood brain barrier in acute brain injury
Healthy gut bacteria can protect you from just about ANY age-related disease, new study finds
High-Intensity Interval Exercise Attenuates, but does not Eliminate, Endothelial Dysfunction after a Fast-Food Meal
How a hormone could boost men's sexual appetite
How Acupuncture Saved TV Star From Painful Endometriosis And A Hysterectomy
How to avoid being brainwashed by the mainstream media
How To Win Any Vaccine Debate Part 2
Hundreds of new dams threaten Amazon’s ‘heartbeat’
Indigenous young people who use drugs in BC 13 times more likely to die
Is frozen cod just as good as fresh?
It's time to put children's health before pesticides | Baskut Tuncak
It’s Mostly Mothers Who Pass on Mitochondria
Lower the Diabetes Risk with Vitamin D Efficiency
Mapping brain connectivity with MRI may predict outcomes for cardiac arrest survivors, study finds
Mothers and Newborns Found to Absorb Chemicals Common in Everyday Products
Neue Impfstoffe verändern die menschliche DNA dauerhaft
New Science Shows No Link Between European Storm Activity And CO2
New study finds widespread consequences after traumatic spinal cord injury
Obesity increases incidence, severity, costs of knee dislocations
One brisk walk a week increases older women's lifespan
Our smartphone addiction is killing us
Over-60s need to stop obsessing over weight loss and start eating more
Pancreatic cancer survival linked to four genes
Perinatal exposure to low-dose imidacloprid causes ADHD-like symptoms
Pesticide-Laden Produce Tied to Poor Fertility Outcomes
Plummeting costs of solar power are disrupting energy technology
Poor social skills may be harmful to health
Probiotics Could CURE Postnatal Depression
Protecting 'high carbon' rainforest areas also protects threatened wildlife
Psychiatry’s Greatest Harm - Its Lies Have Poisoned Our Entire Culture
Red Cross staff stole $6 million donated to Ebola crisis
Researchers discover new pathway for handling stress
Saving neurons may offer new approach for treating Alzheimer's disease
Scientists Find Out How Hope Protects the Brain
Sexting cases have doubled in the last two years
Small gestures make people feel more loved says research
Social media is turning us unto thoughtless political extremists
Solar greenhouses generate electricity and grow crops at the same time
Stanford Professor Sues Skeptical Scientists For $10M
Stem cells pave the way for new treatment of diabetes
Stents Not as Useful as we Think, Shows Lancet Study
Taking on Big Pharma by Ending Direct-To-Consumer Advertising
Teens who drink, smoke weed are less likely to study, score jobs or get married
Teens who smoke cannabis less likely to get married
The efficacy of probiotics in prevention of urinary tract infection in children
The Illicit Global Ape Trade
The “Mainstream” Media Finally Starts to Call Out the Private Health Insurance Industry
Thyroid disrupting effects of halogenated and next generation chemicals
To be happier, take a moment to notice the nature around you
Vrouwen slapen slechter dan mannen
Warnings spread to humans for rare, sometimes fatal pet infection
What are the benefits of moringa?
Whole grain switch benefits wight loss and inflammation - but not gut bacteria
Why should we care about medical students’ unprofessional behaviour?
Why your brain stops working when you get tired

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