Nieuws en videos 5 januari 2017

Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - 'Hier werken mensen vanuit hun hart'; bijzonder stukje Zutphen door sloop bedreigd
NL - 2Doc - Wit is ook een kleur
NL - Afgelegen eilanden zijn een toevluchtsoord voor zeldzame dieren op onze planeet
NL - Belgische farmareuzen verschijnen voor de rechter
NL - Biologische zalm vervuild, maar ongevaarlijk
NL - CDA wil actie tegen dreiging schaliegasvergunning
NL - De lange mars naar legalisering van cannabis
NL - De nietszeggende energiebalans
NL - De opkomst van een feitenvrije wereld
NL - De Vegetarische Slager sluit elke vorm van verwarring uit
NL - Doorbloeding van hersenen minder goed bij stotteraars
NL - Earth's natural wonders
NL - Een keurmerk voor objectiviteit?
NL - Eiwit belangrijk bij voorspellen en voorkomen van hartfalen
NL - Elon Musk - Automation Will Lead to Universal Basic Income
NL - Er zit een luchtje aan het nieuwe jaar
NL - Het verhaal van een pinguïnkuiken
NL - Hoeveel AOW krijg ik?
NL - Juiste voeding heeft invloed op stemming en cognitie
NL - Kijken in de ziel - De achterblijvers
NL - Meer aandacht voor pijn en veel plassen bij patiënten met cystenieren
NL - Mensen met een gezonde leefstijl hebben minder vaak het metabool syndroom
NL - Merendeel nederwiet bevat pesticiden
NL - Mocht je willen afvallen en daarom aan de light frisdrank zitten, let dan even op
NL - Nieuw in de strijd tegen artrose
NL - Nooit meer een nieuwe pacemaker, met dank aan zonne-energie
NL - Op dieet? Ga uit eten bij de Griek en blijf weg bij de Italiaan
NL - Patiënten met meervoudige problemen krijgen vaak niet de juiste zorg
NL - Screening op osteoporose bij oudere fractuurpatiënt schiet tekort
NL - Sneller herstel botfracturen door geluidsgolven
NL - Speciale uitzending waarin de Duitse documentaire '10 Billion - What's on Your Plate?'
NL - Stamppot van pastinaak en knolselder
NL - Tegenstanders schaliegas houden hart vast voor Trump
NL - Verspreiding antibioticaresistentie blijkt nog ingewikkelder
NL - Vis, fruit, groenten en stress-management verminderen acne
NL - Voedselboswachters gezocht
NL - Waarom je beter nooit wattenstaafjes gebruikt om je oren schoon te maken
NL - Weinig kennis over hulp vuurwerkslachtoffer
NL - Werkdag van zes uur te duur
NL - Zorgverzekeraars mogen vergoeding revalidatie niet zomaar weigeren
NL - Zoveel bedpartners had je best om minst kans te maken op scheiding
NL - Zwartboek buitenevenementen Utrecht
NL - “Pedagogische tik” straks ook strafbaar?

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Nieuwe videos

Video - A Radical New Experiment - Free Money
Video - Al Jazeera Investigations - The Lobby Coming Soon promo
Video - Anders Olsson- The Power of Our Breath
Video - Antibiotic Use in Children with Ear Infections
Video - Baby Elephant Stuck in a Watering Hole?
Video - Breast Cancer Awareness Highlights
Video - Broke and hungry? This Montreal eatery will feed you
Video - China pollution alerts - "My baby is not allowed outside these days"
Video - CNN caught using screengrabs from Fallout 4 in 'Russian Hack' story
Video - Coronary Heart Disease & Vitamin E
Video - De anatomie van een groot bedrog - Nederlandse ondertitels
Video - Durf te vragen | Katrin Derboven | TEDxFlandersSalon
Video - Evidence-Based Eating
Video - Facebook Live attack - 'It's sickening' - BBC News
Video - Filmreeks John Keer Diabetes2 Om - Afl.5 Koelkast
Video - Gift im Spielzeug - Wie erkenne ich die Spielverderber?
Video - Hoogleraar Henk Volberda vindt dat bedrijven doorschieten in het kiezen voor flexibele schil
Video - How to Breathe Through Nose at Night
Video - How To Get Off Of Your Meds, Medications & Perscription Drugs
Video - Jim Steyer Popping The Social Media Bubble 2
Video - Kapotte stuw en laag water bedreiging voor het milieu?
Video - Marconi Union - Weightless (Official Video)
Video - On the Way - Make America Sick Again?
Video - Privacy Advocates Warn of Potential Surveillance Through Listening Devices Like Amazon Echo
Video - The Trump Resistance Tour is Coming to a City Near You
Video - Third World America – Clean Drinking Water Is Now A Rare Commodity
Video - Top 7 Cancer-Fighting Herbs
Video - Urban Farming and green cooking | Seppe Nobels | TEDxFlandersSalon
Video - Wendy Silvers Talks About Using Quantum Physics in Positive Powerful Ways
Video - When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend
Video - WikiLeaks ‘source is not Russian government and it is not a state party’ – Assange
Video - You Won't Believe How Important This Mineral Could Be

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Engelstalig nieuws

360 Smart Bed mattress adjusts to sleepers' bodies to open the airways
Antidepressant side effects reported more by patients with co-occurring panic disorder
Artificial leaf goes more efficient for hydrogen generation
Can the EU Survive Populism?
Chemo-brain among women with breast cancer is pervasive, study shows
Childhood poverty can rob adults of psychological health
Common antioxidant may guard against liver disease, says CU Anschutz researcher
Conspiracy theorist claims mysterious planet Nibiru will smash into Earth
Death and Extinction of the Bees
Deeper than obesity - A majority of people is now overfat
Detecting misinformation can improve memory later on
Diet author Gary Taubes reveals how smallest amount can trigger health problems
Diet debate - Are diet drinks a no-go?
Doctors issue new year detox health warning
Doctors warn of detox dangers after woman is hospitalised with 'life-threatening' problems
Domino effect - The loss of plant species triggers the extinction of animals
End of daily injection for type one diabetes on horizon as scientists begin building 'smart' insulin capsule
Endurance running could lead to a better working brain
Enzyme could protect against type of colorectal cancer by suppressing tumors, study finds
Epigenetic marks may help assess toxic exposure risk
Epigenetics and the Direction of Anti-Aging Science
Evaluation of antidiabetic activity of carnosol (phenolic diterpene in rosemary) in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Everything you need to know about the paleo diet and what you can eat
Evidence on the impact of sustained exposure to air pollution on life expectancy from China’s Huai River policy
Exercise is key to ward off dementia, research shows
Experts say exercise, diet need to be consistent
Facebook Doesn’t Tell Users Everything It Really Knows About Them
Fake News and Online Harassment Are More than Social Media Byproducts
FDA - Anesthesia and sedation drugs may harm developing brains of children under three
FDA says food livestock can no longer be fed medically important antibiotics
Fecal Pollution Taints Water at Melbourne’s Beaches After Storm
Feds Block Final Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline (Video)
Fewer see e-cigarettes as less harmful than cigarettes
Food Gentrification Is Hurting Poor Communities—One Group Is Fighting Back
Food Trucks Struggle to Attract Customers Through the Winter
For China, Climate Change Is No Hoax – It’s a Business and Political Opportunity
For Our Food System's Sake, Let's Say "No" to Corporate Consolidation
For the New Year, consider a Facebook diet
Fracking village fears violence at protest camp
France Bans Pesticides in Public Green Spaces
From photosynthesis to new compounds for eye diseases
Gene therapy is here, and it could radically change modern medicine
Genetic researchers discover ‘stop’ button for CRISPR gene editing tool
Germany’s Role in Africa
Get ready for more floods, study says
Glutathione in the human brain
Glyphosate - Unsafe On Any Plate – What Is In Your Food?
Harnessing Cellular Systems to Fight Deadly Diseases
Hazardous 9/11 Dust Made Newborn Babies Smaller
High cortisol - Symptoms and signs to look out for
High fiber diets may alleviate inflammation caused by gout
How chillies can 'help destroy cancer cells by making them self-destruct'
How CRY1 Controls The Body Clock
How EU has dished out £4.2 BILLION to world’s most corrupt regimes
How Getting a Massage Regularly Helps Your Digestion
How menopause affects athletic women
How robots are feeding the world
How the games on your smartphone can treat DEPRESSION by boosting cognitive function
How to get a flat stomach the Viking way
How To Help Toddlers With Emotional Regulation And Dealing With Anger And Frustrations
How To Use Your Brain’s ‘Delete Button’ And Improve Your Learning Skills
How Your Gut Microbes May Be Thwarting Your Diet
Huge turning point for renewable energy - Solar power is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity
Human neocortical neurons have unique membrane properties that enhance signal processing
Human Rights and Health Inequalities. A Worldwide Phenomenon
I love Pittsburgh, but this air is killing us
I May Be Facing Felony Charges for Shutting Off a Pipeline Valve, but the Real Radicals Are Running the Fossil Fuel Companies
Identifying Key Symptoms Differentiating Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from Multiple Sclerosis
Inconvenient truths of mental illness
Increased reaction to stress linked to gastrointestinal issues in children with autism
Inflammation halts fat-burning
Interview with Dr. James Fricton - Part 1
Italy ERUPTION WARNING - Enormous volcano is RUMBLING below Naples - scientists alert
Juncker accused of blocking EU efforts against tax avoidance
Kids devouring too much 'breakfast sugar' warning
King's College London reveals how brains take sides for decisions like Trump and Brexit
Know the signs of increased risk of winter falls in elderly
Landmark Human Rights Case Against World's Biggest Fossil Fuel Firms Pushes On
Languages Are Still a Major Barrier to Global Science
Making muscles burn more fat may raise the risk of diabetes
Many hundreds of millions are suffering from this hidden hunger
Maternal depression across the first years of life impacts children's neural basis of empathy
Medical Studies Often Leave Out Adverse Outcomes
Men Who Spend Their Days Behind A Desk Face A Higher Risk Of Obesity
Metformin still best choice for type 2 diabetes treatment, doctors say
Military Diet devised by leading US army dietitians claims to help you drop a dress size in a WEEK
Mobile phone's presence is a distraction to the brain
Modest increase in dietary zinc reduces oxidative stress and damage to DNA, study shows
More Evidence Linking Monsanto's Roundup to Cancer
More than 10 MILLION children live too far away from surgeons to get emergency help, new study reveals
National Diet and Nutrition Survey finds vitamin deficiencies are now commonplace
Nature VS Nurture - Is Obesity Genetic?
Neuroscientists have mapped the brain injuries that result in delusional misidentification syndromes
New method for plasma extraction could improve cancer detection
New sensor integrates inflammatory bowel disease detection into colonoscopy procedure
New study reveals Australian honey just as beneficial as New Zealand manuka honey
NO MORE REFERENDUMS! EU leader begs nations to STOP votes fearing union will COLLAPSE
Not all Europeans receive the same care for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Not feeling the music
Obama's new policy registration may very well have ended all non-GMO agriculture in the US
Obese fathers may harm their child’s ability to make friends
Of mice and men - Unique electrical properties of human nerve cells make a difference
Oregon's criminalization of rainwater collection is now complete
Pain relief without the high
Pathway discovered to help fat cells burn more energy
Petroleum Jelly May Reduce Risk of Eczema
Pioneering New Zealand Antipsychotic Medication Study Focuses on Patient Experiences
Poison we eat - Harmful pesticides
Positive 'This is possible. We did it' the week Portugal ran on renewables
Promising new drug stops spread of melanoma by 90 percent
Promising results using silver-releasing scaffolds in MRSA infection of bone
Random access memory on a low energy diet
Recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada
Relationship between patients with clinical auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder
Researchers identify factors responsible for chronic nature of autoimmune disease
Rethinking The Cost of War
Scientists develop new antibiotic for gonorrhoea
Scientists discover why some women are more prone to PMT
Scientists find new path in brain to ease depression
Scientists identify rogue proteins behind Alzheimer's disease
Sea sponges offer clues to how human-made structures can resist buckling
Seaborne Fukushima Radiation Plume Hit West Coast, Corporate Media Reported It Dangerously
Secondhand smoke endangers pets, raises their risk of cancer
Secrets of success
Serum vitamin D level - the effect on the clinical course of psoriasis
Slovak PM Fico urges end to referendum ‘adventures’ in EU
Smokers keen to break the habit as part of New Year's resolutions can now play games to help them quit with new smartphone app
Stricter labeling mulled for genetically modified food
Studies suggest gaming your brain to treat depression
Study finds more extreme storms ahead for California
Study links vitamin D deficiency to metabolic syndrome in mice
Study shows new global evidence of the role of humans, urbanization in rapid evolution
Stuttering linked to reduced blood flow in area of brain associated with language
Sugar-free and 'diet' drinks no better for healthy weight than full sugar drinks
Sweden introduces pro-whistleblowers law
Syracuse University researchers explore link between tropical glaciers, water supply
Tenfold jump in green tech needed to meet global emissions targets
The beating heart of solar energy
The brains of babies are boosted with stimulation
The Case Against Sugar review – an unsweetened attack on diet myths
The concept of the personal vitamin D response index
The Dirty Secret About Your Clothes
The link between diabetes and pancreatic cancer
The not-so-sweet side of sugar
The possible role of diet in the pathogenesis of adult female acne
The Vagus Nerve, Inflammation, and Pain
The war against alternative information
Therapeutic intervention can reduce trauma exposure on PTSD
There are ways to help your child sleep well
This Poison Is Banned in the EU & China, But Legal in the US?
This Spice Will Put You To Sleep And More
Ticks that carry Lyme disease found in eastern national parks
Time to ‘Drop the Disorder’
TSRI Scientists Take Step Toward Mapping How the Brain Stores Memories
Type 2 diabetes symptoms you must recognize
U.S. electrical grid “penetration” story a complete fabrication
Understanding Dyslexia And How Far It Has Gone In The Field Of Education
Understanding the causes of neurological abnormalities that result from premature birth
University of Leicester students film breathtaking curvature of Earth using high altitude weather balloon
Using epigenetics to help the immune system fight ovarian cancer
Using Marijuana for Morning Sickness
Vaccine court confirms healthy 13 year-old boy was made tetraplegic by the chicken pox vaccine
Video reveals howtsunami could wipe out the ENTIRE east coast of the US
Vitamin D and thyrotropin in type 2 diabetic patients
Vitamin D deficiency increases risk of chronic headache
Wandering in Alzheimer's and dementia patients is more complicated than you think
WashPost is richly rewarded for false news about Russia threat while public is deceived
We reveal 25 PAIN-FREE ways to boost your health in 2017
Weather Patterns Shrinking Coffee Production
Who gets most distracted by cell phones?
Why You Should Really Think Twice About Eating GMO Corn
WikiLeaks Hints At Huge Upcoming Revelations - "2017 Will Blow You Away"
Will 2017 be the year we get serious about sustainable food?
Will climate change leave tropical birds hung out to dry?
Will Ontario's new calorie labelling law affect what people eat?
Winter survival foods - Expert offers choices to defeat illness and weight gain
Witnessing fear in others can physically change brain, scientists say
Worries about food waste appear to vanish when diners know scraps go to compost
Yoga may help kids with cancer -- special issue of Rehabilitation Oncology highlights physical therapy for pediatric cancer
Youngsters are starting the day with calorie-filled cereals, spreads and fruit juices

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