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Stress kan tot risicovolle beslissingen leiden
Tijd tussen zwangerschappen heeft wellicht invloed op risico autisme

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9 tips hoe je voedsel het best kan bewaren
Alie (66) zwaargewond na aanval door Schotse hooglander
Beantwoording Kamervragen van het lid Paternotte (D66) over giftige dampen aan boord van vliegtuigen
Bij welke klachten werkt PRI?
Brabantse apotheker doet bijzondere uitvinding, maar verzekeraars weigeren te vergoeden
BuitenGewoon 2 december 2017
Burgers dienen klacht in tegen veiligheidsrisico's van kerncentrale Gravelines
CDC geeft toe dat er geen wetenschap achter het jaarlijkse griepvaccin zit
De mens kan binnenkort 140 jaar oud worden
Eieren duurder door fipronilcrisis, gevolgen voor meer producten
Er gaat veel EU-geld naar Afrika, maar waar blijft het?
Facebook? Aan banden die boel!
Ga nu de psychologische confrontatie met jezelf aan
Helpt het verbieden van vuurwerk?
Hoe kunnen we de negatieve spiraal doorbreken?
Kun je een auto laten rijden op poep?
Marieke (27) heeft paniekaanvallen
Minister van Landbouw, Carola Schouten, over de mestfraude
Naar een zadencollectie van inheemse wilde planten
Nog steeds geen onderzoeker voor Noordzeeziekte
Seks op de werkvloer gaat niet over seks, maar over macht
Solar energie verovert Kenia
Te veel arsenicum in rijstwafels voor kinderen
Varkensstank zorgt voor sociale spanningen in Deurne
Verkeersslachtoffer voor verbod op bellen in auto
Vrouwen zijn gevoeliger voor pijn dan mannen
Waarom is roken niet verboden?
Wetenschappers willen verbod op voedsel in biobrandstof

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ADHD Industry Targets Adults
Beef - What Effect Does It Have On Your Health?
Deadly air pollution can be seen from space
December 2017 Energy Update - Lee Harris
Dr. Atwood and so-called psychosis
Finding superfoods in traditional veggies | DW English
Group Of Republicans Warn Against Plans To Drill In Fragile Arctic Wildlife Refuge
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If the Oceans Die, We Die.
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MTHFR and Viral Infections
Protecting Your Thyroid with Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., L.N.
Red Meats Impact On Health with Brenda Davis R.D.
Solar Flares and the Global Electric Circuit
Stephen Hawking - We Must Leave Earth To Survive
Study Finds Massive Amounts of Aluminum in the Brains of Autistic Individuals
The Best Remedy for Spider Veins (and Chronic Venous Insufficiency)
The Cause and Cure of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Using No Drugs or Pills
The Causes Of Long Term Soil Loss with David R. Montgomery Ph.D.
The Importance of Probiotics
Vaccines Destroy Immune Balance Through Abnormal Route Of Entry & Toxic Ingredients
Watch These Giant Whales Visit an Ocean ‘Day Spa’ | Nat Geo Wild
What Are The Side Effects Of Vaccinations? with Dan Olmsted
What is Worse than High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) for Causing Weight Gain?
What Parents Who Have Children With Food Allergies Go Through
Why Do We Have GMO's If People Don't Want Them?
Your Ears Can Indicate Your Health

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African protected area saving endangered megafauna
All Scottish babies should have vitamin D supplement, CMO says
An immense glacier is melting, in Antarctica
Animals experience emotions and exhibit distinct personalities, science confirms
Another corruption investigation of French nuclear company AREVA
Association between hyperglycaemic crisis and long-term major adverse cardiovascular events
Asthma might weaken the body’s immune system
Being too optimistic can have real drawbacks, according to a new study
Belarusian mushrooms found to be contaminated with radioactive cesium
Best sex positions to increase chances of pregnancy
Bob Schieffer sees information overload
Calcium Score Predicts Future Heart Attack and Stroke Risk
Call for folic acid to be added to flour
Can We Restore Thymus Function to Cheat Death?
Canadian advocate for patients harmed by surgical mesh dies in hospital
Cancer From Chemicals? These Household Products Are Known Carcinogens
Cell Phone Radiation Associated Brain Tumor Rates Are Rising
Childhood Antibiotic Use Not Linked to Islet or Celiac Disease Autoimmunity
Clean Power Plan Hearing is Trump’s Latest Desperate Act to Save Dying Coal Industry
Colorado vet died after getting painkillers
Deciphering the toxic effects of organochlorine pesticide
Does the right diet depend on your genes?
Early psychosis is associated with deficiencies in vitamin B9 and vitamin D
Eating plenty of fish protects against sight loss
Eating This One Vegan Food Boldly Boosts Brain Function
Effects of A 60 Hz Magnetic Field of Up to 50 milliTesla on Human Tremor and EEG
Effects of Cupping Therapy in Amateur and Professional Athletes
Effects of vitamin D on ovary in DHEA-treated PCOS rat model
Environmentalist seeks criminal action against Monsanto
Exposure to chemicals and other toxins found to be the cause of an increase in childhood neurological conditions
Fight Parkinson’s disease with exercise; physical activity found to improve quality of life for PD patients
For Gabon's sickly uranium miners, a long quest for compensation
France stops large shipment of radioactive Belarus mushrooms
Genes Found in Drought-Resistant Plants Could Accelerate Evolution of Water-Use Efficient Crops
Genetic link found between the immune system and lymphoma
GenX - Nonstick Chemicals in Drinking Water
Germany’s Wind & Solar Obsession Pushes Power Grid to Brink of Total Collapse
Global Warming Blamed For ‘Extremely Cold Temperatures’ In Vineyards
Great Barrier Reef More Resilient To Climate Change Than Previously Thought
Greenland gets EU’s support for Inuit seal products
Health risks to farmworkers increase as workforce ages
How to lose weight by having sex
Importance of Vitamin D during pregnancy
In vitro activity of Spirulina platensis water extract against different Candida species
Influence of High-Fat Diet on Bone Tissue
Is Your Pet Missing This Key Ingredient in Their Diet?
Jawbone loss predates rheumatoid arthritis
Kids and screen time - Signs your child might be addicted
Lasers Could Lead to Better Understanding of Neurodegenerative Conditions Like Alzheimer’s
Lutein, zeaxanthin supplementation associated with improved cognitive function in young adults
Many dental offices are filled with toxic mercury in the air, warns the Health Ranger
Maximum Contaminant Limit for PFOS would help protect human health over a lifetime of exposure
Metabolic Response to Mulberry Extract Supplementation in Patients With Diabetic Nephropathy
Most glaucoma patients don't ask about medication costs
New imaging study reveals how saturated fatty acids damage cells
New method to determine before surgery which prostate tumors pose a lethal threat
No consent needed - How the vaccine industry mirrors Harvey Weinstein in the treatment of women
Placenta consumption offers few benefits for new moms
Possible link found between some Utah suicides, electronics
Prenatal and Postnatal Bisphenol A Exposure and Body Mass Index in Childhood
Protein associated with ALS points to possible targets for therapeutic intervention
Psoriasis could be prevented with artificial vanilla extract
Researchers Discover Key to Alzheimer’s Disease in Our Brains
Researchers Link Kids’ Weight Gain to Chemical Exposures
Rising seas will swallow 14,000 U.S. historic sites
Role of Vitamin D in Maintaining Renal Epithelial Barrier Function in Uremic Conditions
Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years
Some Chemicals in Smoke May Be Even More Dangerous Than Previously Thought
Stop Shock Now - Psychiatry’s War Against Women and the Elderly
Study links child abuse, high school dropout
Study Suggests Teflon Phaseout Has Prevented Thousands of Low-Weight Births
Teens get more sleep when school starts later
The 5G appeal, undersigned by more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries
The brain is still 'connected' during non-REM sleep
The role of zinc in the treatment of acne
The Sahel is ‘critical’ to Europe
The US Is Exporting Obesity
To drop CO2 emissions, look to local transportation and housing
Undoing Aging with Molecular and Cellular Damage Repair
What foods have pesticide residues? When do the chemical traces pose dangers?
What to Look for When Buying a Crib Mattress
When Listeria monocytogenes goes to sleep....
When the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission Exposed Its Own Secret
Why do we see similarities across languages? Human brain may be responsible
Why private schools harm our education system
Women with Parkinson's disease less likely than men to have caregivers
Young people in sub-Saharan Africa integral to shaping future HIV/AIDS policy
Zinc Levels in Patients with Acne Vulgaris

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Mike Donkers: Feiten en fictie over voeding

Vrijdag 15 december 2017

Er zijn maar weinig onderwerpen waar meer tegenstrijdige meningen over
bestaan dan voeding. Bestaat er een objectieve maatstaf van goede
voeding die geldt voor alle mensen? Of is het juist een individuele
zoektocht naar wat wel of niet bij je past? Volgens Mike Donkers hoef je
alleen maar te kijken naar voeding die zich door de eeuwen heen
heeft bewezen als bevorderlijk voor de gezondheid en vruchtbaarheid
van mensen over de hele wereld. Een tipje van de sluier: deze lezing
mag dan plaatsvinden in de decembermaand, maar volgens Mike
mag je het hele jaar door eten alsof het kerstmis is!

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