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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Actie om personeelstekorten in wijkverpleging
Boswachter Marieke gaat snorkelen... in Millingerwaard
Chuck Norris klaagt medische bedrijven aan voor 'vergiftigen' van echtgenote
De halve waarheden van Rutte over de sleepnetwet
De Vegetarische Slager wil grootste slagerij ter wereld worden
Er is een opbod ontstaan naar de eisen tot perfectie van de mens
Extreem dodelijke pest eist in razendsnel tempo 127 levens
Foodwatch strijdt tegen misleiding en schandalen in de voedingsindustrie
Gat in de ozonlaag kleiner
Gevaar op Groenland door chemisch afval
Honderden dode zeeschildpadden bij El Salvador
Hoogsensitieve kinderen en hun gevoel
Huisartsen slaan alarm - grens psychische hulp is bereikt
In het Markermeer zijn nauwelijks nog vogels en vissen
Klimaatfinanciering beschermt bossen niet
Koffiebekers maken uit gebruikt wc-papier
Lagere eigen bijdrage langdurige zorg per 1 januari 2018
Meer rechtvaardigheid moet zorgen voor effectieve klimaatbescherming
Met heel veel kleine duwtjes naar de grote sprong voorwaarts
Milieuclubs eisen stop op handel in steenkool
Opnieuw dreigt vervolging om euthanasie
Studie betalen? Ga wiet telen!
Verhoging van de eigen bijdrage leidt ertoe dat ouderen en langdurig zieken minder thuiszorg afnemen
Verstoring van de barrièrefunctie van de huid
Volksgericht, het begon met Harvey Weinstein
We eten plastic, we ademen plastic en het regent plastic
Zembla zet klimaathysterie weer een tandje hoger

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De laatste videoclips

360° Diving Under Icebergs With A Seal In Antarctica
9 Proven Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet
Before We Start Planting, What Do We Do First To The Soil? with Jeff Lowenfels
Doctor Dies From Flu Vaccine, Court Determines
Freediving with Tiger Sharks in 4K
HHS Vaccine Harm Covered-Up
Inherited Brain Activity May Help Treat Autism, ADHD
Largest Glacier East Antarctic may add to Sea Level Rise (Totten Glacier)
Over a dozen civil rights group bully Facebook with censorship request
Overconsumption of Plants - Risking Oxalate Toxicity - Sally Norton
Steve Hughes - Psychiatry Is A Sham
Still Not Sure If You Believe In Climate Change
Testosterone Craze Is Killing People
The Era of Megafires
Vaccine Secrets Govt Doesn’t Want You To Know
Vitamin D Prevents Cancer - Is It True?
What Causes Painful, Numb or Tingling Feet?

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Internationaal nieuws

15 Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Body Today
50-years of data from a 'living oxygen minimum' lab could help predict the oceans' future
75% Campylobacter bugs found on Dutch chickens resist at least one
antibiotic used to fight them
A Brave New World – Somatic Psychiatry in the Spotlight
Adolescents don't just think of themselves
After 18 months of study, VA delays adding new Agent Orange illnesses
After Chemical Fires, Texans Worry About Toxic Effects
Air pollution linked to kidney, bladder and bowel cancer
Alcohol Use Makes Rats Crave Cocaine
Amazon Deforestation Linked to McDonald's, Other Retail Food Giants
Ancient Antarctic explains today’s warming world
Babies use contextual clues to find things of interest
BBC's Blue Planet II reveals bizarre seabed shuffler
Big Data and Big Money have subverted our democracy
Big Pharma Company Who Spent Thousand on Anti-Marijuana Legislation
Caught in Legal Trouble
Big pharma suck the life out of Gandigudem lake
Blood-clotting protein prevents repair in the brain
Bone hormone affects how we metabolise sugar and fat
Brain activity is inherited, may inform treatment for ADHD, autism
Brain scans of toddlers reveal impact of childhood neglect
Cannabis to be grown in East Lothian for building materials
Cells spun from baby teeth implicate astrocytes in autism
Chemotherapy-Induced Pica in Rats Reduced by Electroacupuncture
Childhood spankings can lead to adult mental health problems
China is no longer the EU’s plastic dumping ground
Chuck Norris sues over MRI chemical he says poisoned wife
CSIC tightens the noose around superbugs
De AOW leeftijd gaat in 2023 niet -verder- omhoog
Eating broccoli may fight ‘leaky’ gut
Egypt 'cursed tomb' of Pyramid workers opened to public
Environmentalists call for pesticide ban as study shows extent of insect decline
Farming without glyphosate — would it work?
Fifty-years of data from a 'living' oxygen minimum lab could help predict the oceans' future
Flu vaccine found to be completely ineffective because of how it is made, new study finds
Gut inflammation linked to broken cellular ‘recycling’
Heartless midwives 'giving new mothers PTSD'
How caries-causing bacteria can survive in dental plaque
How Do Adult Brain Circuits Regulate New Neuron Production?
How do adult brain circuits regulate new neuron production?
How Toxic Air Clouds Mental Health
How toxic air clouds mental health
How Wind Might Nudge a Sleeping Giant in Antarctica
Huge increase in teens self-cyberbullying, report warns
In autism, too many brain connections may be at root of condition
Innovative statistical methods shed light on extent of modern slavery in US, world
Is Dental Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?
Is maternal vitamin D deficiency linked to altered childhood metabolism?
Keenan - Too much sugar can lead to emotional plunge for men
Liam Fox says chlorinated chicken is safe, but forgets to mention why the EU banned it
Low-level red LED light inhibits hyperkeratinization and inflammation induced by
unsaturated fatty acid in an in vitro model mimicking acne
Magnesium - The Missing Mineral
Male scientists more likely to share work with other men
Men who trade red meat for poultry risk drop in testosterone levels
Mercury and Autism
Mindfulness may help mothers cope with stress when their babies have a heart condition
MIPT scientists enlist lichens to monitor air pollution
More time on social media is not linked to poor mental health
Mothers reveals how they spiralled into drug addiction
Navigating the genome to cure deafness
New insights into the release of molecules involved in inflammatory diseases
New link found between gut bacteria and age-related conditions
New system for treating colorectal cancer can lead to complete cure
New treatment approach for autoimmune disorder
Noninvasive procedure is superior to steroid injection for painful knee osteoarthritis
Northern children face tooth decay nightmare
Putting live yogurt on vagina to treat thrush doesn't help
Recent study determines which factors may contribute to the vitamin D
status of an elderly Chinese population
Removing digital devices from the bedroom can improve sleep for children, teens
Research review finds link between soda, juice consumption and health problems
Risk of oversharing in conversation increases with age, study says
Rotten teeth 'more likely' in deprived areas
Scanning the brains of suicidal people could revolutionise mental health treatment
Science of drying your hair, by a Cambridge academic
Scientists decipher mechanisms underlying the biology of aging
Scientists on the brink of inventing exercise pills
Several reasons why whole grains are healthy
Signs that Facebook food videos are losing their luster
Sleeping through the snoring - Researchers id neurons that rouse the brain to breathe
Stem cell laboratory in a bag
Strength training reduces your risk of dying from cancer
Study links gut bacteria to every age-related disease
Tanning beds and risky behavior linked -- in men
The AWEsome connection between our brain chemistry and human behavior
The carb is back – and 2017's other big food trends
The Cost of Addiction Treatment Keeps Poor People Addicted
The fitbit-style bracelet that detects pregnancy
The PFOA Drinking Water Contamination Crisis Just Got Much Bigger
This drug could block harmful impact of teen binge drinking
Treating Menopausal Symptoms Can Protect Against Stress’ Negative Effects
Two important signalling pathways in cancer and ageing are connected for the first time
Vaccine industry in panic as scientific study solves the riddle of why flu shots don't work
What Men and Women Really Desire in Their Sex Lives
What’s Wrong With the EU’s Filtering Solutions?
Why is vitamin D continuing to be measured in international units?
Why Monsanto in Armenia Should Raise Red Flags for Its Farmers
Why more women than ever are being diagnosed with MS
Young people use prescription medicine to boost academic performance
Your gut bacteria could determine how you respond to cutting-edge cancer drugs
Your milk may trigger diabetes
Your Race Against Time - How Climate Affects the Marathon

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