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Een betere manier om pesticiden van appels te wassen
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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Antwoord op vragen over bericht dat bontartikelen in tien EU landen onjuist worden gelabeld
Arme mensen vaker op de vlucht door klimaatverandering
Bestaat de filterbubbel?
Bevelen aan tandartspraktijken Sensodent en J. Vissi beëindigd
Bijdrage Marianne Thieme debat 'regeringsverklaring'
Biologische speciaalzaken starten campagne 'geen btw op bio'
BIS Bank, de geheime bank die de wereld runt
De Block voert beleid ten dienste van farma-industrie in plaats van voor patiënt
De loopband helpt om af te vallen, maar dit is misschien nog beter
De sleepnetwet en politieke opportuniteit
De verborgen waarheid over de Indonesische palmolie-industrie
Door nieuwe manier van registratie gaan we opeens aan andere dingen dood
Fransen furieus na drijfjacht in woonwijk
Fysieke bestraffing schadelijk?
Geld is niet eetbaar
Groningse windpark-dorpen sluiten pact tegen de molens
Hoe hersenschade na een beroerte kan worden beperkt
Hoe werkt een SOS-noodmelding?
Is diepe aardwarmte de oplossing? – Deel 2
Is een kernramp in Nederland denkbaar?
Is het altijd stil als je doof bent?
Jullie - Facebook, Google en Twitter - hebben een groot probleem
Klimaatindoctrinatie op Nederlandse scholen
Kun je verslaafd zijn aan suiker?
Langdurige PTSD-symptomen ondermijnen zelfredzaamheid
Licht en duisternis en hun effect op je gezondheid
Mag je spinazie twee keer verhitten?
Mama heeft een bipolaire stoornis
Medewerkers van de Brabantse zorginstelling Thebe houden het niet langer vol
Meer dan 70 jaar na kernproeven nog steeds radioactieve elementen te vinden
Meer zicht op de effecten van vaccinaties door een Amerikaans onderzoek
Niet ieder kind dat een positief zelfbeeld presenteert is psychisch even gezond
OM eist 4,5 ton boete van AkzoNobel om 'gevaarlijke incidenten'
Onze landbouwgrond is zo dood als een pier. Weg met het gif
Prestigieus aardwarmteproject stad Groningen stopt direct
Resten van gigantische pterosauriër ontdekt in Mongolië
Teek tjokvol ziektes
Twentse wetenschappers werken aan virtuele gezondheidscoaches
UK Baby Forcibly Removed At Gunpoint After Parents Refuse To Vaccinate
Veel mis bij Zeeuwse gehandicapteninstelling
Veel patiënten lopen schade op doordat evidence-based richtlijnen niet worden opgevolgd
Zo zijn vrouwen jarenlang de mond gesnoerd
Zo zou het dierenleven zich ontplooien zonder mensen
Zoetstof Aspartaam is Hersengif - Désirée Röver & John Consemulder

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Climate Change Communication - Scale, Complexity, Urgency
Diving in an Icelandic crater lake | DW English
Gene Baur encourages people to see our livestock in a new light
Gymnema Herb, The Best Herb for Sugar & Carb Cravings
Hope for vaquitas
Improve Mental Focus & Reduce Stress ? Yoga with Jess
Is Keto (Ketogenic Diet) Healthy for Kids?
Is Swapping Fries For Another Burger Healthier?
Rubio questions Facebook on Chinese censorship,
Sporanox - Gulf War Illnss - Know The Cause
Success Losing Weight on the Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Berg & Shane Jones
The MMR Vaccine, Autism, Gastrointestinal Problems and The Lancet Paper
The Strange Lights Above Storms
Using Exercise Physiology to Slow Aging with Anne Friedlander
Victor Mallet describes the pollution of India’s holy rivers
What They're NOT Telling You About The Black Death Plague
Why The Flu Shot Doesn't Work for Many

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Internationaal nieuws

9 Things That Will Happen To Your Body After Eating Two Eggs A Day
A New Study Shows Exactly How the Dinosaurs Died
A systematic review of vitamin D status in southern European countries
Acid reflux pills 'raise risk of cancer by eight-fold'
Almost half of those who resolve a problem with drugs or alcohol do so without assistance
Antibiotics found to leave bacterial toxins in your gut
Apple Cider Vinegar Attenuates Oxidative Stress and Reduces the Risk of Obesity
Are elevated levels of mercury in the American dipper due to run-of-river dams?
Are some natural environments more psychologically beneficial than others?
Babies can use context to look for things, study demonstrates
Banking on brains for clues to autism
Beware potential signs of pancreatic cancer
Blue Planet II cameraman is nearly swallowed by whale
Brain tumour’s ‘addiction’ to common amino acid could be its weakness
Breast cancer patients forego post-surgery treatment due to mistrust, study suggests
Can you REALLY eat yourself happy?
Cardiometabolic healthy and unhealthy obesity - does vitamin D play a role?
Caribbean Islands Reveal a “Lost Word” of Ancient Mammals
Children Uniquely Vulnerable to Sleep Disruption From Screens
Chimpanzees shown spontaneously 'taking turns' to solve number puzzle
Circulating vitamin D concentration and risk of seven cancers
Close Friends Linked to a Sharper Memory
Colon Cancer Breakthrough Could Lead to Prevention
Could inflammation in midlife predict dementia?
Countryside or beach better for the brain than city spaces
Delayed cord clamping could save up to 100,000 babies
Dementia illness can be transferred by bad blood research shows
Doctors Confirm You Can Get Herpes From Trying On Lipstick Samples
Drug 'biggest breakthrough' in fight against heart disease
Drug boosts social behavior in mice with deletion tied to autism
Drug companies jack up prices of generic drugs
Early blood test could indicate risk of miscarriage
Eat More Almonds to Prevent Osteoporosis
Effects of Spirulina platensis on lipid peroxidation, antioxidant defenses and tissue damages
Experimental drugs rewire brain connections in autism
F.D.A. Warns Companies Against Claims That Marijuana Cures Diseases
Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad?
Feral animals pose major threat to Outback, climate change study finds
Five ways to combat work stress and get a better night’s sleep
Going with your gut may mean harsher moral judgements
Gut microbiome may make chemo drug toxic to patients
Higher resveratrol dose linked to lower glucose levels in type 2 diabetics
Hope of treating schizophrenia by tackling immune system
How the 'fracking boom' has damaged America's air quality
How to get rid of a cold - does taking vitamin C supplements really help?
How to Win Any Vaccine Debate
Humans don't use as much brainpower as we like to think
Hunt challenges social media giants on cyber-bullying
Just a few nights of bad sleep upsets your brain
Largest ever collection of patient data of inherited epilepsy conditions
Let’s talk about herd immunity
Low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic diet provides unusual way to slim down
L’affaire Wakefield - Shades of Dreyfus & BMJ’s Descent into Tabloid Science
Many prescription drug users not aware of driving-related risks
Melatonin and/or rowatinex attenuate streptozotocin-induced diabetic renal injury in rats
Men who eat alone have a 45 per cent greater risk of developing obesity
Men with bent willies have ‘higher risk of cancer’
Monsanto halts launch of chemical after users complain of rashes
Monsanto, BASF weed killers strain U.S. states with damage complaints
More Junk Science From NOAA And Seth Borenstein
Most new ‘breakthrough’ cancer drugs don’t work
Most of UK's fruit and veg is from other EU nations 'so Brexit impact may be dramatic'
Mothers reveals how they spiralled into drug addiction
New research shows where in the brain the earliest signs of Alzheimer's occur
New study links severe hot flashes with greater risk of obstructive sleep Apnea
Pesticide residue on fruits and veggies tied to infertility
Phosphate-a poison for humans?
Plastic nanoparticles inspired by nature could improve cancer drug delivery
Polluted groundwater eroding Hawaiian coral reefs, study shows
Pregnant women should eat fish instead of taking fish oil
Prolonged Immune Activation Changes Behavior In Mice
Re-examining the Evidence on BPA and Plastics
Research Documents Link Between Nightmares and Self-Harm
Researchers find protein that could help fight antibiotic resistance
Riding the bike to work is just as effective as leisure time exercise
Rutgers Study Links Frequent Salon Visits to Dermal and Fungal Symptoms in Clients
Scientists develop groundnut resistant to aflatoxin
Slow flow of human immigration doomed Neanderthals
Solving of a decade long mystery could help in fight against TB
Stop injecting weed killer into your kids
Teen childbirth linked to increased risk for heart disease
Testosterone Levels, Low Testosterone Symptoms, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Threat of antibiotic resistance worse for Mori, says researcher
Topical gel made from oral blood pressure drugs shown effective in healing chronic wounds
Treatment for dogs alleviates fear of noisy fireworks
U of G researchers provide fisheries a solution to overharvesting
UBC study finds certain type of protein in body can contribute to Alzheimer's
Vanderbilt study shows azithromycin overprescribed for childhood pneumonia
Why is the media attacking the flu vaccine?
Why sugar-laden Raisin Bran is considered ‘heart healthy,’ but soy is not
Workers who helped clean up nuclear accidents still waiting for compensation
Working out today? If so, have some chocolate
Your bones affect your appetite -- and your metabolism!

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