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Het bewaren van broccoli kiemen met behoud van kankerbestrijdende verbindingen
Nieuwe verbinding ontdekt tussen het zenuwstelsel en het immuunsysteem

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aantal gebruikers maagmedicatie stijgt naar ruim drie miljoen
Bite Back laat voorbijgangers “hondenvlees” proeven in Antwerpen
De draadloze kooi
De postcodeloterij en de beruchte Clinton Foundation
de relatie tussen weer en klachten
Dementerenden krijgen vaker geheime slaapmiddelen bij euthanasie
Dotcomradio 73 – uitzending 1 oktober
Grote onbekendheid over belangrijkste doodsoorzaak bij vrouwen
Het beste kun je cold turkey stoppen met roken
Homeopathie - de mens als chemische fabriek of bezield wezen..?
Inbreng Dion Graus (PVV) i/h debat over Ritueel Slachten (vs. DENK)
Medische hulp wordt uitgesteld wegens geldtekort
Mild geďnfecteerd eczeem herstelt zonder antibiotica
Miljoenen aan subsidies onwettig verstrekt
Minister Weyts pleit voor asieldierendatabank
Moestuin-blouse aan de wilgen
Nederlandse media in de bres voor antidepressiva. Dit is de andere kant van het verhaal
Op je 23e een ‘griepje’ krijgen, die vervolgens de rest van je leven bij je blijft
Sommige kinderen beter af in speciaal onderwijs
Spiermassa opbouwen bij ouderen
Staatssecretaris - vertrekpremie van €420.000 voor zorgbestuurder = irritant
Tabaksproducenten betalen voor exclusiviteit op festivals
Verzet tegen gasboringen bij Schiermonnikoog groeit
Vette hersenen en zoet metabolisme
VUmc-onderzoeker liep tonnen subsidie mis
Wanneer de klik ontbreekt
Wat is er nodig voor een voedseltransitie?
Wim Hartlief wil dat de gemeente medicinale wiet gedoogt
Yoghurt voor kinderen in vele gevallen niet gezond
Zo krijg jij een egeltje in de tuin
Zo wordt data gebruikt om je gedrag te manipuleren

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Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan


De laatste videoclips

A Detroit mother must vaccinate her 9-year-old son by next week--or face imprisonment
Addiction to technology is creating digital slaves who can’t think for themselves
Are drug-resistant bacteria traveling from farms to your table?
Australia keen to invest in clean energy
Beekeeper Describes Devastation Caused By Dicamba Drift On Honey Bees
Cliffs of Moher - a natural wonder in Ireland
Deadly Solar Radiation at Mars
Diabetes - Why Is It Increasing So Rapidly? with Hans Diehl
Dr. Zach Bush | Glyphosate Dangers | Brain Gut Balance
Farmers market lies exposed - hidden camera investigation
Fermented Foods Made Easy with Fermentation Expert Sandor Katz
Green Pea Guacamole
How Natural Anti-Cancer Foods Work
How to Prevent Macular Degeneration
How To Reframe Negative Thoughts - Christa King & Ashley James
How to Survive - How to Purify Water
Minestrone in Minutes
Professor O’Loughlin is extremely disturbed about the medicating young children
Pumpkin Spice Chia Pudding
Study Links 'Love Hormone' To Friendship
Sweet Potato Lasagna
Tesla Sends Powerwall Batteries To Aid Puerto Rico
The Truth About Dairy Products And The Dairy Industry with Michele Simon

De kosmos op dit moment




Aardmagnetisch veld

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Internationaal nieuws

100% Of Global Warming Is Due To Fraud
70% of campylobacter bugs found in Belgian chickens resist antibitiotics used to fight them
A new study shows that people who avoid negative emotion tend to be worse off psychologically
After the Tsunami, Japan"s sea creatures crossed an ocean.
Agent Orange still linked to hormone imbalances in babies
Alarm as study reveals worlds tropical forests are huge carbon emission source
Amazon's Echo Spot is a sneaky way to get a camera into your bedroom
Anxiety about information overload isn't anything to worry about
Are YOU being emotionally abused?
B-vitamins key to reducing likelihood of Alzheimer's disease
Black children less likely to see doctor for eczema despite being more severely affected
Climate and energy are becoming focal points in state political races
Confronted with bacteria, infected cells die so others can live, Penn study finds
Connection Between CO2 and Cyclone Energy "Near Zero"
Do We Have A Cure For Alzheimers Disease?
Does fruit sugar make you fat?
Drink Up! Volunteers Swallow Bacteria That Causes Typhoid
Effect of Chlorella-derived multicomponent supplementation on maximal oxygen
uptake and serum vitamin B2 concentration in young men.
Effects of electroacupuncture at 2 and 100 Hz on rat type 2 diabetic neuropathic pain
Electromagnetic fields with frequencies of 5, 60 and 120 Hz affect the cell
cycle and viability of human fibroblast BJ in vitro.
Emotions Pass Along A Friendship Network Like a Contagion, Study Finds
Engineers create wristbands that keep wearers thermally comfortable
EU and FAO bring combined weight to bear on food waste, antimicrobial resistance
EU food system 'flawed', heart experts say
Facebook is a 'highway of hatred' blasts EU commissioner
Fish populations are absolutely COLLAPSING across the oceans of the world
Forbes.com exposed as a Monsanto propaganda rag after caught publishing
Henry Miller "editorial" that was actually ghostwritten by Monsanto
Forget this Spin Too - Solar PV is not on the Brink of Being Subsidy Free
Fucoxanthin, a marine carotenoid, attenuates amyloid beta oligomer-induced neurotoxicity
Ginkgo compound attenuates amyloid-beta-induced oxidative damage in human cells
Google partners with psychiatric drug front group to push mental illness "self diagnosis" tool
How a High Fat Diet Can Lead to Alzheimer"s
How childhood trauma affects the brain
How did Irma affect pollution in South Carolina's coastal waters?
How Organic Farmers are "Gaining Ground"
How Should We Think About Mental States? The Contribution of Wittgenstein
How the lungs of premature babies can undergo damage
HPV Vaccine Leaves Healthy Teen In Wheelchair
Lady Gaga Documentary Reveals the Severity of Her Fibromyalgia Pain
Large solar storm sparks global aurora and doubles radiation levels on the martian surface
Medical Cannabis Research in Israel Shows Promise for Autism Patients
MEPs vote down endocrine disruptor criteria, back acrylamide regulation.
Modern Solar Grand Maximum Ends - "Little Ice Age" Cooling Coming!
Mold biggest health hazard homes after hurricane
Monsanto’s Violence in India
New regulator of liver metabolism discovered
One in five Australians believe global warming is a hoax
Physical abuse and punishment impact children's academic performance
Radioactive water leaking from Fukushima since APRIL
Researchers identify protein that could reduce death, improve symptoms in flu and other infections
Smallest Arctic Melt In A Decade
Solar Activity Plays Key Role In North American Blizzard Frequency, Study Finds
Total polyphenol intake may determine blood pressure benefit of Mediterranean diet
Toxicologist Says Parents Deserve Informed Consent With Vaccines
Tropical forests used to protect us from climate change. A new study says they're now making it ...
Undercover Cameras Catch Antifa Plotting Violence Media Ignores the Evidence
Waking up tired? Sleep disorders and sleep deficiency cost U.S. employers about $410 billion in 2015, study finds
Why Do You Have to Pee When You're Nervous?



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