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Ben je het ook zat dat anderen bepalen welk nieuws echt of nep is of welk nieuws je lezen mag ? Dan is er nu 6 dagen per week de alternatieve timeline met links naar interessant nieuws uit zowel de alternatieve als mainstream media. Wil je ook de dagelijkse updates volgen dan kun je nu abonneren op de dagelijkse emails.

NL - 1 op de 4 psychiatrische patiŽnten voelt zich nauwelijks geholpen
NL - De leuzen waarmee de CO2 broeikasgashypothese overeind wordt gehouden
NL - De Medicijnmannen onderzoeken smeersels tegen spierpijn
NL - Elektromagnetische velden vergroten mogelijk kans op spierziekte ALS
NL - Geef ervaringsdeskundige geÔntegreerde rol in ggz
NL - Gelukkige juf of meester? Gelukkige kinderen
NL - Gokkers hebben meer bezinningsmomenten nodig
NL - Groningen eerste rookvrije stad van Nederland
NL - Heeft storten op Giro555 wel zin?
NL - Hoe kunnen we het huidige bankensysteem stoppen?
NL - HooikoortspatiŽnten opgelet - komende dagen veel pollen in de lucht
NL - Ik wil iedereen tonen hoe lekker, snel en eenvoudig veganistisch koken kan zijn
NL - Japan doodt 333 walvissen in Zuidpoolgebied, Noorwegen verhoogt quotum
NL - Kinderen moeten minder beschermd worden opgevoed
NL - Met een test koop je geen gezond kind
NL - NAM luistert naar kritiek en trekt zich terug uit schadeafhandeling
NL - Nieuwe test maakt dierproeven overbodig
NL - Powernaps maken gelukkiger dan dutje van langer dan halfuur
NL - Raar maar waar - dit gevoel maakt je verkoudheid erger
NL - Rand van aardbevingsgebied mag niet rechteloos worden
NL - Smeltend zeeijs zorgt mogelijk voor meer leven in de poolwateren
NL - Stoppen met gedogen drugs is onverstandig
NL - Verpleeghuizen moeten efficiŽnter werken voordat er extra geld komt
NL - Zuid-Afrika gaat schaliegas winnen in de Karoo, tot onvrede van milieu-activisten


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Internationaal nieuws

1997 was 'tipping point' for ice caps around Greenland's edges
5 reasons to keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar in your kitchen
6 Foods That Can Cure IBS Naturally and The Real Cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
A new treatment for antibiotic resistant bacteria and infectious disease
A quarter of adults can't manage a weekly half-hour walk
A Tiny Spot In Mouse Brains May Explain How Breathing Calms The Mind
Acupuncture for menopausal hot flashes
An examination of how the prescription painkiller addiction epidemic exploded
Another study links hepatitis infection to Parkinson's disease
Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout Treatment and How It Relieves Pain
Argentina suspends Canada's Barrick mining over spill
Artery-Dilating Flaxseed Proven A Potent Healer
Association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and carotid atherosclerotic plaque
B.C.'s working poor - Meet the people whose jobs don't pay the bills
Babies being fed dangerous pesticides through toxic breastmilk after mothers eat pesticide-laden food
Breastfeeding, cognitive and noncognitive development in early childhood
California EPA becomes first US agency to declare that Roundup causes cancer
Canadians export pollution, death when we buy from poor economies
Cancer cells disguise themselves by switching off genes
Cannabis genes responsible for different aromas identified
Cannabis Over Cows? Richard Branson Tells Farmers to Grow Weed
Chemical disinfectants and sanitizers linked to thyroid cancer
Climate change contributes to mental illness
Climate-driven species on the move affect humans
Could Dark Matter Lie Beyond The Portal?
Dancing linked to brain improvements, new Colorado State University study shows
Danger to Europe of Ukraineís nuclear corruption
Do you have this natural painkiller growing in your back yard?
Electroacupuncture found to be highly effective for tinnitus treatment
Energy-harvesting clear glass created by Perth team
EPA rejects calls to ban pesticide linked to brain damage
Exploring ocean waters to characterize atmospheric aerosols
Funded by Google and George Soros, a group of leftist foundations have organized a ďFake NewsĒ
Genetics And Obesity - How Some Genes Make People Fat
Gmelina arborea bark extract antidiebetic properties confirmed, according to animal studies
Harms of nighttime light exposure passed to offspring
Health Ranger lecture reveals secrets of protecting your brain from aluminum in mandatory vaccines
Healthy Gums May Signal a Longer Life
HIV vaccine breakthrough in discovery of 'on-off switch'
How to grow an endless supply of cilantro from your home
How you are affected by your dinner date
Human liver-on-a-chip could put an end to animal testing
Industry and Occupation Affect Flu Vaccination Coverage
Insomnia associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke
Is wheatgrass gluten-free?
Larger doses of vitamin C may lead to a greater reduction in common cold duration
Magnets could boost memory and halt Alzheimer's disease
Media Silent as CIA Director Admits Plans of Aerosol Spraying for Geoengineering
More evidence linking stress to obesity
Moringa Oleifera plant may help improve cognition in people with alzheimerís disease
Most women with fibromyalgia suffer from memory and concentration problems
Motor Neurons Tell Blood Vessels Where To Go
Mysterious magnetized waves ripple across the Earth and the Sun, influencing Earth weather
People in open relationships are happier claims study
Plasma Vitamin D Deficiency Is Associated With Poor Sleep Quality
Possible effects of neonatal vitamin B12 status on TSH-screening program
Protests with many participants and unified message most likely to influence politicians
Rapid antidepressant effects of Yueju
Rising car fumes 'killing sparrows'
Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves
Scientists may have found the secret to a happy sex life
Shocking letter from dead EPA scientist reveals EPA bureacrats being bribed by Monsanto to hide scientific evidence of glyphosate causing cancer
Shocking picture of 12-year-old left bed-ridden in hospital after being given controversial HPV vaccine
Some of Greenland's coastal ice will be permanently lost by 2100
The Big Fat Lie You've Been Told About What's Hurting Your Heart
The effect of banning junk food advertising
This Is Why You Should Test Your Tap Water for Lead
Trinny 'irresponsible' for promoting cancer-causing food
Trump meets with victims of opioid addiction
US EPA denies petition to ban pesticide chlorpyrifos
Vaccine Injury Denialism is the denial of fundamental human dignity
We May Soon Have an Unlimited Supply of Blood for Transfusions
Why Business is Greener than Trump
Why the war on sugar could be BAD for your health
Wood burning releases high amounts of secondary organic aerosols - current emission estimates too low
Would you try this new vegetarian burger that "bleeds?" Even it's it made from GMOs?
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