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Hoogspanningslijnen en leukemie

Raad van State beslist over hoogspanningslijn

De geplande hoogspanningslijn tussen Beverwijk, Zoetermeer en Wateringen zorgt voor commotie onder omwonenden. Mensen zijn bang dat de nieuwe zogenoemde 380-kV-lijn schadelijk is voor de gezondheid. Ze hebben bezwaar aangetekend tegen de hoogspanningslijn; vandaag is de eerste van drie zittingsdagen bij de Raad van State.

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Professor Dr Philip Stoddard over de wetenschappelijke relatie tussen leukemie
en hoogspanningslijnen, met name de gevaren voor kinderen

Nieuw bewijs voor risico's hoogspanningslijnen

Kans op kanker verdriedubbelt in de buurt van hoogspanningsmasten

Study finds possible link between cancer and power lines

It is something that has been debated for years; whether living next to high-voltage power lines can lead to cancer. Now an Australian study returns what could be the best evidence yet that it can. Scientists from the University of Tasmania looked at more than 850 patients with cancer. "They discovered that people who lived within 300 metres of a powerline had a three-fold increase in their risk," he said.


Power Lines - Documentary Trailer

A documentary that explores the controversy behind power lines and the intense debate in the last 40 years between homeowners, environmentalists, journalists, scientists and power line companies. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that invisible electro magnetic fields (EMFs) created by power lines are linked to cancers and other serious health problems. On the other hand, there are reports of reviews that show no consistent, significant link between cancer and power line fields. What are the facts?

A power line soon near you

500kV dual circuit power lines are coming to a neighbourhood near you... 200' towers and 150' wide, they're sure to put a smile on every kid's face! I suppose we could bury them like they do in dozens of other countries around the world. But, no, that's just not right for Alberta. Our government knows what's best for our kids so smile and say hello to your future.

Wonen bij hoogspanning verdubbelt kans op Alzheimer

Hoogspanningskabels in de buurt van woonhuizen kunnen volgens onderzoekers van de universiteit van Bern de kans op Alzheimer vergroten. Dat heeft de universiteit vrijdag bekendgemaakt.

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Childhood leukemia and magnetic fields in Japan: a case-control study of childhood leukemia and residential power-frequency magnetic fields in Japan.

Most of the leukemia cases in the highest exposure category had MF levels far above 0.4 microT. Our results provided additional evidence that high MF exposure was associated with a higher risk of childhood leukemia, particularly of ALL.


Acute childhood leukemias and exposure to magnetic fields generated by high voltage overhead power lines - a risk factor in Iran.

More children in developing countries like Iran live close to very high voltage lines, and they experience relatively more harmful effects from the Magnetic Fields, in comparison with children in developed countries. Residence near very high voltage overhead power lines, in distances < or = 500 meters, and Magnetic Fields >0.45 microT, should be considered a risk factor for the pathogenesis of acute leukaemias in children.


Large study links power lines to childhood cancer

Although a link between childhood cancer and power lines has been suggested by previous studies, it has only been associated with high exposure – those living within about 60 m of an overhead power line.


Childhood cancer and power lines

1996 study found a 4.7-fold incidence of childhood leukaemia when the electric component was on average 20 V/m, with power lines only a minor exposure source.


Residential exposure to electric power transmission lines and risk of lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative disorders: a case-control study.

Although recognizing that this study has limitations, the results raise the possibility that prolonged residence close to high-voltage power lines, especially early in life, may increase the risk of the development of MPD and LPD later.


Magnetic fields and childhood cancer--a pooled analysis of two Scandinavian studies

The results support the hypothesis of an association between magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia.


Residential and occupational exposures to 50-Hz magnetic fields and breast cancer in women: a population-based study.

Women with the highest occupational exposure had an odds ratio of 1.13 (95% CI: 0.91, 1.40) when compared with those unexposed at work. The findings suggest an association between exposure to magnetic fields and breast cancer in women.


New evidence links power lines and cancer

Overhead power lines and household electrical appliances increase the risk of developing cancer, according to the findings of an eight-year study into the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).






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